Scorpio Sun Vs. Scorpio Moon

psychoscape I was bent over in the hallway after Yoga class, putting on my shoes. The Scorpio guy comes up and says:

“I so wish you had been there this weekend.”

This is the same Scorpio guy I told you about before. He’s the only guy in a class full of women. The cock in the hen house.

“Oh yeah?”

I havn’t looked at his chart, but I can tell you this… He’s got a HUGE ego. He’s telling this story not so much because he wished I was there but because he wants to tell me where he went. That’s fine with me. I enjoy a good road story.

“There were four of us, we went to New Orleans for New Year’s. And so “Cindy” is getting her cards read by this leprechaun…”

He paused because this is the part where the audience is supposed to laugh. Our yoga teacher and another girl are still lingering in the hallway and are now drawn into the story.

“A leprechaun!?”

“Yes, this guy with a beard and the absolute worst accent I have ever heard starts in on her, and you can tell that he’s watching her, you know, reading her reactions and just totally psychoscaping her.”

I make a mental note. Psychoscaping is my new favorite word.

“He was doing what we do…” By “we” he was referring to some guy friend of his with whom he gets up to guy type antics that he tells us stories about.

“…and I was thinking about how you do something so similar, but its slightly different.”

I have had this thought about us before, how we are similar but different. A while back a bunch of us went out after class and he started this game called “three questions and the shoes” where he could purportedly tell you everything about yourself based on three questions and what shoes you were wearing. He actively diagnoses. He asserts his Ego through a psychological game. He has Scorpio Sun.

I sat back and listened. I waited. Eventually our teacher said “you should have Nota tell you what she thinks” referring to the advice I had given a few weeks earlier when she had confided some things in me and I offered to look at her chart for her. I receive a lot of very personal information from a lot of random people because I simply wait for them to give it to me. This has happened to me my whole life. People approach me, I do not need to probe. I make people feel good by being a repository for their mental ills, which in turn is fulfilling for me because I find it fascinating. I have Scorpio moon.

He continued “You just say what you have to say to people, like things come to you and you say them. And this card reader guy and Me and my friend, we watch people’s reactions and we tell them something based on what we want them to do.”

I can’t help but notice that he is doing it again, he is diagnosing me.

“You’re the psychic and I’m the psychologist.” He says

Our yoga teacher lets out this loud “HA!” like a trumpet. “You mean you’re the psycho.”

This is funny because he is really intense.

Do you see ways in which your Sun is assertive and your Moon is receptive?


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  1. Mmmm.. psychoscaping…me likee as well. lol.. or you could also use psychoscoping…lol “I’m totally psychoscoping you out.” I’m totally fond of mashing up words to make new ones… maybe it’s Mercury in Pisces.
    Idk… my Sun doesn’t seem to be assertive to me at ALL… I feel like other aspects are in the drivers seat… I’m not sure if this is beneficial yet, or not. Hmmm…

  2. I’m lovin this word too..

    Never thought about the receptive vs assertive but I’ll be looking now.

    But I can definitely see the difference you are illustrating with the Scorpio Sun vs Scorpio Moon. I know one of each, and you just described the differences/similarities in them to a “T”

  3. My sun is borked so I don’t think it’s assertive at all (aspects notwithstanding) but my moon receives and consumes information.

  4. Psychoscaping – Count me as a big fan too! My assertive Aries Sun will shine the spotlight on you, then my Scorpio Moon sits back and observes and absorbs the show. 😉

  5. That, my dear, is one of the most accurate descriptions I have EVER heard of Scorpio Moon. It’s the story of my life too.

    Then my cardinal Sun draws up a plan of action for ’em 🙂

  6. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    Psychoscaping – hee!

    Cap sun goes out and achieves, Virgo moon hangs back and analyzes *everything*. Due to aspects and supporting planets, they’re also frequent collaborators.

  7. I have a sister and a brother who are both Scorp suns. I admire and respect them very much, but I rarely confide in them. My ex has venus/moon in Scorp. And it is as you say… you tell them stuff that maybe you shouldn’t.. esp. if Pluto in Cancer is in their 12th house. It makes their passive aggressiveness super powerful, after you spill your cookies to them. Live in learn… great piece Nota!

  8. Your writing is tops Nota! Thank you.

    I’m snagging psychoscaping too btw.

    So, can you tell us more about the 3 questions and shoes game? How do you play?

  9. Avatar

    Nota, as one who has been literally surrounded by Scorpio moons and more than just a few Scorpio suns, you did hit it right on… My mom is a Scorpio moon, as is my ex-husband, my bestie growing up… Then there’s the list of suns… It’s an amazing thing, that Scorpio influence… My Neptune in Scorpio 2 degrees from my DSC just draws them right to me. Like a freakin’ beacon, maaaan…

  10. Love the commentary. Scorpio energy is so fascinating.

    Re passive/aggressive: My sensitive Sun in Cancer square Neptune is more passive while my Sag Moon takes me out into the world and wants to play.

    My Scorpio ascendant is the ‘psychic scoper’ though I too attract people’s stories…I think its my Cancer Sun being so sympathetic. If someone sees the Scorpio in my eyes tho…they either back away feeling exposed…or (if male) think I want to have sex with them. Isn’t it all so interesting!

    I too am now more of a scaper ( i have fun guessing people astrology aspects) tho I used to be an ‘escaper’ (overwhelmed)

  11. The “Figure in Psychoscape” haunts while it pleases. Fabulous art choice. Scorpio Moon here too, Nota, with Taurus Sun in the fourth. It has recently come to my attention I can absorb people’s information without feeling overwhelmed. A huge leap in my awareness that I credit to this site. That, and I’m getting old.

  12. @Raven… my ex’s sun and mercury are Sag… so his passive/aggressiveness was all about personal freedom as opposed to my need for a team player with whom to live out my Libra sun dreams. My Pisces moon in tight trine to my mercury in Scorp was no match for him. I won some battles, but he won the war. I learned a lot from this site about why I needed to leave. I am happily living new dreams now and loving it. Thanks all you contributors! 🙂

  13. I find it very difficult to see exactly how my Sun is assertive and my Moon is receptive. For me both (planets) come back to kindness, I really don’t like hurting people.

  14. I have a Leo sun (in the 8th conjuct mercury) and an Aqua moon. When I’m in social settings – which I avoid like the plague – I immediately feel the need to put on a show. I’m will humor people an act as interested in whatever they’re talking about as I can (I really want them to feel comfortable), but I truly hate doing this because it feels very phoney. But, as much as I want the person to feel comfortable, my Aqua moon (I guess) has me judging everything they say – unless I’m actually really enjoying the conversation. I’m pretty good at telling when someone isn’t being real with me or is lying. It sucks because the whole exchange take so much effort and just seems pointless. I wish I could say what I was thinking and crack the jokes that always run through my head. I want people to be the same with me, otherwise it feel like a waste of time. But, social conventions and whatnot dictate otherwise, I suppose.

  15. Cap Sun likes to go out and achieve – it likes to boss the others around a bit, likes a challenge (and the hunt). But my Taurus Moon just wants to soak it all up, feel admired and pampered, and have another drink or another meal; to look at the view, soak up the sun, lie back and enjoy it (or have another orgasm…)

  16. Have a Scorp Sun but I don’t actively sleuth too much that I’m aware of. What amazes me is how people come to me and start blurting out all their personal problems. I ask questions so they can guide themselves to their answer. Not sure how Sag Moon would be receptive other than how I let others suggest joint adventures.

  17. GTO: I think Sag Moon (me too) is so friendly and welcoming (vs Scorpio wariness) so perhaps invites people to approach you.

  18. i love scorpio suns, i think they feed my leo stellium’s need for attention. i had a good friend with scorpio moon and she quite heavy – you could see that she was thinking one thing but telling you another, which made me uncomfortable at times.

    my virgo sun and leo moon don’t get along. it’s a yin sun and a yang moon, so i guess they’re paradoxical?

    but to follow nota’s logic… as virgo sun i assert my ego by being useful and analyzing and synthesizing information. i hate to feel like a ‘waste of space.’

    as leo moon i’m naturally creative and expressive. i can cry a river, but once i’m done i start writing, or drawing, or playing music, etc. it’s like breathing for me.

    however my virgo sun cringes at my journal entries! deep down i truly believe the world revolves around me! (as i believe it does for all of us, whose life are we living if not our own??)

  19. Gotta say one thing — as a scorpio moon I just don’t get along with scorpio suns and I think I’ve really only run into the males. Ego. Money. Ego. I sort of move into position instinctively to change the game, stockpile the kryptonite, defuse their politics and so forth. These are short relationships that end in mutual amputation. Scorpio moons are different. Seems like anyone I meet who’s obviously served in some war with me in a past life we seem to be able to talk for hours instantly about is a Scorpio moon.

  20. I think duder is just simply retarded. I have a Scorpio Sun and I don’t actively attempt to “psychoanalyze” people. Arguably, it could be the fact that my Mars is in Aquarius, but, man, that guy…

    It’s quite funny how he lays everything out there, where usually the expectation, at times, is that usually people simply give others the tip of the iceberg and it is assumed that there’s more beneath the water, but to me this guy just seems sorta autistic (from the stories you’ve told me before). I’m not quite sure how honed his social skills are. His internal world must be very interesting, in how he braggartly announces his omniscient perceptions of the world around him. I just think he has no idea how to listen, which is a bit contradictory to the attributes of a Scorpio Sun. Scorpios brood; he flagrantly prances.

    Maybe he acts like that, possibly *especially* around you, because he can tell that *you* know what is up, so he’s trying to prance around saying “oh oh OH OH OH HEY I CAN HANG WITH THE CEWL KIDS. RITE? AMIRITE OR AMIRITE?”

  21. @GTO and Raven

    I have a Sag Moon and Scorp Sun, too. I’ve considered that possibility as well, in addition to me having an Aquarius Mars. Ho hum who knows.

    I guess those influences make the Scorp Sun of me not as immediately as intense (and more light and fluffy, bubbly due to my Sag Rising) and the Scorp intensity bit of me is simply more of a low rumble that permeatingly seethes.

  22. A Scorpio Moon woman herself, seeks a certain depth from a multi-layered soul of a guy, namely a very Plutonic Scorpio male Sun and other goodies.

    She wants a man to paralyze her inner core, she wants emotional and psycholigical strength in a man that embodies autonomy and a virtuous Character. She wants these unseen love energies to “penetrate” her mind, feelings and soul in every possible dimension, and not only through the vessel of meaningful sex.

    Trouble is… can she find such a guy? LoL

    He has to know himself profoundly on many levels, and sublimate his “knowing” into her being.

    But in order to Trust such a male , she must be willing to surrender her own illusions and perceptions of ego/material love first.

  23. Nikki Gto et al: the Sag or Aquarius influence will definitely cool down the Scorpio intensity and bring in some detachment. But, even if you are not not aware of it…people usually ‘feel’ like they are being scoped by a Scorpio person. Scorpio (Pluto energy) penetrates. Thats its nature. So you may do it consciously or unconsciously but others will still feel slightly uncomfortable. Unless, as said, there are other aspects that mitigate that intense energy.

    Pluto Puppy…sounds like you want a mirror.

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