The 8th House, Death & Other People’s Resources

grandmotherRecently, a friend sent me links to various “unclaimed funds”.  This is money that belongs to a person, they lost or left behind somehow.

My husband has a couple of items, my daughter had four. Most notable was the entries for my grandmother; she died leaving whatever she had to my mother, who is also deceased.

I don’t know what my grandmother had to leave because I didn’t really know my grandmother. She left my grandfather when my mother was three years old. I met her a couple of times but the last time I saw here I was about seven years old.

I contacted her once to ask her to help with the care of my mother.  I was in my 20’s then and overwhelmed. She blew me off. That the last contact I had with her.

I am not going to pursue the unclaimed funds. I don’t have my mother’s death certificate for one thing. But it did get me thinking about this.

My friend (and older woman), Mary, just died as well.  She was destitute but I wonder what happened to the few items she did have. We’re they thrown in the trash?

I think they probably were which is a shame. I know what these objects meant to her and I’d have liked to have them.

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12 thoughts on “The 8th House, Death & Other People’s Resources”

  1. Mary’s little bits and pieces, her legacy, her goods are now a part of everyone who has read your post. I am a complete stranger, but n I am thinking about her.

    Yes, I am an 8th House Sun, stellium in the 8th. The house of other people’s goods or their good, period.

  2. Thanks. Someone is another setting said that the job of hospice is to pretend someone isn’t dying. The last time I saw, he had her doll, a rosary and a statue of, Mary, that had belonged to her mother.

    These are not things that people around here would value. I could easily see them being thrown out. But maybe not.

    I thought about asking her for them, but had just heard about the pretending deal. She was very near death and I didn’t want to risk saying, can I have your stuff?

    But I do think she’d have wanted to have someone care for this stuff and I would have.

  3. I am sure you would. I am a lapsed Catholic, but everywhere I go, I get the Rosary beads from the shrine for my mother, and make sure they are blessed, because although I cannot say I believe, she does and it is her belief that sustains her and therefore me. So her faith is mine, though I say I have no faith. But I do. I have faith in her faith. You can tell I am an 8th House sun.

    You are a very good woman, Elsa.

    1. I am an 8th house Sun too. Also, Ruler of Sun (Mercury), Mars (1° Libra) & Pluto. Uranus (ASC Ruler) sit straddled on the fence between 8 & 9 with a cowboy hat on smokin a cigarette and winking at me like a freak. LOL! My daughter’s Moon is in 8 on my Su/Mo midpoint. She is 6. My uncle Millard died at 95 2 days ago. I told her we’d drive up and see the cousins. She said “And GO TO THE FUNERAL???” And I said “Well, you will probably stay with the other kids and play but I’ll go.” And she says “NOO! I want to go to my first FUNERAL!” And since Pluto opposes her sun & Uranus opposes her Mars and Saturn is in Scorpio, I doubt I’ll be able to stop her if she has her mind set on it.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. To have someone show up when you are on your deathbed and face it with you. Brave and unbelievable. What a send off imbued with love. Says so much about both of you. Maybe the hospital has the stuff still, they might have to keep it until they know no one will claim it.

  5. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend Mary. It was quite the journey you shared with her.

    Mary’s valuables may still be available, for the asking. I shall cross my fingers and say a prayer on your behalf.

  6. sorry for your loss, happy she has made it to her after life
    i have inherited challenge to make sense of what has influenced me, how I relate

  7. I found out that I cannot get my mother’s birth certificate from New York while she is alive (she is the only one who can request it), but I can get it when she is dead. I was thinking of getting a second passport from Spain, where her parents are from, but I cannot get it without her birth certificate.
    Also, my Dad had all his old photo albums in a locker under his apartment, and one day they gave him notice to remove everything, and he didn’t get the notice, and it all went into the trash.

    1. Why won’t she apply for a copy of her BC to let you make an application for a Spanish passport?

      Oddly enough in Europe, a child can make application for their parent’s BC, whether the parent knows, or cares, or is against it in order to establish a claim to nationality. nothing to do with the parent’s wishes.

  8. It makes me so sad to think that her items may have just been discarded. I went through this when we lost my grandmother. I only took a few things, the things that I knew from when I was a small child that always made me feel at home with her. I realized how much I didn’t know about her. I would give anything to have her back to talk to now.

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