Libra Burdened By Saturn Transit: Dealing With The Deep Divide And Political And Moral Conflict In The Collective

divideI’ve started writing about Saturn’s transit through Libra (tag), so far focusing on general affects in the collective. Saturn is exalted in Libra and while this goes a long way it is not going to spare Librans from shouldering a burden with Saturn in their sign and I am starting to get some ideas how this might manifest.

For one thing, Libra is blessed /cursed with the ability to see both sides of an issue but less blessed with the ability to live in strife. If the conflict is something they can resolve that’s one thing but the job ahead for Libran looks very daunting at this point.

My country (the United States) is deeply divided on most every issue you can possibly imagine right now as is the rest of the world. It is very difficult for Libra to live in a climate of polarization. They will immediately move towards peace-making compromise but I fear (Saturn) that they are in for one hell of row this time around.

This is because the issues that divide are staggering both in their depth, breadth and number and I personally think many of them are NOT resolvable.

If you want an example of that, abortion serves. Some people want the freedom to have an abortion, other people think abortion is murder. If you don’t have Libra, you might believe one side can convince the other but if you do have Libra then you know the odds of this are very low of there even are odds of that. This degree of separation can be applied to virtually every other issue out there and Libra has to live in the middle of this and more.

With Saturn in their sign, Libra is going to have to work and learn and teach people to compromise for the sake of peace. They are going to have to come up solutions and while I can readily see people compromising and co-operating and building strong relationships with members of their own camp I have no earthly idea how anyone is going to move a significant number of people from one camp to the other save war or other horrible shadow things Libra deplores.

People laugh at Libra, the so-called superficial sign. Libra-ruled marriage is denigrated. Grace and fairness and reciprocity are scoffed at but Libra is going to get called up here, to stand up for they stand for and hoo boy, it’s going to be a job and a half.

How do I know? Well Uranus will be opposing while Pluto squares for one thing…

How do you Librans feel when you read this?

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  1. Makes me want to crawl under the bed for the next two & 1/2 yrs? You say that’s not an option?! RATZ!! 😀

    I have the sinking feeling Libras everywhere are going to be frustrated beyond endurance. And then they will drop the velvet glove and demonstrate a ruthlessness that will shock the s**t out of everyone who thought they knew them. The Pluto in Libra folk in particular are going to learn what it means to kick butt.

  2. I am actually feeling exhilarated, because as long as I can strengthen my relationships, then I am definitely up to a challenge. Living in strife and finding solutions is kind of my bag already– I feel like Saturn might have my back here. I could use a badass on the team.

  3. I think the libraenergy will be noticed and aknowledge even more because of the uranuspluto challange.
    If there’s one thing libra stands up for is truth and fareness, and pluto can be bad but it does bring up truth in the end.
    That’s going to give to the libra more stenght.
    Uranus will be a bigger challange I think, and that’s just too unpredictible to understand.
    In my chart pluto is conjunct my mercur in libra; I think when libra can stand the depth, his power to bring people together will be higher.
    With uranus over there it makes me think of the immage of the heartquake that just hit Italy. People lost everyting in 5 minutes and after this they started comunicating with each other and wanting to get to know theyr neighbors.

  4. One of the key things for me personally in studying astrology has been discovering how aspects in my own chart have colored my impressions of the signs. For instance, I have Sun in Libra conjunct Pluto (plus chart-ruler Venus in Scorpio), which I think has been why it took me a while to get the so-called “superficiality” of Libra.

    So reading this entry today me feel like hey, maybe that conjunction can really help in my efforts to serve.

    … of course the Libra in me just shirked a little at Neith’s mention of ruthlessness.

  5. Makes me want to whip out my scheming Scorpio moon, grab my details-loving Virgo rising and Virgo Venus, and make a plan to start conducting my life in super stealth mode. The government is divided and won’t let us make our own choice anymore? Great. I’ll find a way to make my own choices on the sly, without interference. I will find people who agree with me and we will make our own rules.

    I’m having enough trouble making ends meet/finding balance in my own life. So when I start to think about how my actions might impact the whole of humanity, I feel somewhat dwarfed. Maybe at some point I’ll take up a cause – something a little bigger than adopting a couple of pound dogs, you know? I find myself ready to fight for freedom (my own, and others’) and quick to defend the underdog in many situations. Maybe I can do something with this — I think it will hit me when it’s time.

    It’s funny… all this talk of Libra’s return to Saturn. For the past, ohh, I would say seven or more years, I have been exploring astrology and purposely NOT focusing on the Libra. I don’t know if this is some fetid self-loathing or what, but I tell you what. I can smell another Libra coming at me ten miles away and it’s not “projection”, because projection is a subconscious defense mechanism. No, this is full awareness. It’s flagrant recognition of everything I represent, or am supposed to represent, showing up in another — and I DO NOT LIKE IT! So I guess that means I have some personal issues I need to work out. No offense to any Libras who may read this, because I don’t know you and won’t judge you. BUT.

    I found myself irked by someone recently, a female (of course), whose every move smacked of Libra and I decided that going forward I must do everything possible to avoid this person. Woman, I know your smarmy Libra ways… I know you’re here seeking approval, I know you change your opinions to suit the majority of this group, and I damn well know you are cozying up to my boyfriend, shining himself back at himself with your grossly manipulative Libra mirroring trick that you do. And his Leo ascendant is EATING IT UP. (Yes – I found out she IS a Libra! Of course.)

    When I look at this person, I see every trick in the book that I pulled on people in the past, only at the time I didn’t know I was doing it. And I’m disgusted by it! But it’s all petty and it’s all imagined and it’s mental static that I want to be rid of. So I’m trying to figure out how I can clean house here.

    So: what now? Is Libra’s return to Saturn telling me to rebalance the scales and honor my true nature? Have I been working and slaving too much these years, ignoring my Libra need for social contact? No longer playing mediator for my parents’ turbulent marriage? No longer operating as the peacemaker, the messenger, the glue that holds the friends together, the initiator, the one who argues for the sake of arguing using cold, hard logic?

    Do I need to turn the self-introspective energy on its head and really start focusing on the world at large?? Is THAT what this is all about?

    I have really kind of become something of a recluse, at least compared to what I used to be. And that’s about as far from Libra as it gets. I was in a relationship for the last four years that some Libras might have felt at home in because it was agreeable, peaceful and FLAT. Surface. “How was your day” “Oh, fine – yours?” surface. But flat is not for me, I don’t think. Or at least I’m trying to figure that out. Flat seems too EASY – there’s no WORK involved.

    Sometimes I look at other Libras in my life, and they seem so shallow I feel like kicking them in the teeth. And I know this is the wrong emotion to have. Love everyone, right? So I guess my job for the approaching Saturnian disaster is to severely temper myself – accept myself, accept everyone else, and be happy. I remember being a child… so optimistic. Always giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Always considering all opinions and sides. Part of me still tries to be like this but it’s become more of a struggle as I age.

    I think I have been rebelling against myself for a while now. I don’t know what that has to do with Saturn but that’s really what I think.

    Anyway, thanks for listening.

  6. i can’t decide.
    (ok… uhm. first pluto square = *squashing incipient panic and remembering that pluto abhors a coward… so does saturn. and the cardinals, too….*)

    otherwise known as… i’m feeling a touch ambivalent. in a very deep way.

    but i imagine it will be good. just (scary!)

  7. Is it possible that I have been rebelling against myself for the last seven years… despising everything that “Libra is?”

  8. “… of course the Libra in me just shirked a little at Neith’s mention of ruthlessness.”

    I would not be surprised Venus learns it can’t do much without Mars.

  9. “I would not be surprised Venus learns it can’t do much without Mars.”

    Heh, I was just sitting here pondering how my Mars in Libra (conjunct Uranus and NN in Scorpio) might best fit into this.

    This might just all need to go down as notes to talk about with Elsa come consult time.

    I’ll be interested to read how everyone else is angling on this post!

  10. It makes me feel tired and sad. Strangely, it also makes me feel determined. I get the visual image of standing tall while a storm blows around me, like a sole, calm, strong voice of moderation and reality-based compromise in the midst of a shouting match.

    Also, would this have anything to do with how I have been so much less willing to deal with other people’s bullshit lately? I don’t stay angry with them or anything, but when faced with someone’s issues, usually clearly based in their character/chart and aren’t going to change, I am choosing to simply leave them there in their problems, and to walk on without getting mired in it myself. It’s like I simply do not have patience for other people’s bullshit right now. It is to the point that I almost want to dump a few friends just to get that out of my life. Is this a Saturn in Libra phenomenon? Because it is an unusual thing for me to not want to continue to “make things work” with someone.

  11. With my Moon in Libra I know that feeling of hating polarization in any kind of relationship…..I deplore it! And when my Cappy side comes out to straighten things out and the other side doesn’t get it or it takes more than I expected, I get very ruffled (my Leo Asc. feathers) and then I want to roar and WILL it to be my way…..BUT, I know that cannot be…I, at some point, have to compromise and that is so hard for me at times ( I am arriving at a deeper understanding of my sun square moon aspect). And, I am only speaking about myself and my personal relationships….I cannot begin to imagine a whole nation….Yikes!!!

  12. denamaria – being Cap and Libra natally, I’d say you are going to be a very important voice and figure during this time.

  13. Rkkggg…..I have noticed this phenomena with myself lately too….wanting to just dump a couple of friends because I cannot take their lame excuses one more minute! These are ones where I give alot more than I receive and I am so tired of it….

  14. I hope so! Someone described me as a “fireball” today and I couldn’t believe it! I don’t see myself that way…but, I definitely have been feeling it!

  15. Bunch of Libra in the 12th house. So- dealing with all of this, but unconsiously?

    Extreme polarization is very, very difficult for me to take, but are you saying that Librans will have to choose one or the other finally?

    I’m not actually a Libran myself, just curious.

  16. “Librans will have to choose one or the other finally?”

    Perhaps. They may also die indecisive. I don’t think this can be predicted. Uranus is involved.

    However people who discount Saturn – think Saturn is made null and void by Uranus are profoundly confused. I just think that is laughable.

    It’s like thinking lighting strikes and so our skin is now irrelevant. Um…

  17. Elsa: Yes, whatever it is will be interesting I think. I’d never heard of anyone discounting Saturn. Perhaps Libras will either break down or kick butt, as Neith said.

    Dina: Wow, yes. I tend to think of Libras as shallow, smarmy, approval-seeking, deceptive, pleasant, and uninteresting too. And my dislike is based on having all of these characteristics.

  18. beth, we must run in different circles.

    I heard nothing but talk of Uranus overthrowing Saturn last November for the election. Change of the old guard and so forth.

  19. lighting is like the electromagnetic heartbeat of the planet… a pretty regular 40 strikes a second, somewhere on the planet.
    lightning and stone need each other. one to ground, one to shift energy states…

  20. America might actually need some Libra energy, being in such a polarized state right now. How about some balance? All this heavy Pluto energy is putting everybody in America in such a weird mood.

  21. Makes me glad I’ve been actually solidifying my position on things the past couple years thanks to Pluto on my Mars.

    Finally pissed enough about things to actually pick sides haha.

  22. Whatever happens I am looking forward to Saturn getting out of my bed where he has been firmly planted for the last 2+ years. As someone with four and maybe five Virgo planets, it has been a bitch waking up to his stinkeye every morning.


  23. I just want to get Saturn out of my sign (Virgo). Life for me has been far harder than it needs to be. I want to say that, okay I get it. My nose doesn’t need to be pushed into it daily.

    Fairness and Justice is rumored to be “Up” next for the following 2 years. I can’t wait.

  24. I am pretty darn sure that Saturn in Virgo has been preparing me for this “battle”. It is a good thing I have Mars in Sag in the 6th to help me along in the process. I happen to also have natal Saturn in Aries in the 10th so this battle seems to be my mission. Bring it on!!!

  25. Great post, Elsa! As a member of the Pluto in Virgo generation, I feel renewed by the Saturn transit. It is like I finally have access to my inner power, and I am able to make the changes I long for. It will be very interesting to see the Pluto in Libra generation accessing this kind of power, too.

  26. I find this unsurprising, even if I gave a big resigned sigh at it…given the unrest in the country and the polarizing issues, a spirit of compromise is inevitable to come to any resolution whatsoever – personally, the issues have been burgeoning for some time and Libra/Saturn (me=Libra/Cap rising, Venus in Libra) is just going to bring them to denouement, crashing cymbals and everything.

  27. All I know is that Saturn had better FINALLY reward me financially and enable me to move myself and my little bro (who’s 43 and has Down syndrome and of whom I’m, at 54, the sole caretaker) back to the Jersey shore (from Southwest) and enable me to buy a house I can leave as a group home for him and other DS adults when I croak. I’ve been uber-responsible and feel shat upon.

    As for politics: I’m all for destroying the two major parties. We need a Middle American Party (Lost? Get a MAP!) Sick to death of people’s entrenchment in the ultra-partisan ruts they’ve dug for themselves.

    I am Libra/Scorp rising; Saturn in Scorp in 1st house (help!); Gemini moon; Venus, Mercury, Neptune in Libra; Virgo Mars; and Leo stuff. I’m P*SSED OFF! Trying to do a noble thing here for bro & folks like him. How about a little help, Universe? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  28. You are so right, I am a Libran going through this and OMG what a challenge. I found strength I never knew I had and tapped into wisdom that was always there but had to reconnect with from past lives. Anything too overwhelming I just gave back to the universe. An exciting and terrifying time..wouldn’t miss it for the world. I have grown and walked away from a lot of things. Best advise I can give is listen before opening mouth or doing ANYTHING..saves grief..

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