Voice Of Mars – Getting (And Keeping) The Girl

power-tool.gif“I was talking to La La Lara last night about these men,” I told the soldier. They have no idea what to say to get the girl. I really don’t think these men are so lousy, I think a lot of them really would like to get a woman and keep her but they’ve just no idea how.”

“Yeah, they want a woman. Of course they want a woman.”

“Well women don’t seem to realize this. They think men are up to all kinds of things and I think a lot of men very much want a woman and have no idea how to do this but you do. You can get the girl. You know how you told me it was hard work to get a woman?

“It’s very hard work.”

“Well I want you to make sure my son knows how to get the girl and keep her. You tell him, okay?”

“I will. They first thing I’m going to tell him is to do careful observation first. Watch the girl you want to make sure you really want her before you do all that work.”

I looked at him, surprised. It’s a pure fascination to me how a man’s mind works.

“Yeah, you want to make sure she’s the real deal. You want to make sure she’s really good before you get to work on it because it’s no different then a power tool. You don’t want to go save up your money for a month and then go to the store and get a cheap tool – A piece of junk that’s not worth anything. So yeah, you’ve got to really scout the one you’re after and then you go to work.”

“I see.”

24 hours later I realized he silently read my (other) blog for 3 years before he surfaced. Think he was scouting me? I do.

10 thoughts on “Voice Of Mars – Getting (And Keeping) The Girl”

  1. maybe thats a pisces thing- soak up information before coming to a decision to act….
    (looking from my mars pisces slant)

    it seems to work pretty well.

  2. 24 hours later I realized he silently read my (other) blog for 3 years before he surfaced. Think he was scouting me? I do.

    Well of course he was. Any soldier worth his salt knows you need all the recon info you can get before you go into combat. Encounter battles (that is, fights where your unit is surprised) may be exciting, but the reason that they’re exciting is because even if you win, the victoriy tends to be Pyhrric, and there’s a real good chance you won’t win.


  3. For years I though I did not no how to get the right woman, but I finally realized that holding out for what you want in partner is far better than being in a unsatisfying relationship. The right women were there in my life when I need what they had to teach me and vice visa. Hold out for quality is the advice I might give if I had a child.

    Research is a definite must in finding the right woman. 🙂

  4. you know, I was thinking about what I do– I’m not a man and all, but– I think I metaphorically drop the handkerchief and see what he does. if what he does pleases me I smile and drop my eyes (metaphorically). but I think I need to see how a man tries to get what he wants before I’m even sure if I’m interested. otherwise I just take my hankie and say “thanks a lot!”

    if he
    *ignores the hankie but drops one of his own– forget it
    *falls all over himself picking it up and follows me around waiting for me to drop it again– forget it
    *does a pratfall onto the hankie, picks it up, then hands it to me while singing a song about the hankie– forget it: I’m his.

  5. I seem to have lured a pisces male. And I believe that he scouted me. Told me he double checked up on my online profile to see what he was going to be investing his time in lol, once I had responded to his initial advance. As well after an amazing first date he took us back a step to friends.. and having read this I believe it was for more scoping. We had a great date just as friends for the 2nd date. By the 3rd, after careful consideration, he decided he did want to keep seeing me romantically. By the 4th he was reading articles on relationships (he pointed it out to me). By the 5th he hid his online profile, got an updated test for stds and told someone he was about to enter into a relationship. 😛
    And I’ve been happy with his masculine side.. knowing that even though I might butt heads, I really do prefer an independent alpha man. My venus side is very much pleased and I’m very relaxed and happy when with him which seems to please him as well.

  6. I just found this post… and I love it… my experience of it was the thunderbolt moment you always write abou… but I can see it, he: had scouted me, maybe possibly probably for years too. It gives me goosebumps now — the good kind, as I visit this post… I am glad for your soldier. He teaches me / us a lot… and then there’s you – always. Tell him, okay?!

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