Saturn Transiting The 7th House Brings Lessons In Relationships

Ben and I, still catching up:

Well, Ben the main thing is, I’m learning. I have Saturn transiting the 7th house. So do you! We’re supposed to be learning about relationships and look what I learned from the AMF. I learned about painting for one thing. I didn’t know anything about painting, even though my mother painted all day long. But I became pretty sophisticated and I can thank him for that. I understand color in a way I never have. I understand art in general and what it means in a person’s life. I learned other things too. I learned all kinds of things from him, not just related to art. In fact I learned in that relationship, I’ll be ten years assimilating it.”


“Yes. So now I’m still learning, but completely different things. I know a lot about soldiering these days,” I said with a chuckle. “Imagine that. Who’d have ever thought? I never have dreamed I’d understand war to the depth and degree I do now. War?” I laughed. “I am coming to understand all kinds of things that I have never really considered. I am also learning how to fight by the way. I’m learning how to be effective in general which it turns out is a very good thing to know. As if you don’t have to fight in this life.”

“You do have to fight in this life,” he said. “I have to fight all the time.”

“Yep. So rather than deny it you may as well get good at it. Because it turns out the more effective fighter you are the less likely you are to be in a fight and hey. Who knew? Well, apparently I thought about it on some level because I have fought like crazy at times but to have it conscious and integrated can only be good. I mean we all have prowess and the ability to fight and you may as well know about it. So anyway, I am learning. You?”

Learned anything from your partner or close associate? What?

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  1. Both my partner and I have Saturn in the 7th House! (We also share Venus conjunct Mars and Sun square Saturn).
    Learning, learning…all the time.

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