Scorpio Faring Well With Saturn In Aquarius & Uranus In Taurus

lightning strikeI’ve come to really like the energy of Saturn Uranus square. I don’t like the affect on the collective (oppression/rebellion), but if you’re dealing with these planets hitting your personal planets, it’s a highly productive transit.

I’m prompted to post today because I’ve talked to two Scorpio (moons) in the last two days. One of them is enjoying a spectacular energetic, psychological breakthrough after a life-threatening medical emergency.  It’s like she was going to die… but now she is not going to die. Instead her lifelong wounding was healed in a flash out of the blue sky.

She ordered a personal document (akin to a birth certificate), opened it and what she saw on the page changed her life.  It’s drastic, right?  And unexpected! You don’t think facing your fear will get you results in one second, but it can and does happen. She’s FREE.

The next gal will be free.  She’s also got trauma. She sacrificed to be a caregiver to her ailing parents while she worked full time. Her parents have now passed. Empty nest, anyone?  Having spoke to the first gal, yesterday, I can see what’s possible.

Scorpio heals. Uranus is akin to a lightning strike.  Saturn suggests you work with the energy. So if you’re the Scorpio, the Uranus element is most likely going to come from outside you.  It will be a surprise.  When you’re surprises arrives – capitalize. And if healing is what you need, then make that goal. USE the energy. Tap that power!

The Fixed signs can be stuck for years and years and even multiple decades. This is real (Saturn) chance to liberate (Uranus) yourself.  Click the Saturn square Uranus tag for more help or you can hire me and I’ll make sure you get on the bullet train.  We are so distracted at this time, when being distracted is so very costly!

Have you had a sudden breakthrough?  What do you know about this?

8 thoughts on “Scorpio Faring Well With Saturn In Aquarius & Uranus In Taurus”

  1. Maybe thats also partly how astrology states scorpio is exalted in Uranus.being exalted works miracles perhaps

  2. I can relate to the client who is enjoying a medical breakthrough. I am scheduled for cataract surgery soon. The laser surgery will be restoring the total eyesight I had in my childhood. I have an 8H Libra Sun.

  3. The opportunity for sudden Uranian/Plutonian healing is also linked throughout this year to the connections Saturn and Uranus make to the Moon Nodes.
    The square between Saturn and the Nodes is active now – and then later in a few months time Uranus,the North Node, and Mars come together. The Moon Nodes function like Pluto and Uranus – elimination and a healing rebirth into an unknown.

    My 17 degree Taurus Moon is impacted – its close to a daily purge followed by a renewal that is both electric and visceral.

  4. I have NN in Taurus in my 12th house at 24* opposing Scorpio R at 20* in the 6th.
    Battling my broker to get out of the stock market. I’ve gotten a considerable chunk out , at a “loss” but is it really a loss if the stocks go further down /crash?
    Do you see this lasting a decade (collateral damage)?
    Should one push harder to cash out completely with this upcoming Uranus /mars/nn🤔

    1. I cannot give financial advice because it’s illegal. I’m sorry! But I think you have the right idea.

      My personal feeling is we are nowhere near the bottom. I do know when a person calls their broker to sell, they meet resistance. That alone may be telling.

  5. All of this happened. I had this saved. I used it as a guide when I was down at my lowest purging some pain from deep within. I can still feel a pinch of it … the last little bits hanging on. But there was definitely a purge. It was huge. Hard. Painful. To freedom. To be honest, I had no idea I was operating with that much pushed down trauma. Vomiting it up was excruciating. I sat still and every memory came flying out of my eyes in tears. For months. It would not stop. Right now, I can see clearly what it caused, and I can see it all for what it was and is. Like someone cleaned my windshield. I lived my life for decades with that pushed down to the core. Now I get it. I wasn’t faring well when that mess squared my moon. Hard to go through. Wouldn’t want to do it again. Worth it. I am free. The way I was living will never happen again. People don’t know me like this. And that’s okay.

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