Degrading Yourself, Degrading Others

pluto-persephoneIt was a difficult week! One thing I learned is to be careful around degrading yourself by doing things that show poor judgement and/or a lack of character. I also learned that you can degrade yourself even further, by degrading the people around you.

Once you’re degraded and they are degraded, then what?

Venus is in hard aspect to Pluto right now.

Is it really important to you that the other be dirty, and you be clean?

Why? What do you get out of that?

8 thoughts on “Degrading Yourself, Degrading Others”

  1. It’s a compensation. Many people failed in building a real sense of self throughout their own Life, thus they unconsciously try to make up for that by putting others down.

  2. A question I’ve had a my life. I married a man who tried his best to keep me down with constant criticism. I think he was always afraid I would leave him, so he made me think nobody else would have me. I wish I knew why he did it. He was an alcoholic and so insecure – but I’m a Taurus – if I’m in, I’m in for the count. He died three years later – alone in a hotel in California. What a waste. Divorce freed me to live a happy life again. I don’t let those people in any more. I’ve recovered my self esteem.

  3. Knowing how Virgos can really have a downfall when their goody-two-shoes act hides their shadow side (ousted Tunisian president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali comes to mind), as a Virgo, I have to make a conscious effort to admit I have light and shadow. Plus, I do have Moon square BML and a very tight Venus square Pluto natally…
    I’m working on weakening my shadow and strengthening my light.

    I can be really repelled by the shadows of other people, but I admit I’m not perfect either.

    1. Sal, have you ever checked this out? Elsa has written about Virgos and their secret lives, can’t find a post at the moment but found this old thread:

      1. @chrispito
        Yes, I have definitely read that thread, which is why I’ve mentioned what I have mentioned. Not only am I a Virgo, but I also have aspects such as Venus square Pluto. So I have to be honest about my light and my shadow when necessary. I prefer showing my light, but when moments do come up, I have learned to be more upfront about my shadow. That way, people are less surprised. I’m a work in progress and that’s it.

  4. I love other people who aren’t afraid of thier shadow. It’s the people that deny theirs that really bother me. I can’t handle critisism and judgement. Those kinds of people with thier tones are what make me sort of furious. I suppose it’s also considered lack of character to not have self control when dealing with these type of people… Only I can allow someone else to affect me. But then again I consider standing up for yourself and fighting a virtue no matter how ugly it looks… it’s my Aries *shrugs*

  5. Elsa, all three of your posts hit home today for me…I degraded myself in front of another – did not degrade him though, I don’t think! – I walked away thinking this is the end, but that’s still not clear, my spirit guides seem to ask me to wait, and there is some of that you vs me going on, similar if not exactly like Karen’s comment in the other post on tensions (Karen, I empathize!).
    I think, right now, clarity comes from one breath following another…
    Thank you, Elsa!

  6. Well I just watched Miley Cyrus vma performance….and well I think she is a poster child for degrading yourself…yikes

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