Do You Believe In Astrology? If So Beware The Undertow

belief_intention.jpgI would say that Pluto’s retrograde transit back into Sagittarius has got me by the balls if I had a pair. Since I don’t, let’s just say I am being held close in, next the fire. At the moment I am both treated and tortured with a myopic view of the power (for good or ill) of Sagittarius things like storytelling and you beliefs. For example, astrology.

What if I “believe” in astrology and this causes me to look at a person’s chart, draw conclusions and then act on them? How does this compare to how I would act if I did not have this ability?

Are you unnerved yet?

People beliefs drive them. It makes no difference if their belief is valid or otherwise. People kill their wives (or husbands) based on the belief they are cheating on them when they may not be cheating at all. People blow themselves (and others) up because they believe there are some virgins waiting for them. People give 10% of their income to the church because of their belief and I could go on and on.

People send me hate mail because they believe my motive is unsavory. People make poor choices based on their belief they are unworthy. Others believe themselves entitled or superior and they act on that.

What do you believe? Can you see the power with which your beliefs drive your life?

32 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Astrology? If So Beware The Undertow”

  1. I’m so glad you’ve written about this. As Pluto finishes up in my 12th House of Sagittarius I have been forced to ask myself: ‘I speak of these things like I believe them: DO I believe them?’

    This is something I have been consistently aware of, especially having been raised with a particular stripe of Christianity as a blueprint.

    When I was 11 my mum decided to leave the Church (and the family was to follow) under duress. I have been privy to my mum’s entire psychological life’s work in process. I have been given enormous responsibility in this regard.

    The following years were a hinterland. When I was about 18 I decided to quit worrying about whether or not God was real and Christianity was real. I remember making a pact to stop thinking about it all, stat. (Incidentally, this was around the time Pluto entered my 12th). No more debates, no more stress.

    In deciding to stop worrying about what belief was a true belief, I inadvertently opened up a whole new world. I’ve met, by chance, people of all walks of faith and beliefs, from astrologers to Muslims, to devotees to Sai Baba, Baha’i believers, you name it, I’ve been exposed to it. I even met people who’ve killed…I’ve met people who’ve killed in the army, people who’ve killed to avenge rape.

    This is the power with which my beliefs drive my life: exposure to beliefs that are different than mine. A desire to merge. To inspire. To uplift. To aide in easing suffering. To love.

    What do I believe? That I am a force for good. I believe that I can love you, and you’ll benefit from that. If you benefit, my work is done.

  2. Kasmiri…oh I loved that.
    I’ve struggled to find a belief system that suits me (organized religion, I guess you could say) and have failed teribbly! But I’m okay with that now, and actually feel more spiritually intelligent for it.
    I was born with Pluto in the 12th and yes, I believe I have a direct connection with God. I feel it, I know it. Going to church, performing meaningless rituals, and the sort is like going the “long way” for me. Why do that, when I feel “him/her/it” sitting right here right now?
    The feeling that it gives me influences me to LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. To use compassion as often as possible. It’s hard to be completely consistent with it, when you’re living here on earth with the rest of your fellow human beings, but I really try hard. Love and happiness, and bringing it to others is my driving force.

  3. I use astrology to empower myself and other people. In terms of putting patchwork families together, I think the success of this usually depends on the mothers in this alchemy and every tool within our divine reach is allowed. Whatever empowers us to radiate love with confidence in the process, is better for each individual, each child, the family system, the neighborhood, and in effect makes the world a better place.

    I recently met a man from East Turkey who didnt know what year or month he was born. He said its either may, June or July in either 1950, 1951 or 1952. Basically all I could gather about him was that he had Pluto in Leo. He and I have had really intense talks about our lives, our tragedies, our kids, our health, our losses. Usually when I have conversations this deep with people, I have all their data, and I know if I am going over the boundary, or am too much for the other, or if they are in love with me or attracted. With this unknown chart, the orb is so wide, it gives me the feeling of knowing no astrology at all. I realize that astrology is a great orienteering device, and I am thankful for that.

  4. I agree with Kasmiri and shell. I also believe that’s how we all wound up here on this blog together. We are learning from each other.

    As a non-astrologer I have found that astrology has been a great tool to learn about myself. It has not helped my relationships with others when I have known their charts though. I believe that there is just too much free will and hormonal swings etc. going on to go by someone’s natal chart. But I’m not a professional astrologer either.

  5. I believe it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible for the astrology adherent to avoid constructing preconcieved ideas based on astrology.

  6. That’s why there is a difference between belief and certainty. Our beliefs can be influenced by religion, science, tradition, astrology, etc. Certainty is based on our own experience, the experience of the Divine, of healing, of affinity, etc. In certainty there is no room for “ifs” because it is the result of our life, and there is no need of beliefs either. If a belief is wrong, be sure that life will give you a chance to prove that it was wrong, and if it is right you will confirm it through experience too, an then be certain.
    That’s why saying “I believe she will help me” is different from saying “I know she will help me” 🙂

  7. Dan, I probably use the wrong the words. I like to consider other people, and I would be especially considerate of my lover’s son… plus he is in a stressful situation (he is at war).

    Considering all that I am just thinking how my beliefs might impact him for example… is there a difference between. “You are a Libra so…”

    And “You have not been baptized so…”

    In other words, who the fuck am I?

  8. I agree with Conny on this one. Belief only stretches so far into reality…. There are things that happen regardless of one’s ideas about them.

    Ideally, beliefs should be modified by experience and information. “To a man who has only a hammer, everything looks like a nail…”

    That said, from years of personal experience, I know for a fact that good astrologers tend to forecast events pretty accurately. (I used to read up on the previous month’s horoscope to see, without having a preconceived notion of what it should have been like, whether things did generally turn out the way described) Nowadays I pick the general vibe, but don’t try to nitpick or adhere to the specifics… and then prepare for it. I don’t do anything differently than I would have had I not known… but if events happen as described, I’m ready.

  9. Does it really force them? I don’t know about that, it may indeed precipitate a change within. Causing one to evaluate their circumstance, behavior or station in life. But I don’t believe that it would force anyone. I could be wrong in my assesment and it is a matter of my opinion only. I suppose if you don’t employ lethal force I could live with it.

  10. I believe that the Universe is ultimately benevolent. (And because I believe this, I accept knowledge that comes to me in nontraditional ways, and act on it with confidence.)

    I believe that each of us must find his/her own path. (So I continually evaluate mine and make choices that serve my best interests.)

    I believe that every experience has as many interpretations as it has players, and that each interpretation is a valid one. (So I try to see the other sides before I act on an experience.)

    I believe I make a difference in the world in ways I am not aware of. (So I smile at strangers, walk my talk, and generally try not to be an asshole.)

  11. Nice, Shannon. I like that!

    I don’t know anything about astrology except what I learn here (which is actually a lot) and a bit of here and there on my natal chart; however, since I was a child, I’ve been a bit psychic – not in terms of predicting the future, but being able to read someone’s energy in an instant like a road map.

    It’s eerie and I just let it be (i.e., I don’t try to do anything with it or downplay it, I just listen). I’ve known by meeting someone for the first time, within five minute, just how long he’d stay married to my friend before they’d divorce (I was right). I knew when a couple who didn’t want children would get pregnant. Etc…. So I guess that makes me something of an intuitive. I can tell when people are lying to themselves . . . I just tend to say nothing about it. Sometimes I wish I can turn that function off 😉

  12. Seconded!
    I have problems with belief, honestly, and reading all of these wonderful things you guys believe expands me. I feel full!

  13. I think maybe the most important thing about having any belief at all is keeping in mind just what you said, Elsa: “who the fuck am I?”

    More belief-having people should do that.

  14. i get worried about my knowledge of astrology sometimes as well. am i doing something because of astrology, or would i normally? i try to do things based on what i feel is appropriate, basically ignore astrology altogether, but every once in a while i have a moment where i can’t distinguish ‘things’. often it’s that i can’t decided if i should do something scheduled during a void of course moon or not; if i do it and know that it’s happening on a voc, am i poisoning the situation through that knowledge, or did it really not work out?

  15. Shannon and doublecappy- I am with you. While I am deepening the knowledge of who the f@*k I am, I find that it is helpful to not take myself too seriously, to see the humour, beauty, and sychronicity in every moment wherever possible

  16. I believe in astrology with every fiber of my being but I tend to agree with some astrologers who say that a similar chart can manifest at the higher or the lower level levels of spiritual evolution.

    Also, I believe in free will, along with mindfulness versus mindlessness in working with the ‘cards’ one has been dealt in this lifetime (no pun intended, I believe in the Tarot cards, also, because, when used properly and respectfully, they work for me time and time again.) But by cards here, I meant the charts.

    I have tried to dismiss astrology from my life entirely … in the year 2000 I gave away my entire library of astrology books in one fell swoop and I was going to “move on.” That lasted about 6 months. I re-aquired all of those, hundreds more, then learned Vedic astrology on top of that. I have heard of other astrologers who tried to push it away from them but … it’s like, when it’s there deep enough, it’s just there to stay.

    Astrology. It is just what I do. Many people think I am absurd for that, but whatever. With or without anyone’s approval, at this point I am incapable of doing my life any other way. It is a big part of what I am here for, even spiritually, now I see it.

    How to best use it, that I have not quite worked out yet, but I’m getting there, and it has to do with research (and sometimes little humor pieces).

  17. Hey Loonsounds, I just read this quote a second ago (right before reading your comment):

    we aren’t what we do; we do what we are.

  18. Oh spinner, so true …. I find it impossible to take myself too seriously. Too much funny shit right here going on.

  19. Since I was younger, I have felt that I have a little bit of ability…not to see the future exactly, but to kind of imagine ahead and feel whether or not something might happen. I let it to for a long time, but I am trying to encourage it to come back.

    Elsa I think I get what you mean, but has he told you not to use this knowledge? It seems to me that the difference is that you are trying to use it for good, not bad. Does that make it alright? Maybe it’s up to him to say.

  20. This is a wonderful post and set of responses. It’s why I’m back. This is a great blog!

    Now, for my two cents. What I believe, and what other people are willing to accept of my beliefs is something that keeps coming up. In the simplest iteration of this: ewwww, you believe in Astrology, how stupid are you? As for me, my response to this has become softened over the years. I believe what I believe, and you? Well, someone said that an unexamined life is not worth living (or something like that). I’ll examine your life if you want me to, but most likely you don’t (but give me your birth data anyway, please.) A lot of what I do often seems like I am still trying to prove astrology to myself, but I don’t need a lot of pushing in this direction. I mean, I know something of psychology and psychologists. (if you’ve tried it, in therapeudics, they only want to know what YOU think, anyway. That’s your truth, their truth about you, and nothing but.) Mostly, I tell people that it’s an ancient typology, you know, it was all worked out somehow before people had electric lights and television. And no/yes, Hollywood’s version of man’s prehistory is a travesty inside a joke, wrapped in a fantasy. I know astrology because I know me. And anyway, what else is on offer? Have you seen any of those bizarre personality typologies that the business school types like to use? How do you say “one-dimensional” in ancient Greek?

    JJJ (formerly Johnny Johnny Johnson)

  21. Yeah, heh heh. Give me your birth data anyway. I’ve become very careful, when collecting BD, to make sure they know they are giving it as a gift to me, otherwise, a few of them start expecting some kind of chart or something. I don’t do readings, I’m a reasearcher, but I usually tell them I will read a horary for free in exchange, or something like that.

  22. I think about this all the time. I was raised to believe that there was something terribly wrong with me, something incomprehensibly defective and bad. At least that’s the impression I got, but now I see that I was raised by a single mom and had a dead father, and she was very unhappy and very afraid, and probably didn’t really even know me that well to give me those judgments and flaws. she thought I was meant to be an academic scholar — I wasn’t. I was better at sports and physical stuff of all kinds. She thought I was like her. I wasn’t. Etc.

    But — the aftermath, the personality that came from — is right in my chart. You just can’t miss it. So I think, what if I stopped believing, really at the root level, that there was something terribly wrong with me, and what if I decided my astrology said something else? Would it change my life? Would it change my memory of the life I had? Would it make me feel better about myself? Would it make me into somebody else?


  23. kashmiri- you kicked this off with a very beautiful comment! Have you changed your plans to visit the West Coast this summer?

  24. thanks spinner! I was just in the UK for a month visiting family. My folks live on the Island so I’ll be visiting them. And today I’m going camping at Harrison Lake. Yay! 🙂

  25. Hmm… I guess its a great lesson to distinguish between fact, opinion , certainty, belief, prejudice oobjectively

    Sometimes we become so closed in our own ways that we end up blinded for people whose outlook and belief differs substantially from ours. In the worse case it can lead us to believe that we are right and everyone else is wrong

    By questioning and answering all the time,permits our minds to continue moving forward while taking into account points or reasons opposing either train of thought or its final conclusions.

    Hehe I dont know if I make sense. Next time I will write in Greek :)))

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