When Will Things Get Better? March 2023

stellium aries“It has turned out to be the week from hell.  I am sure everyone would love to know…when will things get better?”

That’s from an email I got from a reader. I’ll try to pull this together.

The Gemini Mars vs planets in Pisces will persist for another five days or so, before Mars moves into Cancer, where it will continue to square planets that will move into Aries. We have all these planets changing signs this month. This is part of that. I can’t call it an “improvement”, but we are progressing.

You may feel rushed or some sense of urgency. Mars prods, but remember all planets are direct at this time. This situation will be sustained until April 21st.

The scrunched up planets are another stressor. It’s a lot of energy, narrowly focused. I chose the picture to illustrate this. You’re looking at March 23rd. Also, the upcoming stellium in Aries is not going to slow things down.

The current banking chaos or crisis is another factor. I give that to Uranus in Taurus, unaspected at this time. Banking & Finance Upheaval.

aquarius yellow manAs for improvement, in the near term, I have two ideas. First, use the New Moon in Aries to begin something fresh and new. Push yourself and take control.

My next idea is mostly geared to the Cardinal signs, who have dealt with Pluto all these years. Welcome Pluto into Aquarius by getting yourself some air. I’m talking about opening your windows to purge the stale, depressing energy.

These ideas are about the individual going with the flow, but also taking the initiative to make the most of the energy available to them. There is a clear opportunity here. You just have to flip your switch; Capricorn -> Aquarius and Pisces -> Aries.

Bottom line, we’re rolling to the future this month, hardcore. The game is dynamic and currently and we’re shifting from fear and avoidance and wait and see, to the part where jump in and express yourself and your individuality.  I know it’s stressful but at least we’re through the limbo phase.

How do you feel about turning the page in your life?

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17 thoughts on “When Will Things Get Better? March 2023”

  1. Hi, I’m wondering, when you say- through the limbo phase- are you referring to the aspects this past week or longer term?

    1. I’m sorry! Oversight on my part.
      “Limbo” is something I referred to in my newsletters, particularly during February. We all know this is coming… the stock market and such, but I saw it being prevented – things help up by Jupiter in Aries, aspecting various planet. So I was writing about “hanging like a loose tooth” and such, primarily in late January and February. We had a lot of planets Rx as well. Now direct and no we’re rolling..

      We’re now in a new phase.

  2. The Mars/Neptune thing has been crazy. Early this week I wanted to take care of a dental bill I owed. I misread the explanation of benefits from the dental insurance company and overpaid $506.00.

  3. Avatar
    Irmi1969 / Char555

    Here in South Africa, one of our more militant political parties is threatening to “shut down the country”. This is an electioneering move on their part and if we’re lucky, there won’t be TOO much rioting, looting and loss of life.
    On the personal side, I am in a severe financial bind; but this has been an ongoing feature of my life for a very long time.

    1. I’m so sorry you’re going thru that. I can guarantee the American news will not report it, ignoring it like they do astrology. We never get news on the upheavals in Israel, Belgium, or Paris either. They keep us in our celebrity worship bubble. I pray you’ll be OK!

      1. Avatar
        Irmi1969 / Char555

        Thank you for your kind words, Sonja. According to our news reports, the authorities are ready for any trouble, and anyone doing anything wrong will be arrested. It’s possible that the threat to shut down the country is nothing more than rhetoric – I hope so. A judge gave the verdict that the political party that is making the threats is allowed to demonstrate their disaffection.
        We had quite severe rioting and looting in July 2021, but no one was really prepared for that.

        1. Oh no, we had some looting in Minneapolis after opportunists destroyed a couple of city blocks after the George Floyd tragedy. Our news hardly covered it. I hope your neighbors and all pull together. Use the stars to see when it will pass and when it will settle. Hope its just rhetoric. Looks like were all in for a bumpy ride with all these new transits !

          1. Avatar
            Irmi1969 / Char555

            Well, yesterday has been and gone… the whole thing was a bit of a storm in a teacup. There were a few violent episodes, quickly quelled, and arrests were made. There is no way the country was shut down, except perhaps in the sense that it’s partly shut down anyway. And the economic knife-edge on which we’re living was exacerbated by the shenanigans of the main troublemakers. I have seen no news of current looting, except the stuff that has been ongoing for nearly 30 years. But I don’t want to start a political discussion here…

            And I agree with everything you said, Su. Here’s a shout-out to you, and hang in there…

            Personally, my progressed chart shows Pluto in the 7th house in the position of my natal Sun. Transiting Mars is on my natal Moon in the progressed 5th house. Oy. Plus some more stuff. You could say things are tense in my life.

  4. I wait with baited breath. There’s a gigantic stellium in the 10th house of my lunar return chart. That’s where this concentration of planets falls. Natal 8th and 9th activated. Best wishes to us all that we may roll with whatever changes this month brings!

  5. I am also monitoring the situation here in South Africa – I have a lot of sympathy for those who are taking to the streets for better pay, but less sympathy for charismatic agitators whipping up conflict. We will see, it’s tense.
    On the work front I am involved in a drive to hold people we depend on accountable for the many promises they made and the abysmal results in transparency and collaboration in the last 7 (!) years. I am not alone and things are moving forward, I am not surprised that it finally happens now. It’s a bit scary but mostly liberating and long overdue. My adult Aquarius son is brimming with energy and ideas, thats nice to observe – and my teenage grandson – a staunch Capricorn who has seen and heard a lot in his first 14 years – smiles a lot more, every once in a while I see real relaxation and joy. Can’t wait for April, whatever happens, as a mutable, curious Sag I am confident to ride the waves. Wishing everyone the same !

  6. There is a small mercy this week.

    On March 23rd this will be the FIRST time in 15 years where there will be NO planets in Capricorn 🎉 Capricorns everywhere can have a little breather and a Cosmic vacay (well until June). What will that feel like? I think we’ve gotten so used to it, we feel institutionalised in it.

    It might feel a bit discombobulating, a bit like the last scenes in Shawshank Redemption, where Red is free (Aquarius?) but he can’t get used to life outside of prison and finds it immensely difficult to adjust.

    I think we are all currently at the scene where Red is interviewed by the parole officers. And he’s all like, “just stamp your silly forms and stop wasting my time, because I don’t give a s*** anymore”. Last degree of Pluto Capricorn, we’re also tired!

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