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Mona lisaI have a packed 8th house. Yesterday, someone commented on a post I wrote in 2007.  The gal who asked the question in the post was always probing. That explains my attitude in the piece. It’s twelve years later and she still emails me, infrequently.  I heard from her in the last week!

I’m not complaining about her.  By now we’re used to each other.  But when I was called to this old post this morning, I read it. Not one thing has changed! I have just as many secrets now as I did then. Just as deep and just as dark. They simply have to be kept.  I have no wiggle room at all.

Occasionally, I mention something to some long-term associate. I might tell the person some small thing. If they don’t kill me with it, I might tell them something else.

Generally, it takes a long time for me to come to a point where I confide in someone. I have to see their character.  But sometimes a person’s (good) character is apparent, almost immediately.  It’s weird.

Here’s the old post.

Why Does A Person Keeps Secrets?

I mentioned in this post, how a person might attempt to kill me with my secret.
In the old post, I stated I did not have time,

I’ll tell you something, with a packed 8th house a person is dying all the time.  Pieces or part of me are constantly dying, dropping off, while whatever I have left, regenerates.

Does this sound like something that should be done in public?  I’m a container.  And this transforming takes time. Time and pain.

If you don’t want to have secrets to keep, I suggest you come into this life with your planets not in the 8th house.

Who can relate?

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  1. Funny you should bring this up. I have someone who pushed me over the border with keeping secrets about her feelings – a big pisces stellium in her 8th (I have the same stellium in the 11th – just change her saturn conj my sun for my optimistic jupiter (conj my sun!)).

    Of course, the final show for her art degree was all about CONTAINERS.

    And now we haven’t even talked about her taurus moon and scorpio n.node.

  2. If you are not growing you are dying…. Fits the 8th house.

    My moon is here, along with Saturn-Pluto tightly conjunct.
    Death and rebirth, huh?!

    I have weeks where AI feel like I am 5 different persons with 5 different emotional setups, I don’t feel stable at all. Everything shifts, as it is tied to Mars in the 12th house. It’s like water under the ocean, floating with the streams…. Moving and flowing and sound is a weird thing as well as it travels fast, but not the mundane kind. Emotional messages goes in, is not always recognized, and suddenly pops up to the surface of consciousness. Can be pretty hectic around fullmoons I would say….

  3. I keep other peoples secrets. I share my own/ I don’t have any. It’s painful to me to keep my own inside, I have 2 I have to die with and they burden me , I’d like to shed them all , as a way to overcome them probably.
    I’m very fascinated by those who are able to be private about their own stuff. They attract me , and I would love to have the same superpower. It’s very empathetic to not share everything. I have a colleague who is an enigma, I adore her , it’s very self contained. Jupiter is in my 8th house, I can get very obsessive and inquiring/ detective ish. In social media times it’s the worst instinct. People who are private and have a certain boundary that is not negotiable relax me because that part of me that is overly curious is never awoken around them. I’m getting better at no sharing everything, and I truly recognize the shedding that you described, when you leave those fragments with other people they are so abstract when you face them again and it’s not you anymore.

    1. weirdly i’m fascinated by those who are “open” and “out there”, like instagram famous people who put everything everyday to people who are fascinated to watch. lol It gets tiring to watch though. I think it’s because 8th/12th housers need to “retire”..and take breaks, it is taxing and very tiring. always need to recharge. feel like a 100 yr old lady, needing to retire; dont like attention.

      1. I keep other secrets as well. Its a burden. My husband has kept secrets from me. He says it keeps me safe not to know certain things . I get that so I don’t probe.

  4. Speaking of secrets and packed houses, does a packed 12th house mean the subject is not even aware they have secrets? Their secrets are secrets to them! Can the others see them?

    1. I have a stellium in scorpio 12th house. My secrets are usually other peoples secrets. I look at myself as an open book.Must be that Sag asc .

  5. Thankfully my 8th house is empty. However, I have a grand fixed cross which demands uber-integrity in different ways.

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    I think secrets, or sort of… withholding in general; sometimes come about because you can’t explain to anyone the complexity of what’s going on.

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    Angela Dittmer

    This post and the 2007 post are both excellent! I only keep potentially harmful/energy-guzzling secrets from a few um, erratic folks. I can’t help being brutally honest (and probably too revealing) with those I trust though, or those who have never given me a reason to doubt them.

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    Southern Cross

    I relate to this totally. I have planets in the 8th house, and yes, I’m a repository of secrets. People confide in me, and it just doesn’t get out.
    “I’m a container. And this transforming takes time. Time and pain.” Absolutely spot on.

  9. Yes, I have a strong eighth house so I understand all about secrets. People have a tendency to reveal all of themselves to me, which includes their darker side. I value my privacy, so I respect their’s. I am also forever transforming and transcending which I think is a given with us eighth houser’s. We have no choice really. Writhing around from pain in foetal position just isn’t an option. We are survivors!.

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    Hildegardes Girl

    I have no idea why but people confide in me.i will have a casual conversation and people will tell me their darkest secrets out of the blue.
    With a steady bullishly solid Taurus moon in the 8th house people confide EVERYTHING to me. They do then step back and blink in surprise and say ” Im…. sorry. I cant believe I just told you that…” .

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    Karen Thompson

    I’m fairly open—- until I’m not. I have a person in my life who does exactly what you describe. There’s times when you need to keep what’s going on to yourself to let it marinate & grow, without someone’s words tearing it apart like a tornado.

    There’s times to keep something to yourself when it’s nobody else’s business!

    And there’s times to keep things to yourself because it’s so delicious you just want to savor it.

    I could go on, but really… it’s not my job to “ feed, or entertain” someone else’s life—- thanks for the reminder, Elsa!

  12. My Saturn is conjunct Chiron in Pisces, in my eighth house. Do I keep secrets?!

    *rolls around on the floor in hysterical fits of laughter*

    Now that I’ve recovered–Lord, yes. My own, and a few huge ones for others (in some cases for their physical/mental/emotional safety. Just try getting them out of me). People–those who know me and those who don’t–also tell me EVERYTHING. Never considered the fact this may be part of my “work” for this go-round until now. Thanks for the insight.

  13. I have nothing in my 8th house but I had a HUGE dehabilitating secret that I was carried around for 40 years. I have others but this went against everything I was raised to believe and the person who forced me to do it had been in the same situation and was supposed to protect me, support me but yet was she was rescued by my father.

    I knew Elsa had a packed 8th house. I have been here long enough to know she was non judgmental. I wrote her for a consultation and she immediately solved my issues.

    I don’t even think about that secret anymore. Elsa knows it and still respects me. My priest knows it and told me what awaits me when I die. In fact, it sounds so silly for me to say I can’t wait to get there …..

    Thank you, Elsa. Happy one year anniversary to your ununburdening me. My burden is not carried by Elsa by the way.

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