What Are Uranus Transits Like?

bullet trainA Uranus transit is akin to getting on a bullet train that takes you somewhere you’ve never been before – F-A-S-T.  You’ll move so fast, most people in your life will not be able to hold on.

If you value relationships like I do, this may be upsetting to consider. But there are times when your life momentum is so powerful, people who try to thwart you, simply go flying. This can’t be helped because there’s just so much velocity around you!

Have you experienced this? A time in your life when the landmarks pass by so quickly, you’ve no choice but to go where you’re being taken?

I equate Uranus transits to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She leaves her black and white world and winds up in a world full of vivid colors, adventure and interesting people. A Uranus transit takes you to your (new) future but unlike the movie, you get to stay there. I like this.  I look out on the horizon and I see freedom.

  • If Uranus is transiting your sun – Reinvent yourself!
  • If Uranus is transiting your moon – You simply don’t feel the way you used to.
  • If Uranus is transiting your Mercury – Liberate your intellect!
  • If Uranus is transiting your Venus – Experimental partnerships.  Your tastes will change.
  • If Uranus is transiting your Mars – You’ll get new methods of operation. What you want will change.
  • If Uranus is transiting your Jupiter – Detached perspective. Luck when you least expect it. Your belief change.
  • If Uranus is transiting your Saturn – New rules, baby!

All of these things can stress you until you realize your life has otherworldly momentum during this period.

Uranus transits also tend to rob you of sleep. However if you pay attention you may realize you don’t need as much sleep as usual. Also, valuable insights can come out of the blue sky. Sometimes you wake up to receive these transmissions!

Tell us about your Uranus transit.

32 thoughts on “What Are Uranus Transits Like?”

  1. Uranus is trining Mars/Venus and my sun. I am one of only 5 teachers in my school doing complete virtual teaching this year.Instead of teaching my regular courses, I am now teaching Kindergarten, a completely unpredictable turn of events. So yeah I have changed my mode of operation and am reinventing myself daily as a deliver a completely different curriculum in a completely different way.

    1. I talked to a woman whose child is in kindgarten and attending school in person. The latest report was that of all the K-6 kids, the kindergartners were the best at keeping their masks on. You got big impact. So happy you are staying open to re-invention.

  2. Uranus is transiting my 6th. No no no, I don’t want to stay at this job. aaaaaaaaaaa!!! Uranus is trining sun and jupiter so maybe with some luck??? Re-invention in the works but on a deep level.

  3. I spent the majority of my later adult life experiencing
    Uranus transits. When Uranus and Neptune were crossing
    my Descendant, my mom died suddenly. When it hit my 8th
    house Saturn, my dad died and I received enough money to
    make a long waited move to another state. When it hit
    my 9th house Moon, a female relative died suddenly and
    I was given the opportunity to take my son on a life
    changing vacation overseas. When it crossed my MC, I
    had to let go of a too expensive house that I could not
    handle paying for. When it hit my Jupiter, they are
    quincux in my chart so I ended up deathly ill and
    I received emergency life saving surgery that ended up
    working out well for my overall health. Now it is
    getting ready to square my Venus and then my Sun.
    That makes me super nervous.

  4. – Tr Uranus crossed ASC – moved into new house;
    – Tr Uranus conjunct Chiron – surprise health scare;
    – Tr Uranus conjunct Moon – marriage counseling begins;
    – Tr Uranus ingresses into 2H – major home improvements begin;
    – Tr Uranus conjunct Saturn – period of job uncertainty;
    – Tr Uranus conjunct Venus – sudden death of father;
    – Tr Uranus squaring ASC/DC – weighing personal relationship vs. personal freedoms.

  5. It’s interesting to read about Uranus transits. What I know about is Uranus in sextile to my natal Mars-Saturn and in wider aspect Pluto. Sudden changes to what I want, and the rules I make or break, along with upheaval are a life-time experience. Uranus now aspects my Natal Moon, and as you suggested Elsa, “I simply don’t feel the way I have felt” and that’s a natal cappy moon I’m talking about.

  6. It will be a Wild ride! I have huge stellium in Taurus, which is the yod’s focus. Am I going to end up in another universe? ????.
    From 11Tau to 5Gem go: 3rd house cusp+SN+Jupiter+the Moon, then Pallas+Mercury+Venus+Vesta, the Sun+IC

  7. Uranus has been trining my Saturn/Neptune all summer long. On the Saturn degree right now. “New rules” definitely resonates. I got a new job and my entire career path changed over the summer as well my work environment (I was going in 3 days a week, now I’m home all the time, though this could also change at some point). The new job is a better fit for my chart, though I may eventually use it as a stepping stone for something else since there definitely seems to be more room for development at my new agency. Overall I’m getting to work on new skills and it feels like an upgrade, and the pay raise is great.

    Beyond that, my personal relationships have been disrupted significantly. Over the summer I was heavily energetically entangled with two longtime friends who I now have to admit were siphoning from me without providing an equal amount in return or really making the effort to see or hear me as an individual. I allowed one of them to stay at my home for free, for almost two months. They are no longer associating with me after I stood up for myself a little too harshly and they couldn’t handle it. This situation has taught me to implement new rules in my close relationships and associations with others. Mainly, to be wary of those who seem to have an instinct to take advantage of people or make demands of them (even if those demands are subtle or covert). I have to enforce my energetic boundaries!

    Uranus transiting the 12th with natal Saturn/Neptune in the 8th, it all fits really well. That’s true in a mundane sense as well as I’m dealing with handling Medicaid reimbursement money for various governmental entities. And also one of those aforementioned friends still owes me a bit of money. She is aware and I trust she’ll send it to me at some point, I’m not going to chase after it.

    1. I have to add another insight that occurred to me after writing this…a huge part of my job so far has involved helping to bring in more clarity and structure where there was previously a lot of ambiguity and confusion. A perfect Saturn/Neptune fit.

  8. What about uranus transiting north node?? (My sister is in the start-up of going through uranus conjuncting NN (10 degrees) next year!

  9. Transit Uranus conjunct Mars: career change. Mars is part of an interlinked yod-kite formation involving MC axis.

    Transit Uranus conjunct Moon: Bought a house and moved.

    Transit Uranus conjunct MC: It’s happening now. 70% of my work is public online appearance using all kinds of tech. Hmm. Wondering.

    Thanks for a helpful post Elsa; and all the replies here

  10. Avatar
    Victoria Salvucci

    Uranus is transiting my 5th house, which has Taurus on the cusp. My natal moon is in Taurus, but it’s in the 4th house. Taurus covers part of my 4th and part of my 5th house. I’m confused.

  11. My BF has transitting Uranus in his 4th house. As it’s a Venus House and his Venus falls in MY 4th house, we moved in really quickly together, just 2 months after going steady. His address still needs to be the same though…. It’s the freedom part methinks.

    When Uranus was opposite my Moon: moved to another part of the country for a relationship.
    Didn’t work though, so moved back home.

    In 2017-2020 it hammered my Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 8th/Libra.
    My home was a ghetto, there was a gang shootings and murder crimis happening outside and it left me with scars that led to my current state of anxiety which I am now being medicated and treated for at a psychologist.

    Uranus will oppose my Stellium in Scorpio of personal planets and my BF’s Uranus which is conjuct the Stellium. I’m nervous but at the same time I am not nervous. No matter what…. With Venus/Taurus in the mix, in the end, it will kiss you, or kiss it better.
    Whatever it is, it will not be MARS-flavoured. We all need that!

    I have Aquarius on the Ascendant, so I know these years will be deeply personal to me.

  12. My favorite. The momentum feels like destiny, but a GOOD destiny no matter what, at least in my experience.

    Uranus sq. Venus catapulted me out of a dead end long term relationship and my energy skyrocketed – I never felt so free. I did not stop moving, right towards this one situation – everyone who came into my life was super quirky and different from one another. They all felt like they were there just at the right time. I liked them all and they helped me get to where I was going. Things just lined up, it was crazy. And so fun! If an opportunity appeared, it was sudden, and I jumped on it, no doubts no fears.

    It was going through my 11th house at the time, Venus is in my 2nd in Gemini so my Venus was quite happy. Uranus is natally in my 7th so that was pretty happy too.

    Right now it’s in my 1st, having crossed my ascendant a few years ago. It wasn’t as much of a boom, but I can say that I don’t much care what anyone thinks of me these days – when was I ever so detached? Never. But I’m a weirdo and like weird things and rebel in my own way against what I see around me. I’m not super overt about it in person because I don’t care enough to need others to validate it. Makes me relate to Aquarians 😉

  13. I have my solar return and exact to the natal.
    Descendent conjoins my natal uranus.
    But pluto just crossed my rising. Neptune trine jupiter and saturn. Uranus heading to mars within 2 degrees. 4th house.
    Progressed sun goes into gemini this year as well.

    I need an astrologer

  14. Avatar
    Kristina McClatchie

    It’s currently conjunct my sun for the 4th time. As a Taurus, Sun in the 5th house, I cannot wait until Uranus moves on. The description of the bullet train ride is SPOT ON, although it feels like I got my arm caught in the doors and had no choice but to take the ride. lol I am most definitely in a different life than before this transit hit.

  15. Uranus has transited my Merc & Jup already, and currently is transiting Venus @12 degrees. Seems like it has been hanging out there for a while. This doesn’t feel like change to me so much on a personal level, although it does on a national/global level. It personally feels like lifestyle purgatory, perhaps b/c my spouse quit work (or set himself up to get fired from an intolerable situation) mid-2016 or perhaps b/c it is all 12th house. He has some things hanging in the balance, but they have been for a year or more…

    Uranus will transit my sun & Asc from Aug ’23 to May ’25, from what I can tell. Maybe there will be illuminative change at that time! Micro or macro? Who knows. Does Uranus have to be personal?

  16. Natal moon at 5° Taurus conjunct MC at 10°

    Completely understand the whole train scenario. I feel like like I’m just now able to start “waking up”. I feel I’m coming out on the other side anew in ways I never dreamed. Feels generic to say but feels extremely real and rare in my own personal bubble of awareness. I almost feel more alien than I ever have which has been a signature most of my life. At the same time I feel more whole than ever just because I’m beginning to realize how broken I am which sets me on the path to recovery, I’m grateful for it all. Smack in the middle of a Pluto transit to my cap stellium I must add. I’m rambling. ??

  17. I had Uranus conjuncting my Sun at the same time Pluto was on my Ascendent and not only is change fast and unstoppable, it is deep and total.

    You tend to forget over the years that the demand for change was absolutely irresistible. You can’t second guess yourself years later when you are out of that pressure cooker.

    If you are going through this now, write yourself a note for later: Do not ever allow yourself to regret any of this. There was no choice offered. You lived through it. Congratulations.

    1. Oh my, I’m going through this now. Pluto 2 degrees from ASC, uranus approaching sun.

      I’ve just (willingly) moved across the world, left all of family, friends, birthtown, house behind… my career also seems to be over as I cannot even get interviews in my previous field. Managed only to bring my partner, dog and one suitcase with me. I wanted change, but sometimes feel like wtf was this even necessary? I mean I had an OK life before. Now it’s… uncertain.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Your words resonated profoundly with me, and will be remembered.

  18. I have Uranus trine Jupiter and square MC transit right now. Saturn conjunct MC transit as well. Along with a big Neptune transit that is making me question my decisions left and right. To say that my career is on my mind is an understatement.

  19. Have been awaiting Transit Uranus conjunct Sun for quite awhile. I think I had the first taste of it today, when Uranus is approximately one and one half degrees applying to natal Sun. While sitting in my backyard this morning reading and sipping cup of tea, “all of a sudden” something fell onto my arm/lap – so quick was hard to tell exactly where – but the tea splashed all over me. Then saw rustling in the garden in front of me, a small tree branch next to me. A squirrel had fallen out of a tree and landed on yours truly.

  20. I have a long Uranus transit in my 10th since 2015. I wish i was prepared for this.. I had to get rid of my household twice and most of my clothes, I was left with very basic stuff.. employment became more unstable and income unpredictable to the point I could no longer support myself.. it made me dependent on others and since Uranus hits personal planets by conjunction anxiety is sky-high. I do appreciate the fact that it draw my attention to grow mentally and spiritually but it just kills everything related to reality and survival. We need a balance between matter and spirit but Uranus is sabotaging it. I can’t wait for this vile transit to end. Unpredictable and unstable is the pattern with Uranus and I felt it deep in my skin

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