Venus Neptune And Higher Love

venus brand“Follow your bliss.”
–Joseph Campbell

Venus is what we like, what we appreciate, what we want. It’s sweet and pretty and pleasant (as an ideal… your mileage may vary). Neptune is sometimes referenced as a higher octave of Venus, divine love, forgiveness, music, connection to a higher consciousness and dreaming. When you combine the two you get the ability to take enjoyment to another level. You can blot out the harsh and let go of the things that keep you from appreciating the joys of the moment. Or you can get drunk.

This is really any combination of Venus and Neptune. When they’re conjunct in a sign they share the same sign qualities and generally work together well. When they trine there’s an ease in slipping into transcendent states. The square also holds the higher promise of pleasure but it can take some work to access in a positive way. Sometimes with the square there’s a propensity to bliss out instead of dealing with reality, or to prefer an illusion to what is actual. The opposition also can get you into trouble if there’s projection going on, casting the other as either deluded or perfect.

Whether or not you have this combination in your chart, it can also occur by transit. When transiting Venus or Neptune aspects the other in your chart, this same type of condition arises. This also happens by house, Venus transiting the 12th or Neptune transiting the 7th or 2nd. This can result in bliss but it can also be confused or confusing. A Venus Neptune transit is a great time to put aside your differences with someone and forgive. It confers the ability to transcend.

It’s not a great time to try to achieve clarity, however. If you’re looking for a lasting effect you can use other, more solid aspects or transits to help you lay some real groundwork. I guess it’s kind of like going to the dentist, or really like how I go to the dentist. I’m not even opening my mouth without the laughing gas. Venus Neptune is a little druggy, really. You can just lie there and enjoy the elevator music, but really the whole point is to sweeten you up so they can do scary things to your teeth.

So I suppose you can enjoy Venus Neptune for the blissful effect or you can make use of it by using the bliss time to tackle something that would be much harder without the laughing gas.

Do you have Venus aspecting Neptune in your chart or by transit?

14 thoughts on “Venus Neptune And Higher Love”

  1. Yep. I went suit shopping with my cousin for his mother’s funeral. Well it was a rather enjoyable experience. I also have a lot of Jupiter so optimism is not foreign but it was definitely a Venus-Neptune moment also. We listened to music in the store, looked and contemplated on different color ties. It eases off the sad mood.

    I have a Moon-Mars-Venus stellium in Pisces square Neptune.

  2. Avatar

    Excellent post Satori!

    I have Neptune conj 7th natally I’m entering my square now and Venus is currently opposing my Neptune. Saturn is currently opposing my Venus.I’ve been giving alot if thought to my past relationships. Thinking I don’t want to be alone forever but dont want to delude myself again either.

    This post gave me hope, helped me see another way this energy can be used.

    So once again thank you!

  3. Yes Venus is transiting my 12th house. I haven’t noticed any affect, still plenty of time though.

    I still love your saying <3 "Stupid Venus Neptune! Stay out of my yard!" <3

  4. Oh yes, Venus conjunct Neptune in Sagitarius in the first house, trine 9th house saturn. bring on the laughing gas, i will not complain! In my younger days, people always thought i innocent and niave based on my looks; boy were thye wrong. I’m a fool for love alright, always felt like i was searching for the “perfect person” (my ideal). I have strong bonds with all sorts of animals, and nature is my constant inspiration. I also feel unhappy if I am living in asthetically unpleasing area.

  5. No, not by aspect. I have Venus as the midpoint between Neptune and Jupiter. Works just as well, though. lol

  6. I have Venus trine Neptune natally plus my natal Neptune is in the 7th house. I’m a laughing gas fan… most days I don’t even know what clarity is 😀

  7. Venus conjunct Neptune in 6th house….ha, if I wasn’t in a pleasing work environment, I’d get sick somehow and slip away. Same thing in relationships.. I feel like I’m either with the most amazing guy ever or I’m pining for them. But I’m also the ‘happiest person’ most people say they know. Maybe a little self deluded but it works 🙂

  8. I’ve got the square. The ability to “bliss out” in relationships, and also to put someone on a pedestal, which didn’t work out so well.

  9. Venus trine Neptune here…part of my Grand Fire Trine. Saturn creates the Grand Trine. Good thing, too. A little reality goes a long way for me.

    “you can make use of it by using the bliss time to tackle something that would be much harder without the laughing gas.”

    Spot on. This is key, for me.

  10. for my venus persona chart I have venus quincunx neptune, it makes sense because growing up my mom said dont have such high expectations for friendships or people looking for the perfect one, you will only disappoint yourself.

    Very wise advice

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