Armed And Dangerous, Shoot To Kill – Mars In Libra

annie oakleyI just told someone I was “armed and dangerous… even with a Libra Mars.”

It felt funny just to write that although it is true. Libra is just so damned offended by Mars and I have been meaning to do a video on this for months. And I ought to do it today since my hair looks spectacular however I keep getting knocked offline and don’t have time for that frilly stuff now – The Moon is in Virgo!!

Anyway, I have a gun now and it is loaded. It happens to be the gun I bought with the soldier back when we were kids and I thought I might be Annie Oakley if only he could shoot the cans out of the air like I told him to. But noooooo…

So anyway, I have a gun but more importantly I can tell you for sure that if you break in my house to threaten me, I will shoot you right in the head.

Matter of fact, I will empty the entire gun into your body and your head and having decided this (Libra) I wonder how I ever UN-decided it. What should I do instead? Allow you to rape me? Torture me? Hurt my children and then go back out the window to hurt someone else’s child? I. Don’t. Think so.

I have decided to kill in this situation rather than be killed or any other damned thing and I feel good about it too. I actually feel it is my responsibility and this is the same lesson I learned on this blog.

Most of you know I used to get attacked all the time as did my friends and I used to wonder how come no defended me. I asked around about this too and eventually someone told me that perhaps people thought I could defend myself. EUREKA!

So now when someone comes ’round, I flush ’em personally and as you might suspect this happens much less frequently.

Are you comfortable with the idea of taking aggressive action in your own defense? How about violent action?

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  1. Aries Sun, Moon Scorpio, Cap Rising: One time in 8th grade this girl kept banging her metal chair into the back of my knees as we were moving chairs from one classroom to another. I asked her three times to stop. She did not, thinking she was being amusing. It hurt. On the third time she refused to cease and desist, I slapped her so hard across the face that it left a handprint. I’d rather not resort to physical violence, but sometimes you have no choice. I own a gun. My sister (a police officer) taught me to shoot it and I was so good the first and only time she took me to the range, I kinda scared myself. So I got an alarm system instead! (this after a stalker ex and his unpredictable behavior). I still have the gun. It is loaded and in the bedroom closet. If someone hurts you, you have every right to defend yourself with whatever it takes…sometimes words will do it the first go round, sometimes not. Wonder how my Mars in Leo plays into this; all I know is that when I’m pissed (which doesn’t happen too, too often), that Aries/Scorpio combo is nothing to be messed with.

  2. Not entirely comfortable but I would. (And I do own a gun, too.) If I had no choice I would – though I know there would be karmic justifications.

  3. I would have no qualms about defending myself or my famiy. Aggressive or violent action if necessary. I’ve never felt otherwise.

  4. No, I can’t. I find that I am more hurt by any aggressive actions I take than by the people I am angry at. I simply do not feel comfortable with anger, and I regret it, always, even when I can see that my actions are perfectly justified. My mars in in leo, in the fourth, and you’d think I’d be pretty comfy defending my home, but I simply don’t like to oppose people.

  5. Now more than ever, yes. But hey, I have Mars in Leo. Even with sweet ole’ Libra rising, I am like, DON”T TREAD ON ME, right now.

  6. i don’t know. i’ve had to, a couple times, but i never feel very good about it.
    i do much better slapping people in the face with how stupid they’re being by attacking me.

    pisces mars. in the seventh… square neptune 😛

  7. Ya I could defend myself. I have sun/mars/venus/pluto in libra together in the 12th. I use the pretty as first choice but you better not fuck with me or you won’t know what’s coming.
    Once a guy friend tried to throw me in a pool. I said no and he though it would be funny. I dropped and put my feet up kicking at his balls whenever he tried to grab me. Turns out that’s what you are supposed to do if attacked. It was instinct. He couldn’t get at me to throw me in. He asked his buddy to help and he said “no way, i’m not going to get kicked in the balls.”

  8. Before I got my gun, I had a baseball bat next to my bed. If I walk alone at night, I keep my keys in hand in case I need to gouge someone’s eyes out. One way or another, I’ll be prepared to put someone down.

  9. I had a baseball bat beside my bed. when he kicked in the door and tried to kill me I balked at using violence. he took the bat away and beat me severely with it.

    be very sure you are willing to USE your weapon if you choose to have one.

  10. I don’t necessarily feel comfortable, but you do what you have to do to defend yourself. If that means matching their level of aggression with my own, then that’s what I’d do – no more, no less.

  11. If you break into my house, I am going to shoot to kill. If you are running your mouth about me, either to my face or behind my back, I’m going to feed you rope until you hang yourself. Even if it takes years, I can wait you out.

  12. exactly, satori and goddess…it is one thing to be a 14 yr old and smack someone; it is quite another to have a gun at one’s disposal…older, wiser, and with it in the closet, I set the alarm every night and have two big dogs as back-up. Prevention worth a pound of cure. And I sleep very well. I believe in live and let live, but when someone pushes into your space AND physically hurts you on top of it, you have the right to react and defend yourself. Not all of us have had people who will do that for us, so we’ve learned to do it for ourselves when necessary. And let me tell you, with Venus in Pisces, I have had to learn how to do this, despite the Aries/Scorpio energy in my chart.

  13. My grandmother was on a jury with Annie Oakley. Apparently she was a nice person, chatty and everything.

    As for self-defense, I am might be ok with it physically but kind of a doormat otherwise.

  14. Gah satori that is an eyeopener. I’m glad you lived through that as your presence is appreciated, loads.

    I have Aries Mars opposed Pluto (as well as Aries SN). My physical strength doesn’t match the mental. ie. I’ve got my head kicked when I thought I could defend.

    One thing I would do, god-willing, is scream bloody murder and if I could run, I would outrun everybody. I used to compete as a sprinter and I am still really, really fast.

  15. Becca, your comment makes me think…the house I grew up in didn’t have a lock on the door (we lived in the middle of nowhere and so there was no point).
    Now, my parents have never had an alarm, they don’t lock their car, they don’t lock their door…they live in a neighbourhood infested by crackheads and prostitutes and all the “ills of society” and still you can’t get them to be afraid. They’re senior citizens and have never been broken into or had unsavoury experiences with people.

    I think this has affected my views somewhat. Not sure how?

  16. I have no doubt in my mind that I can kill. And not just in self-defense, but KILL. Period. Could I torture someone? Probably not, unless I was in that seriously pissed-off head space where I truly have no control, but murder? No sweat.

    In our home we have a gun (and when we have enough $, both hubby and I want another one each), two practice swords, two bos (one hardwood and heavy as fuck, the other not so much), and one riot-grade MagLite. Both of us are at least proficient enough to use our weapons for home defense and have the temperament to do so. Ain’t no motherfucker breaking into my home and walking out unscathed!

    I have to say, though, satori made an excellent point; it’s one I’ve had ground into me my whole life, since it’s my father’s first question when someone asks him about home defense. If you’re not sure you can defend yourself with it, don’t have (whatever it is) in the house because it becomes a weapon for the perp to use against you.

    My Mars-Venus-Pluto are conjunct in Libra/4 and hit everything in my chart. No surprises there, eh?

  17. That is funny…my neighbour across the hall never locks his door. I remember once he was saying to me ‘oh, I think I should get apartment insurance.’ To which I replied ‘well never tell them you don’t lock your door!’
    His reasoning is that he forgets his keys all the time and so just needs someone to let him in and he’s good. Weird.

    My Dad never used to lock his car at night and even knew someone was sleeping in it at night but didn’t care (he was a working vagrant for years so is empathetic about needing a place to sleep)…until the person left an empty whiskey bottle in it, and then started locking it. His Libran desire for manners got the better of him, ha ha!

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