Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Retrograde… State Of The World By Elsa P

Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde at the moment and it gives a very strange feeling seeing as Saturn in direct.

Saturn pressures people to get up the mountain, whatever their personal mountain may be but it is a strange task with so much in limbo.

As an example when Pluto was direct we were sure there was a crisis, now the whole thing is in sort of a lull.

With Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron retrograde, people are backing off their optimistic vision of Utopia where unhealable wounds are healed via some magic you need only believe in.

With Uranus retrograde in Pisces, people wonder which way the revolution or perhaps forgot we were having one all together. You see the problem here.

Venus and Mars are also direct. People still want love and sex and money and challenge but it is very hard to play your cards on any of these fronts when 2/3 of them are missing.

Who can relate?

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20 thoughts on “Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Retrograde… State Of The World By Elsa P”

  1. I’m not sure how to verbalize this exactly but for me, I have been able to heal and learn at a slow plod which has been compassionate in my view.

    Saturn transit conjunct natal Uranus/Pluto/Moon opposite Uranus transit conjunct natal Saturn/Chiron with Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron transit conjunct natal MC.


  2. I can totally relate.
    That Pluto retrograde with my pluto/moon conjunction transit…..whoah, it’s very overwhelming.
    I have a plan in my head, a plan to find happiness within myself so that I can love others and myself the right way….one moment I’m on the right track and the next I’ve completely fallen off the wagon. I’m trying REALLY hard here, but I think I have more issues than I ever imagined…and pluto retrograde is shining a big ol’ spotlight on them.

  3. Absolutely, feels like I’m sitting in limbo, unable to act, react, as if life is just sitting there waiting for someone or something to just put the key back in the ignition.

  4. Amen sisters. I feel exactly the same way as all of you. It feels so frustrating to be so damned STUCK for so long when all around me everyone seems to be doing just fine and thriving.

  5. “People still want love and sex and money and challenge but it is very hard to play your cards on any of these fronts when 2/3 of them are missing.”

    Lol- yeah, pretty much!

  6. When will it move forward again?

    I called time out last year ahead of my saturn return. Made some good improvements personally and wanted to try some different work. Couldn’t take any sideways steps in current economic climate and wasn’t prepared to graft it at the bottom so went back to a similar role – haven’t solved my Saturn problems and all the personal improvements are unravelling too.

    Uranus transit over Ascendent was practically imperceptible. Back into 12th at the moment.

    I have just 4 weeks left until final part of saturn return goes exact and worried I’m gonna miss the boat.

    Helps to hear others feeling frustrated too.

  7. I feel like a lot of things are bubbling under the surface, but I can’t really force them out yet. There’s a lot of yearning and dreaming, and I have to be comfortable with spending a lot of time at home, with my flawed routine that doesn’t entirely satisfy, and that the yearning is necessary to gestate the new reality that will come about soon enough.

    And a sense of humor, knowing that when my plans do start to manifest in their own way, I’m going to be like, “wtf?? Why is life going so fast? Aaaaaaahh crisis!!!” It’s like, “yeah, you were just complaining that everything was stuck, get over it and go with it.” LOL

  8. No wonder I have been saying I just want to take a few months off to figure out what I’m doing. I have clients that want work done but I don’t want to be where I am so I want to move but can’t find the energy to do it!! ugh… Happiness is a warm puppy.

  9. HAHA! I can totally relate! This spring I deffianatly felt like there was a crisis in my life, and deep wounds that needed to heal… (Pluto and the 3 conjuncts)

    So I started seeing a therapist in April…. and as of like 2 weeks ago, I realized I’m not really getting anything out of sessions anymore. I just go a talk, but feel nothing.(I feel like I’m fine now, nothing to fix and heal, which is so not true, but nothings coming out anymore. ::shrugs::) Where when I started out it was deeply emotionally freeing…

    Hee hee, Saturns been direct for a little while now, trying to get me to get on the ball with projects, and all the other planets are like, “What projects? We’re chilling out now, get to it later when we can remember what it was we wanted to do.”

    Venus and Mars wanna go to the club, but the band didn’t show up. So they’re having a lame night.

  10. Avatar

    I may have expressed this already, but we are trying to clean the ‘landfill’ of our basement area out so we can put the house up for sale & move. It’s like a frickazzzdammmmmhellacious logjam! Which log to pick out to get things rolling out of here? So many things to do and we just get stuck on overwhelm and discussion …but the last few days things are starting to rev up, so perhaps things are picking up on the river???? May be time to strap on my logrolling cleats!

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    …oh, and I wanted to add there has been a great deal of angst on my part in attempting to get this stuff started out the door. Aries Moon and all the Sag in my chart does not like to be thwarted when I want something done. I want to get anything needing doing – DONE DONE and DONE, as in last week. Later is never going to be soon enough. When will all the planets allow moving forward Elsa?

  12. DreamsAreality,

    Chiron goes direct on October 31.
    Jupiter goes direct on October 13.
    Uranus goes direct on December 1.
    And Neptune goes direct on November 4.
    And Pluto goes direct on September 11.

    And Elsa, I think 2009 is a very contemplative year. A good year to sit back and think.

  13. Toni – thanks for grabbing those dates. Very helpful.

    Disagree on the contemplating. Saturn (reality) is direct and compels a person to move toward a goal.

  14. planning planning planning.
    helps to have a respite on the doozy stuff so i can get down to the nitty gritty. make some concrete decisions and anchor myself for when the crisis unfolds it’s next phase.
    and, oh, yeah, the aquarius mess can run another set of electric shocks cross my moon.

  15. Avatar

    Thank you Toni for picking up & posting those dates. I have never suffered from angst in my life! …so, that’s been interesting. A real drag on the blackhead ariding the pimple on the carbunkle that sits squarely on my backside, but a new experience nonetheless.

    I love to backward plan from a time schedule viewpoint, so knowing when something’s going to break loose seems important, cuz all this needing to do something, can’t decide what to do thing was driving me bonkers, and I wasn’t liking myself in that sort of reality. Time to dream a new one!!

  16. ThankYou Elsa P. Beautiful Post as Usual !!!

    You Know Elsa P. You Say the Thruth in Beautiful Ways !!!

    It is like making a Pic in Words !!!

    Blassings !!!

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