What’s The Point Of Neptune In Pisces?

Neptune roman godI tend to think favorably of planets in their home signs.  This is my default position.  Over the last year, I’ve been tracking an astrologer who loathes Neptune in Pisces.  You may want to write him off right here, but he’s crisp with his writing. I decided to try to understand his view.

His problem with Neptune in Pisces is the widespread, endless, deception.  He blames Neptune for this and after and months, I can do nothing but see his point.  My God, but the fog is thick.

I started writing about the importance of discernment with Saturn in Virgo circa 2007. I don’t think a single soul heard me, but I took my own advice. Saturn left Virgo for Libra, as Neptune went into Pisces.  2009 or so, I think. If you skipped “thinking” school, then you missed that class. Major mistake, considering how things have unfolded.

I have done nothing but work to discern throughout this entire time.  It took me until 2015 to conclude I was wrong about everything. Please note Saturn was in Sagittarius at this time.  What’s the TRUTH, maan?

Humbling – When You Find Out You’re Wrong…

Saturn in Virgo relates to Saturn in Sagittarius which relates to Saturn in Pisces and damnit, if you didn’t get it then and you didn’t get it, the other then, then you damned well better get it now. This is Pisces, the end of the line!

The idea here is that Saturn is coming to help you. Yes, you can disable yourself with fear.  You can fold like an omelet, but the sensible thing to do is to respond to the pressure and sort and clarify… reality.

This can be a wonderful process by the way.  Peanuts are more useful when you crack the shell.  The way many of us live at this time, peanuts are lying all over and people can’t identify them.  This is particularly tragic when a peanut is exactly what you need!

What if Neptune in Pisces covered us with so much fog so long, it’s left us with no choice but to acknowledge it, less we become an old-fashioned airhead.

It would be a good idea to exit denial and slap a pair of glasses on and start looking around. Millions of voices are trying to tell you something ain’t right in the milk.  Are they all wrong?  They aren’t.

It’s curious, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces come close but fail to form a conjunction until they reach Aries.  This suggests, reality will hit hard and fast at that time.

Do you know, if you ask for the truth, it’s very likely to come to you? Of course it will. It wants out.

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  1. This is a brilliant article!! There has been so much focus on what Pluto, Uranus, Saturn have been doing collectively for the past decade, that it’s allowed Neptune to sneak behind us all and throw that thick fog around, unfettered, as our focus is elsewhere.

    In fact, it’s probably played in tandem with Pluto Capricorn, with Pluto having full reign over corruption in/from authorities and hierarchies, with Neptune obscuring everything and distracting us with glittery pixels and shiny binary codes on our phones, so we become too slack jawed and too vacant to care, or even notice!

    I am keeping an eye on what will happen when Neptune hits the 29th degree of Pisces, from May to September 2024, four whole months. It’s stationing right at the knife edge of Pisces at 29°56′ Pisces.

    It could go a few ways. The lies become so ridiculous and unbelievable, that they become TOO believable, because we don’t even know what’s true anymore.

    Or it could lead to collective emotional overwhelm, where the sadness, apathy, anxiety, loneliness, becomes too much to bear and people get lost in it, drowning in it.

    Lastly, it could be where the veil disappears completely, and the crushingly disappointing truth is fully revealed, like the Wizard of Oz who turns out to be just an ordinary man with damn good CGI!

    Realise. Real Lies. Real Eyes.

    1. I responded below before I read your post! I think we ought to make t-shirts with
      Realize. Real Lies. Real Eyes.
      Just brilliant!

  2. Oh I absolutely agree! Thanks! I am so happy with the prospect of seeing clearly what’s up on a world wide basis! Spreading it out over years of revelations is way better than Civil War or WWIII. It can be difficult to admit you’ve been “mis-under-educated,” but it doesn’t hurt all that much when you commit to truth/reality andchange your mind—-unless I guess if you have a lot of fixed signs which I don’t!

  3. I remember seeing that Neptune is conjunct the U.S. ascendant for the last eclipse. U.S. 1776 10th house Virgo 22 Neptune squares Gemini 21 Mars 21. Today’s New Moon Sun-Moon-Mars at 20 Sag t-squares activating again Neptune’s recent transiting t-square. Sun-Moon Mars today falls on 45’s natal Moon opposing Sun. Could be synchronicity to acknowledgement of the fog rather than getting sucked in. With Neptune now in the third decan its Pisces-Scorpio, which can go either way.

  4. I have a different perspective on Neptune in Pisces, the underlying theme for me is faith. Not the faith of organised religion and not the teachings of Gurus that create dissent and even wars, but the very personal and individual experience of faith that is difficult to put in words.
    And, to be clear, it takes time and brings a strong sense of confusion to dissolve the boundaries that people have put in place to ‘secure’ themselves within their belief systems. Many are fighting the windmills of different beliefs, thinking that to surrender means death…but it’s the dying of a mental structure just like any other structure that Pluto in Capricorn has shaken up.

    Neptune is deep faith, the thing what remains when everything else crumbles. It’s good that Saturn and Neptune will only meet in Aries, Aries is about pioneering, new beginnings and bold ways to go ahead with an idea.

    In that sense yes, Neptune in Pisces was and is disconcerting, the mind reacts with anxiety, denial and stubborn insistence to an attack on belief systems, they are meant to create existential safety like belonging and identity. There’s a lot of outdated stuff out there in peoples minds, that doesn’t serve them, it’s clearly inadequate.

    That’s not as easy as changing a job or moving to another town or even country, people defend their beliefs, viciously, if they are mightily identified with it. Changing it feels like a defeat, an empty space. That empty space is Neptune…. the mist and confusion. It is also the miracle of universal laws that underpin all our laws and systems.

    We can measure the distance between planets and their course, we can derive meaning from their existence. But do we know anything about how all this came about and why it’s there and where it leads?

    1. Your description of ‘faith’ ‘hard to put into words’ as you say, stuck with me Su. It is beyond me. Bigger than me…but there. Always there. Beyond time and space. Of time and space. Infinite. Humans like to order and control. It makes us feel safe…but that is an illusion.These days l go where l am lead. lm a Picses rising Neptune Scorpio 9th.

      l have a different take on Neptune changing signs and that conj.in Aries. l think our top down structures will go sideways for a start. Other changes quietly happening, under the screen, white anting old forms, old thinking… Other changes: these wars, not so quiet. Killing children. Starving the people. Bombing hospitals…and justifying it!! Fog of war? It is beyond me…but l will still say it is wrong.I hope the time of the dictators will be short.

    2. i too have been living neptune in pisces as faith/grace.. but im aware its likely thats just how its lined up in my chart.. for others
      i can totally see the description elsa writes of above. i have been observing this in so many persons around me for years…
      &/but? _full disclosure_
      i am nervous of the impact of neptune & saturn booming into aries… it could be just the nervousness of how others will behave, but
      i think its also about ‘will i finally not be who i know myself to be.. ‘… ‘how will i wrap my head around this new direct driven assertive version of myself – out there for all to see – no hiding’ … will i blow all the grace ive practised over the years totally up & undo all the slow progress (& safety) i was helping create in certain dynamics in my life.
      a prisoner no more of fog [green whistle] from neptune in pisces perhaps,
      but not sure im going to like this new version of self… how does one make such a dramatic shift diplomatically… i am still pondering

  5. I also had not paid much attention to Neptune until recently but to be honest I don’t think I understood it entirely anyway. I am in my 40’s dealing with a Neptune square Neptune transit now and boy am I fogged up. I have felt like I’m having all sorts of mental blocks. But I’m working on inching my way through this transit, praying that my heart (and head) is leading me in the right direction. My inner compass is just spinning. I won’t know until the fog lifts and I can look around to take stock of things.

    1. In my experience Neptune square Neptune is the beginning of letting your heart lead you. Follow your heart and don’t stop even if Saturn comes along at intervals and starts interfering lol. That’s when your connection to your heart is tested. It’s an exciting journey.

      1. yeS.
        this resonates for me too…
        im not sure if its just placements in & off the chart that make it feel this way though

          1. Yes I relate to your reply @lunairy and it’s probably, as you wrote, a matter of how it relates to our individual chart. I just love Aries energy, my 7th house. I’m ready for it to burst forth again in my life. I’m also looking forward to Uranus in Gemini in the 9th…
            I feel as if all these quiet years where I feel like living behind a metaphorical veil are a preparation for something big, a challenge for sure but hey, Sagittarius likes adventure.
            Looking at the big picture, economy, politics, technology etc there are many reasons to worry. But…faith is saying there will always be options, ideas and friends. I’ve invested a lot of time in friendships and networking, behind the veil. I want to trust that when the curtain lifts, I’m ready.

  6. I have a best friend who has had a perfect double Virgo life unaspected by neptune until now . Married high school sweetheart 30 years ago never missed a week a church.. i know how are we bff but We balance each other… anyway Neptune transit into Pisces hits her 7th house and bam she has an attraction to a younger man thinks god sent him her way at work….then he moves on tells her idk what u think this is but not what u thought hmm she loses it. Now she is thinking everyone at that job is out to get her thinking they are putting cameras in her home watching her house…everything with the other is a dillusion right now for her. Kind of makes me happy I learned to see in the fog being born with neptune on the ascendant …someone has to stear the ship here.

    1. I think that’s the thing, the last sentence, those who already have an abundance of Neptune/Pisces energies natally fare a bit better under Neptune transits, as it’s just “another day in the office”. They can see beyond that veil, and read the underlying hidden energies, all the time!

      Whereas those who don’t, often get blindsided by them, and succumb to the more shadow sides of Neptune, the disillusionment, deception, seeing things not as they are.

      I hope you can steer that ship for your friend and get her out of that fog 🙂

      1. yes. what you & jess said mermaid i have also witnessed this.
        those of us who neptune is a part of our every day existence definitely seem to steer & manage it, but those not -relatives of neptune- often totally thrown off course, sometimes shockingly to the point of no return.

        it actually reminds me similarly of those of us who have multiple chronic illnesses over life, seem to be held up to be the resilient ‘coper’ somehow,
        where those who have known generally good health, tend be much more mentally afflicted -at least in the short term- by grave illness..
        something like that 🤔

  7. Great comments above.Wow. Thank you for sharing. First, My sister and I both have strong natal Neptune. Both of us have Neptune in the 3rd. We both have weak eyes and we were informed as adults, we have a long lost sister, born from wedlock before us and she emerged to connect with us. Neptune gives us a family and partner choice of addicts and we monitor each other intently.She adopted my son after his video addiction and personal attacks left me depleted. Neptune drew both of us to the Pacific N.west coast from the Midwest and we live close to open water in neighboring states. Neptune currently crosses my descendant opposing my natal Pluto ascendant. Both of us have a tendency to dissolve in partnership and loose personal aim. Something (like Neptune) keeps us afloat until Aries expresses this 8th house turn. We exchange astrological perspective that also keeps us tight.I think Crowley said Neptune in the 3rd is the worst placement possible. I think dance is the best remedy there is. It’s time for quality musicians and poets to sound out.

    1. I have natal Neptune in 3rd in Sag. Two things I’ve noticed – one, it can make you good at listening, not just listening/hearing with ears, but listening on a multidimensional level, ie, on multiple levels = awareness. And two, intuitive/psychic ability, particularly in regards to nearest environment. I can find places and know where to go without a map, its like intuitive GPS. I wouldnt say it’s a bad placement with these gifts!

      1. Yes to all of this! I have Neptune transiting my 3rd House. It makes crowds and work environment a minefield unless you are a therapist or psychologist when that hyperawareness is desired.

  8. Neptune has been transiting my 3rd house since it went into Pisces, conjunct my Moon, squaring my natal Neptune and now conjunct my South Node. I have been screening absolutely EVERYTHING to see if it’s real or BS. It’s pretty tiring, but I have been proved right a lot of the time. Still time enough for me to be proved wrong, though!

  9. Love the way you write, I think you are spot on, Saturn coming to Aries gives me so many visions Fire Smoke Chains spears forks ,this is when my eyes close Need them wide open, guessing my hand will be over my mouth.omg

  10. ..”I started writing about the importance of discernment with Saturn in Virgo circa 2007. I don’t think a single soul heard me”…

    I heard you. My eyes were opened 30+ years ago…a near death experience.

  11. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    “Do you know, if you ask for the truth, it’s very likely to come to you? Of course it will. It wants out.”

    Many years ago, I asked the Heaven’s for the truth and boy did I get it! Both barrels shot right at me, hurt like hell at the time, but my life is so very different and so very much better now.

  12. Lots of people have fallen for the lie of ‘your feelings about something are more important than facts’ Hopefully neptune in aries will start to settle these muddied waters

  13. Saturn in Pisces?
    Hell im struggling with Neptune in Pisces as it’s been sitting square to me Venus by exact degree for at least 2 yrs now. Just hovering on degree or retrograding back n forth.
    Not only that but Pluto – even after its ingression into Aquarius STILL squares my natal Neptune in 1st.
    I believe these two things have me completely stymied, ALONE and for the life of me I can’t get answers from anyone which might aid me in sorting this out.
    Elsa said forget the Pluto thing.
    But what’s left still leaves me at a loss. I’m like a monk now even though I don’t want to be but there hasn’t been one ‘love’ experience dat has been true, real, good , unobtrusive and in my favor.
    The answer is ALWAYS no or negative. I can’t get right if I try or if I don’t.
    All dressed up with nowhere to go n seemingly no one to go to or hang with.
    I wish I knew what was happening n the best way to deal.
    Actually I HAVE been dealing with it but I just don’t like it.
    Must the stars be so unforgiving?

    1. Neptune / Pluto you may feel you’re looking at an endless black hole. The reason to ignore it so it won’t swallow you. It’s something you’ve become aware of of been exposed to at this point in your life.

      1. Well dayum.
        I gotcha…but black holes of the endless variety ain’t da easiest to forget.
        It’s there n not goin nowhere for at least another year so…
        I’m doin best I can

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