Hard Transits And Feelings: Saturn To My Moon

Joe vs. the Volcano“Don’t pamper your vomit.”
–Elsa P.

Every morning when I wake up I feel a heavy weight, Saturn squaring my moon. It’s a definite feeling; I feel disturbed. But every morning I take stock and realize I understand where it’s coming from and what I need to do. Then I push it away. Feeding into feeling bad is not going to help me accomplish anything. It’s there as a reminder of what I’m working on. I take the reminder and let it go and for the most part that works.

It’s like the pain of an injured ankle. It’s there to tell you there’s an injury so that you can take care of it. Every morning it’s there to remind you to put on your ace bandage and pick up your crutches before you head to the bathroom. It’s not supposed to be the focus of your day. “Oh no, my pain, waaaaah,” is not helpful. Take it for what it is and push it away. Don’t focus on the notification itself, focus on what it points you toward. It gets easier with practice.

Do any of your current transits activate your moon (feelings)? How do you handle it?

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  1. A fellow Cappy Moon, I’m going through the Saturn square Moon too. Yes, I’ve spent some nights awake worrying. But this is not at all as hard as I feared. The Saturn in Cancer/ early Leo, with all the opposition to Moon and squares forming to my personal planets, was horrifying, in hindsight the worst time of my life. I guess I have learned some of those Saturn lessons (being more selfsufficient emotionally was definitely one of them), trying to build on a more solid ground.

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    Pluto is conjunct my Moon and Saturn is squaring it… Saturn is opposing my Sun while Pluto squares it. Then the stellium coming in Aries will all oppose and square that mess already going on…
    I’m convinced I’m going to be the first verifiable spontaneous combustion case… Aries will do that to a person.

  3. Thanks for opening the door to allow this conversation to happen. It’s an analogy but it will work. Years and years ago I broke a bone, I did not get it treated, just took lots of pain meds, and denial. Shit it don’t hurt anymore, I must be ok. Well it sorta healed over, I walked through life with a limp. Well one day I got sideswiped and all the pain came back, so instead of self medicating and denying I went to the doctor and said Doc fix it right this time. He replied with, well in order to fix it right this time we have to rebreak it again in the same spot. Pluto in Sag inflamed that old wound, Pluto in Capricorn rebroke it and is now setting the bone the plain old fashioned way, the way it should have all those years ago. Not only will I be walking through life without a limp anymore, come April I will be ready to run the race.

  4. daisy:)

    Yeah, satori, I totally lucked out with the guy, too. He’s hugely experienced in his field and an older person (Cap Moon needs that)–it’s the best it’s ever been.

  5. great post, and very nice story daisy.

    pretty much an astrology novice, i read this and realized im also in hard saturn-moon aspect, naturally but also at the moment in transit with saturn in libra.

    i also love the image you chose to go with this. there’s also something so appropriate about experiencing this transit in the middle of winter – it’s so bleak outside, the snow has been here for weeks now, more to come, slush and grey – but won’t spring come? doesn’t feel like it. and spring is reliable, cyclical. i haven’t yet learned how to time happiness and intense growth spirts involving a lot of less than stellar moments.

    this transit is also like looking up into a grey, cloudy sky – not anything with interesting clouds, just heavy, thick, low lying. not even as cool or mysterious as fog – just grey. seasonal affective disorder is totally moon-saturn hard aspect.

    but more than seasonal effective disorder, what you describe when you wake up in the morning. it is a very similar feeling. i push it away, but then can’t believe how really – dark and ominous – it is. all the things. i was beginning to wonder if maybe it was saturn’s message – that carrying such heavy weight, disturbing in nature, is what growing up is about.

    it’s interesting to watch how other people manage the disturbing energy. something is just off, and we all know it, but we’ve got to keep going.

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    Strawberry Fields

    β€œDon’t pamper your vomit.”
    –Elsa P.

    Missed that before. Just saw.
    Busting a gut!! πŸ˜€
    Another Elsaism for my toolbox! Thx E!

  7. Great post and great advise!

    I don’t really have any transits on my moon right now ,but I feel blue . Don’t know if it’s saturn op my sun that is the issue, but I feel like a waste of space lately. Try to ignore it during day and with other people,but def keeps me up these last weeks.

  8. I have natal moon exactly square sun – So I deal with a bit of conflict energy every year around my bday. No big deal. This year Saturn hit (conjunct my moon) which would have been fine except pluto is also on my sun. While hellish…even that was tolerable until my birthday came around :-0…. I didn’t know it was possible to feel so many variants of different negative feelings/oppressions at once. But I found a solution…which may be specific to the libra/cap pluto/saturn transits I’m experiencing but feeling grounded and making the choice to be happy, grateful and most of all productive not only got me through but transformed the traumatic unbalanced state to a more harmonious/determined state of being… And now even though I am still shocked it got so bad, I’m pretty sure it might have been the best thing that ever happened to my mental health. Good luck everyone!!!

  9. Or….maybe its not about astrology exactly, but rather the moment when the soul, having been free to roam the Cosmos unimpeded during sleep now awakens into dense matter and realizes it (we) have to slog through gravity and duality for another work session on planet earth. That would bum anybody out. But its the price we pay for the opportunity to have a body.

  10. Cancer Moon here with my Saturn return happening on top of it all..so i can relate..this is squaring my natal moon and reeking havoc on my feelings and foundation.. i feel like each day is something new or like im carryin chains on me ..even on good days..something jus feels stuck..thank you for today’s post..this was needed as last night’s full moon hit me too ..nicely thank you karma and saturn πŸ™‚

  11. so wish I had known about astrology when PLuto hit my moon mars conjunction when I was writing my final exams at school – got a retrograde cycle thrown into the mix as well. It took 7 years to come through after the direct hit…
    and now, well, I honour completely the insights that investigating the relationship between the cosmos and the self has given me.
    This is an important piece Satori, thanx

  12. Thank you, satori. I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision starting a yoga practice right away during my Moon Saturn transit.. I am pretty sure it’s an excellent idea. I tell myself the feelings of loneliness are illusory cause what I need now is to prove myself with achievement and I need a push. All talk and no action tho. I’m not sure if that’s the spirit of a Moon Saturn transit.. not sure if I’m thinking the right thing. Moon pluto transit really ripped me apart and this is something where I have to rely on a concoction of accountability and self actualization to get through it.

  13. Great, woke up 23:30 hours 1 19 23 and went to the kitchen to get the coffee I left out. As I stepped up I twisted my left ankle. Nice.please no more subjective observations.

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