Tips On Judging Synastry

synastyWhen considering compatibility, keep in mind that the signs correlate with the houses.

Aries, the first sign is associated with the first house.

Taurus, the 2nd sign correlates with the the 2nd house.

Gemini/3rd, Cancer/4th and so on through the zodiac.

Consequently someone with a lot of planets in the 2nd house will have a nature similar to someone with a lot of planets in Taurus. Consider this when judging relationships.

If you have two Scorpio / 8th house flavored people, you have few problems.

On the other hand if you’ve pair two Leo types who both want to be the STAR you have dreadful problems.

Note this stuff is not secret and it is not woo woo. It’s common sense which common people can understand and that includes you!

What energies dominate your chart?

25 thoughts on “Tips On Judging Synastry”

  1. Ah, interesting. Then the stellium in the 8th house would imply a Scorpio-like-ness to me, right? Even though the stellium was in my Sun sign of Libra.

    I do get on with Scorpios rather famously, though they irk me, too, because they are usually so much more black and white about the world, have a lot more “get up and go” and energy than I do, and tend to judge me as lazy and wishy-washy. If they can put up with my Libra, though, we get along great. I always find them to be deeply interesting and mysterious people. (And their mystery appeals to me — what with my stellium in the 8th house ;). I did some reading on this stuff on my own last night. Yay! Learning!)

  2. Thank you so much for this series Elsa ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m having a hard time figuring out what is dominant in my chart. Things seem to be spread out so I don’t know?? Same deal with my husband. When things are kinda spread out, is there one or two things you can look for to see what stands out?

  3. shell – this is very much a “pick it up if you pick it up” situation.

    All I can say to everyone is if you read these things… some will go in some will not but eventually you will learn astrology.

    as always if I try to cover everything, it will be bogged down.

    This process is meant to be painless and painless it will be if you just allow it to be… and to unfold.

  4. Rkkggg, I could’ve written what you have about yourself and Scorpio(s). Fit’s me to a Tee. I have also a stellium in Libra, 10th, and two very strong planets in the 8th house, including Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto. Scorpio is virtually all of my 11th and 12th houses, but no planets. I’m all earth and fire (should become a potter(?) and air. The only water in my chart, comes in doses like this house placement thingy.

    Scorpio friends are easy for me to be with. They “get” me, most all of the time. However, it’s taken me years (decades) to feel comfortable confronting Scorp re some of their seemingly un-thoughtout dogma. And of course, I have to be careful how I do it. Also, annoyingly, my BFF gets into controlling the schedule and it’s hard to shake free, especially if it’s a group of friends he’s calling the shots for.

  5. Oh, and people will be able to go back and read these things over at a later date, plus if you know anyone who wants to learn astrology, tell them they can learn it here because in fact they can but you cannot learn this stuff in a day, however (if you want) you can wake up understanding some day, and that much I can promise.

  6. With my sun and mercury in the 3rd I could have a gemini flavor. venus and neptune in the 4th too. Interesting that my one son has a ninth house stellium so its a sag flavor but my other son has planets evenly spaced in every house but he’s definitely a gemini, chatty cathy.

  7. Elsa – I love these Beginner posts!

    Hmmm, my planets seem to be quite spread out … 2 planets in 1st house, 2 in 4th house, 2 in 6th house, 2 in 7th house… I don’t really know which energies “dominate”…

  8. i’m sagittarius, scorpio and pisces flavored.
    i have three planets in the first house sagittarius, and 3 planets in the 12th (two of which are on the cusp between 11th and 12th). Should i consider them to be in the 12th house? I read somewhere that if a planet is on the cusp then it will be more like the next house?

  9. My wife has a stellium in pisces, eigth house. And Elsa, don’t say ‘God help you Randamandar’ We have been married 27 years. We have been through a lot together and love each other deeply. I have been studying astrology in my spare time since September 07, so not very long. I do understand that standard astrology does not even come close to giving a true picture of her. Some of your writing on a packed eigth house has been helpful. I look forward to learning more.

  10. I love when you ask questions at the end of your blogs, Elsa. It feels like a homework assignment and it really helps in learning this stuff, I think.

    So, for me I’ve got sun and Venus in aquarius, stellium in Libra. Looking at the houses where my planets fall in my chart it is spread out pretty much but there I have an emphasis on the 11th house (more Aquarius) and also on the 6th house (Virgo)

    The person in my life right now, He has a stellium in Aquarius (including his sun) Looking at where the planets fall in his chart they are spread out pretty much like mine but there is an emphasis on the 7th house (Libra)

    So, even though our charts are very similar (we even share a lot of the same aspects) it’s kind of neat to see other ways in which our energies appear to be complimentary. Seeing that he has some Libra like aspects and that I have some Virgo ones, as well (his moon in in Virgo)is very cool!

  11. None of them dominate in mine. Like I said in my comment on the stellum post, I have two planets in Leo (6th house), Virgo (7th house), Libra (8th house), Scorpio (9th house) and Sagittaruis (10th house). And the N. Node in Cancer (5th house). So, no one is really stronger than the other.
    I was looking at my husband’s chart though and he has a stellum of his Moon, Mercury and Venus in Cancer in the 12th house. So, his energies are in the 12th house.

  12. I finally figured out why my Scorpio brother always thought that I was a Capricorn. He says that I have a practical approach to life, but at the same time he says I can be careless (Sag stellium).

    It’s a weird mix of Peter Pan (Sag) and a mature adult (Cap).

  13. Every man I’ve ever had an instant attraction to (I mean, ready to have sex with them that instant) has been a Scorpio Sun. Before I knew much about astrology I assumed it was because I’m a Taurus Sun and that polar opposites attract. Upon delving more into astrology and my natal chart I discovered I also have Venus in Taurus, conjunct my Sun, and both planets are in the 8th house. And they both trine Pluto, which is strong in my chart, so it really makes sense that I love Scorpios so much. There is definitely a Scorpio/Pluto/8th house flavor to my chart along with all the Virgo and Pisces energy (which is sextile and trine Scorpio respectively ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  14. I have a packed 10th house (Capricorn flavoured) and used to describe myself as a Virgo magnet but I haven’t been that for a few years now.
    I have 2 Scorpio friends who have packed houses… one has a packed 1st house and the other has a packed 11th house. They both drive me crazy but for different reasons.

  15. I am gemini sun and virgo moon, but mars, saturn, moon and pluto are all in 8th house.
    Neptune is conjunct my asc in sagittarius so I feel myself quite watery person.
    Most of the geminis and sags annoy me because they are able to be so optimistic ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Hi, Rachael. I’m pretty new at astrology so I don’t know how helpful I can be – but my guess, based on what Elsa is talking about in this post, is that your friend would be very obviously Virgoan but there would also be an Aries flavor to her chart with her 1st house being so packed.

  17. Lindsey….that’s interesting, my husband has a pretty full 11th house and I have a full 5th house (Virgo + Capricorn = cement)

  18. denamaria, i think you meant alicia…another friendly fish : )

    the funny thing is i tried to post here earlier and it evaporated…my point was that i have 6th house sun and moon and one while it might not be the placement of choice, some of my virgo friends, including my first love in grade 7..have made up for a lot…virgo men remind me of st francis assisi..the good ones…!!

  19. wow….shows you what the mind sees without being aware….you and Alicia have the same color scheme (watery black and white) and i immediately thought picses.

    Alicia….we are the virgo and capricorn…the houses are aquarius and leo, obviamente.

  20. Whether by Sign or House, two Zodiacs lacking in my chart are Leo and Aquarius.
    By Sign; Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn, and Sagittarius might be all about tied.
    By House; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer are all tied.
    Together; Libra, Virgo, and Aries are the most significant.
    Together, by planet, Venus might actually be stronger in me than Mercury; otherwise, they’re tied. Then, is Mars at minor significance.

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