Scarin’ Up The Dead For The Moon In Scorpio – Intimacy

We scared up the dead last night going through some of the soldier’s stuff in the garage. Among other things we came across his shot record – World Heath Organization, it says. It dates to when he was 3 years old and we now know he was shot with “chicken embyro freeze-dried”, when he was 15.

He gave me the document for the shrine of cool stuff that has formed over my computer over the last year or so.

Most Scorpio keep objects steeped in meaning, if not displayed, then stashed in a box somewhere. If they ever show you their stuff, you know you are inner circle and if they give you something from their stash..?

Well that’s like being blood.

Who can relate?

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  1. I just opened my memories box for someone for the first time ever. I pulled out my graduation program (the subject of which was the reason, ostensibly) and a few other things. I don’t think he had any idea, but you are SO right.

    my prom corsage was in there and everything REEKS of “Charlie” (the seventies cologne).

  2. My SO has loads of things stashed away (Scorpio Moon/Venus conjunct). He’s described some of them to me, verbally only.
    And, I used to *love* Charlie! 🙂

  3. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlie! hahahaha! my son made me watch that. I’m not watching it again!

    kashmiri– maybe you’ll get to SEE them someday. I’ve had this box since I was twelve, so that’s almost 30 years? eek.

  4. I should probably pay better attention to the value of Scorpion stash. I always thought they were just decluttering when they gave me stuff. No wonder the vibe got heavy when the preceived declutterers came to visit months later and asked me where their stuff was and I had to tell them the truth that I threw it out. That’s a moment when my Moon in Sagittarius throws a wrench into the Scorpio accounting system and I need to make ammends or get on a list.

  5. My Scorp stash got flooded out a few years back, so I’m “happily” accumulating a new one.
    The weird thing is, with Saturn in Virgo atop my natal Saturn I don’t really wanna. I’m kinda enjoying being free of the box even though I miss the artifacts that were in it.

    I think I’m learning to choose what I keep better.

  6. I dated a guy that found my keepsake box and tossed everything…he figured it has memories of the differnet men I have had sex with.

    I don’t save anything anymore.

  7. i declutter and i give…
    sometimes the decluttering is heavy things that need to move on, and then i try to give them to someone who might value them…
    uhm, and it’s far more than a box. but i try to hang on to things i can use, so they don’t just sit around. like i have a bunch of pottery a friend of mine made, and i use it….

  8. satori–oh i’ve ‘seen’ them. they’re in boxes…and considering we’ve moved house 5 times, I’ve literally seen them! But I haven’t been invited to look in them.

    To be honest, I haven’t shown him what’s in my secret stash, either…

  9. Deirdre, I just saw your comment as was reminded of my partner’s so called ‘Weird’ habit of worrying that I’ve chucked something of his when he’s merely misplaced it (?!)

  10. Satori, just tell yourself that you can’t possibly be that old. There must be a mistake. Were you born in 66 like me?

    I guess I don’t have an actual stash, just things. “Oh, I’ve had that since before I met your Dad”, or, “Geeze, my girlfriends mom gave me that back in…”.

    I guess I remember where I got most things, and they are important usually only because of their history.

  11. I have a busy 8th house, which might explain why I have boxes upon boxes of trinkets and momentos that require an in-depth explanation for anyone to understand why I’ve saved them for 20+ years. Sure nuff, I only show the contents of those boxes to my inner-most circle.

  12. I can soooooo relate. Many of my best, oldest friends are of the Scorp sun variety. (Me Virgo), funny thing is, I’ve given him (THE MAN I love) some things over the years, hoping, sometimes expecting that he will treasure them somehow. Once I discovered somthing I’d given him that he’d later given to a mutual friend; I was, just a little, hurt. One of my gifts he’s kept and treasures still, I hope, but I never know. He’s hidden it for the time being. We once fought over whether I could have it back or not, or if he wouldn’t give it to someone else of his choosing. How silly, but some sort of serious something. Also, he knits wonderful sweaters for people, and you know you’re “chosen” if he knits you a sweater. I’ve gotten two, but they’ve tended to be ones that are handoffs from the people he was actually knitting them for. And then, lastly, I must say it is some cause for jealousy (on my part) when I discover he’s given something wonderful from his stash to his latest crush. But still, I have, as I recall, one of his most treasured possessions in my safekeeping, while he is (currently) wandering the world again.

  13. Yeah. I no longer show off my stash by putting it on display after my sister called it my crap. I just stared like what do you mean crap?… I have since purged myself of any crap that is not really important or meaningful to me, but this still leaves quite a bit.

  14. Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio, now at last I have found my justification for all the gew-gaw! And you’re right, Elsa P., most of it’s on display but some of it is stashed in boxes, files, closets, or inside other gew-gaw. Some of it is stuff given me so long ago that when I come across it again (in an old jewelry box, in an old tobacco tin, inside an old knit hat I stashed somewhere) I don’t even remember where I got it! Terrible.

    And the stuff I give to people is the same way. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve complimented someone about something (a basket, a piece of jewlery, a print hanging on a wall) and had the owner stare at me for a second before saying “You gave it to me.”

    My oldest son says I need to start a Gew-Gaw for Grandmas program to donate my precious loot to Grandmas in third-world countries that cannot afford gew-gaw. Highly insulting suggestion, that. He also says that he will have the world’s biggest garage sale when I die. More insults.

    I had no idea this was a Scoponian thing. An old and dear friend, major Scorp, frequently “de-materialized” her stuff, giving it away to people who didn’t even really want (or need) it, so that she could make room for more. She was also a lethal shopper, and once asked for a “sweater loan” from me so that she could buy a $300 sweater which I never did see her wear, now that I think of it. Also, if she was broke, and knew a friend had come into some cash, she would shop vicariously by making them buy something like a couch or an outrageously expensive pair of shoes.

    But thanks for clearing that up, I’m going to forward this discussion to my son the philistine.

  15. Oh I also wanted to say that the few times I have shown people the stuff that I keep deeply stashed away, they don’t really ‘get it’ or seem to understand it’s deep significance to me. So I seldom show it to anyone anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?

  16. Heavens yes. I love boxes.. especially little wooden boxes, but boxes in general. Why? To stash my stuff in of course!! I have my “shrines” too here & there.

  17. I guess these things are sort of like a history of our lives.

    Peppermint, your posts were soooooo funny! “Philistine” is a good one!

    Well truthfully Peppermint, how many people actually TRY to understand the significance of these items? My ex still has the odd thing of mine that i left (to be nice), but I want them back. They’re MINE. He would never know that I got that clipboard from a girlfriend way back in the late “80’s when we took a course together. Or that that beat up spoon came from my girlfriends mother. He’d probably say, “Oh, I got that…”, and I’d be like, “Uh, uh, no you didn’t.” He probably would just stare at me, and think i’m being ridiculous. (Well, we’ve gone through it before, and that’s what he does)

    Maybe these things are an extension of myself (like an arm or a leg)? How materialistic! Oh well, materialistic or not, there it is!

  18. Snapdragon: I once had a good friend show me a very old small plastic bear, the kind where this fuzz is glued on to make it look like fur. And the fuzz had been worn away in most places revealing dents and nicks in the thin plastic the bear was made of. It was standing up, in full defensive mode, the way mother bears do when they’re checking someplace out before letting their babies go there.

    My friend explained that her grandmother had given the bear to her the day before she went away to college. Her grandma, who was blind, called her in to her room and told her to pull out and open the trunk stored under her bed. She plunged her hand into one of the side pockets and pulled out a little bag, from which she pulled out the bear. She told my friend that she needed to be like that bear: cautious yet strong, brave but careful, when she left home for the bigger world. Stand up always, just like this bear, hide behind nothing, she told her.

    Now I don’t know if my friend is a Scorpio but wasn’t that a Scorp thing she did, showing me her bear? She showed this to me many many years ago yet I still remember the story, as I do the stories behind lots of things that lots of people have shown me over the years. I always felt like jewels were being given to me, with each one.

    I guess that’s why I couldn’t understand at first when others didn’t ‘get it’ when I showed them my stash – I thought everybody felt the same way.

    But you’re right and thanks for the insight, Snapdragon.

    Oh and my son got a kick out of being known as a ‘philistine.’ He just called and was all fired up again about how I’ve maxed my global limits on the gew-gaw (I guess each person is only allowed so much). I asked him if he remembered our lethal shopper friend and he laughed and reminded me about the time she gave him a stuffed walleye with a stubbed-out used cigarette glued in its open mouth and a black top hat on its head.

  19. Ha ha Peppermint, did he keep the walleye? (lol, sounds like a keeper to me!)

    I don’t actually have that much stuff anymore, it started to feel like too much of a burden, a weight.

    And now of course with my two kids and all their stuff, I almost just want to go through with a garbage bag, and my arm, and sweep everything in!

    And i’m sure we don’t have that much compared to some people. Maybe it’s got something to do with hating to do housework….. :o)

  20. You know, I did ask him if he still has it and he said oh no that he’d given it to an old girlfriend years ago, which got me to thinking again of just the sheer history that things (not to mention people) can collect, and how interesting each layer of history is.

    And I know what you mean about a burden: I may have to move in the near future, and it is almost worth it to me to shed some of the gew-gaw so I don’t have to dust it, pack it, haul it, unpack it and set it up again somewhere new. You notice I said ‘almost.’ Smile.

  21. Peppermint – makes me tired just to think of it!!
    (and lest i be giving the wrong impression – no, i am not lazy!)

    How about – maybe thin it out a little?

  22. oh lordy.. lol my ex is as scorpio as they get. I guess I’m not getting those pictures back?? Hope my so-sensitive cancer man never figures THAT out…
    ((oh leo, stop purring))

  23. No scorpio here, but I do this big time. Obsessively. I have boxes full of items that only have meaning to me. I dig them out from time to time and like to relive the memories they contain…like going back in time! I have copies of some records stashed in separate places, so I will always have a copy somewhere. I never show this stuff to anyone though, they are completely private. I buried one as a kid. The others are hidden away Russian doll style, lol – one box in another in another. Some boxes I never open, it’s memories are sealed.

    Could this be pluto in 4th?

  24. Ana, I’ve also got Pluto in 4th, trined Moon in 8th, and this is one Scorpio trait I exhibit spot-on. So I would definitely agree!

    One of the videos Elsa did helped me to understand this slice of astrology better; I remember it had to do with the discussion about 7th house projections and how to interpret an empty house. She said that if you have an empty house, to understand it better think of the sign’s ruling planet being there and what that would mean (e.g. a Capricorn 7th is like having Saturn in the 7th). Sometimes I like to flip that on it’s head and put the sign on the house where it’s ruling planet is (Pluto in 4th is like having a Scorpio 4th) and seeing if that helps me understand it better. Of course, I’m just a novice and I can’t be sure I grok everything, but sometimes it does help.

  25. I have Venus in Scorp…I have a box of my love letters and aftermath and no one has ever seen them, not even my husband. I think about tossing them, but I’ve kept them almost 30 years now…and I can’t bear to get rid of them now.

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