Scorpio: The Least Appreciated Sign In Relationship By Far

brown scorpianI figured the title would get your attention. Scorpio always gets attention but I really think most miss Scorpio like missing the side of a barn. 8th house types too and I will explain.

Scorpio has and ungodly amount of power. This is why people are attracted (and repelled). They are disturbed.

Scorpio gets you by the balls basically and some people don’t like to admit they have balls so you see the problem.

But even people who like Scorpio or love Scorpio seem profoundly confused and unaware of what they getting from the the bug because the energy is just so hidden. They don’t realize they’re thriving because of the Scorpio in their life. They don’t realize they are being fed at the root and they are thriving because of it.

So scared of the power, they don’t realize it is the Scorpio providing their vital nutrients and consequently there’s no appreciation. Scorpio is the bastard you have to defend against – he or she is going to come in and rape you I guess. Scorpio is the shadow, the thing you want to cut off from and defend against. I see this every day.

I am forever having to tell people what they are getting from the Plutonian in their life – high quality energy. Want a tiger in your tank? Scorpio provides this and hardly anyone recognizes it, so concerned they are that the Scorpio is going to do something nasty.

Are you energized? Are you blooming? Chances are a Scorpio / 8th house type is involved.

I get so sick of hearing what the Scorpio did TO you. Ever think about what they did FOR you? Like maybe brought you back to life for example???

Tell us about your experiences with Scorpio…

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  1. Not my experience. Have no interest in being rescued or someone else holding my life force. I do appreciate their in depth view of life but everyone I gave gotten close to end up using that incisiveness against my better interest if too close. I keep professional distance which seems for the best all parties concerned. The simple spring of Taurus brings its own insight. But having said this I do try to repay and acknowledge what Scorpio brings into my life. For some reason they always end up manipulating me. Mars in Taurus.

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    the laughing goat

    “I get so sick of hearing what the Scorpio did TO you. Ever think about what they did FOR you? Like maybe brought you back to life for example???”

    Wow did this ever get my attention…

    For years I have been stewing over all the ruthless, nasty, passive aggressive behavior my Scorpio mother-in-law had been spewing at me – sent me to therapy. BUT, yes-yes-yes this DID bring me back to life!

    Going to therapy initially because of her changed the course of my life. I learned to unapologetically be me again without fear of judgment from her and her equally ruthless daughters or any other a**hole.

    I realize now she is angry/hurt with me because I no longer let her manipulate me and had stopped the relationship as it was and I imagine this was rejection on some level to her. I changed the boundaries of relationship without telling her and she has not liked it one iota.

    I will quietly thank her in my prayers/meditation today for pushing me to the edge and bringing me back to life.

    Thank you Elsa for this change in perception!!

    1. I wanted to get your perspective here and I thank you for it.
      My Scorp experience is lovely.
      My mom (still my best of best friends RIP) and eldest brother (RIP) were both Scorps.
      He was the first and possibly only person in my youth to encourage me to drum and was a major influence that way.
      We were extremely tight despite his (and many Scorps) predisposition to commit certain improprieties which cause MUCH pain n suffering.
      But I don’t go into my relationships with em worrying bout this.
      All the signs have ‘a thing’ that the rest don’t like.
      Scorps’ ‘thing’ tho is probably more intense than the rest.
      To this day my best relationships both sexes are Scorps.
      Best friends. Best lovers. Best ppl.
      I see their ‘shit’ but kinda shrug it off OR (unlike many) stand toe to toe n withstand their withering fury when necessary.
      They’re HUMAN and I think way too much is made of their intensity n their seething, vengeful anger.
      I’m a Taurus with the Sun in the 8th house.
      Does this help?
      I don’t kno but I’ve never been afraid to stand up to em and I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed their trust, love and loyalty.
      Note – whatever you’re afraid of just ain’t that bad.
      I think ppl are way too swayed by their so-called reputation.
      Relax n get to know em. Most of em are pretty cool.

  3. I love the Scorpio’s in my life.
    Even the guy I’m seeing just for fun (that’s how we decided to do it and it will remain so until it’s done), he makes me feel regenerated after our time together.
    I’ve read somewhere that Scorpios have a healing energy in them and it really feels like that sometimes.

  4. I’m an 8th house type with Jupiter in Scorpio…I’m married to a Scorpio, only a few minutes into Scorpio….What I find is that Scorpios love you one minute, and sting you the next. It’s like whiplash at times.

    1. Not really Gemini7, they just appear to not, only due to their intense deep states of mind they go into, like worries about the world, poverty, helping others that are in need. They are deeply complex, they may appear only to be that way when other things are pressing. They do not know how to love half-way, they either do not or do! And when they do its total and absolute. My thinking is that Jupiter is Scorp isn’t really much of Scorp in you to understand this. But they are passionate about every facet of life and death, and most of all spirituality. My advise is to look deep within you to ask if its something you are doing, or interpreting wrong. No person is perfect, not you or anyone but Scorps do not love half way ever. Its all or nothing, and still when they leave, they still love more deeply then most signs.

  5. Scorpios seem to love you in one instant and sting you in the next because most of them have complexes which cause them to disassociate into their mind to try and “solve ” the problem. They have an intuitive knowing about what the complex wants them to do, and if it doesn’t align with their values it results in an “inner fight” between aspects of self that makes them seem almost narcissistic. The best of them are hard at work for a solution because they do not want to hurt the ones they love. That us why they distance themselves bevause they have a deep, serious knowing of their tendency to self-protect and also to attack when backed into a corner out of sheer reflex.

  6. I had ME and met a Scorpio man. He became my boyfriend and I feel he saved my life. I’ll always be in karmic debt to him – we split up a long time ago.

  7. “Are you energized? Are you blooming? Chances are a Scorpio / 8th house type is involved.” Shit yes! My husband has Jupiter in Scorpio, in trine and sextile aspect to everything in the solar system, including his Virgo sun. Thing is, when my mother was in her last years, he did more for her in the short time he knew her than most of the members of my family did in all the time they knew her. Quality energy? It’s like magic.
    The most gifted artists and psychics I’ve known are either Scorpio or are loaded with planets in Scorpio.

    1. My beloved brother was a Cancer, I a Scorpio. I will say that as much as Scorpios are awesome, to make sure that you learn from the other water signs as well. My brother took his own life a month and 2 days ago. He was 24 years old, and terrified of facing life with the confusion going on in his mind. We believe some type of undiagnosed mental illness. Cancer is a crab, also having a shell like the scorpion. But also having a homey quality to them that is gentle, loving, and nurturing. As a Scorpio I am learning there are new meanings to be found in life, and in death. The antidote is in the poison, and yes, this energy is blossoming new beginnings. ❤️

  8. There have been LOTS of Scorpios in my life.
    They make the:
    Best, most loyal friends.
    Worst, most implacable enemies.
    Most exciting lovers.
    Most spiteful exes.

  9. I’ve had my chart constructed a couple ways.
    One way has my Sun placement in 7th house.
    Another has it in 8.
    For the longest time I thought the former was irrefutably ‘it’ yet it never ‘felt’ right.
    But the latter seems to be far more identifiable and fitting to me and my experience.

    Having said that not only has my life had numerous Scorpionic turns I find I’m hella attracted to them n likewise in return.
    My mom n eldest brother were both Scorps.
    My best lovers, most memorable relationships, deepest n lasting friendships and most loyal companions have all been Scorps.

    I’ve read all these Scorp related articles yet they all seem to kinda miss the mark.
    Even my Scorp exes are cool.
    We’ve made such heavy impact mutually in our lives that we love each other to the death.
    I’ve come to realize when I meet someone I can almost wordlessly tell when they’re Scorps.
    In fact they’ve become such a ‘comfort zone’ to me I now realize how seeking n depending on them can be detrimental to my own personal growth n development.
    The world ain’t Scorpio n neither are all the ppl in it.
    Hence maybe as sad, frustrating and unfulfilling it may seem sometimes it’s more important to deny comfort for growth.
    Not that I wouldn’t grow with them but I know I should broaden my base because it will bring me a higher point of freedom n light

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      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      I feel the same way Larry.

      My mom and grandmother were Scorpios. My two closest friends now are Scorpios.
      Im a double Virgo with a 12th house stellium in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Scorpio and a Taurus moon which is in the 8th house.
      So the transiting Taurus Uranus is in my 8th house right now.
      So the friendships just might be a short lived teaching healing thing on both sides?

      Because Im thinking maybe it also might be a matter of me in their lives at this moment to help them heal somehow of whatever their pain is to some extent that keeps them from the outside world.
      Both of them seemed to be drawn to me as an emotional safe haven and rely on me right now.
      And thats ok. I already see them getting better in some ways.
      When you said that purposely seeking Scorpios out and depending on them can be detrimental to your personal growth, I can certainly see that. I appreciate sharing your insight and will use it..
      Although I wouldnt part with my scorpio friends..having only scorpios as your friends does hold you with both hands to the ground at times. Being with them is both painful and all growth is.
      Ive become strong because of them. And I am grateful.
      And I hope that they also will be stronger and feel more grounded because of me.

      But I know I need more friends to balance me out. Sometimes the fallout of Scorpio intensity can be spiritually exhausting and I need someone to lighten the room for me…allow the curtains to be pulled back in my life so I dont lose track of the world going on outside.
      Thanks for the input.

      1. Thank you as well.
        It’s so amazing there’s always someone else who relates.
        Yeah they’re exhaustive.
        Comparatively speakin I’d rather they be the ones wearing me out tho.
        It’s usually worth it

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    Irmi1969 / Char555

    You SOOO nailed this for me, Elsa.
    When I posted before, I didn’t know I was a Scorpio, because my mother (also strongly scorpionic) lied to me about my time of birth. But my birth certificate finally fell into my hands, and a very talented astrologist told me the reason for accepting the time on the certificate.
    For most of my life, I came close to hating my mother. But now – I’m wondering… because of her lie, I only truly got to know my inner self when I was mature enough to handle it. And when my astrological knowledge had become a little more than just basic.
    It’s all very mysterious…

  11. Scorpios always seem more real than other people to me. Both of my parents had Scorpio Moons. I like that deep, cosseted energy, kind of a center of gravity.

  12. You just enlightened me beyone REASON!!!! Scorpio comes along, you determine the most deadly part is the stinger, so you graple with that. In the mean time, scorpio has you by the balls with it’s pinchers, (no one really likes being pinched). Now you’ve got a problem, either let the tail go, so you can remove the pinchers, and get stung by the tail, or deal with the pinch. Basically this is what happens when you come across a scorpion, but it can be applied metaphorically to Scorpios.

  13. I don’t care who wrote what book, I lived with 8 Scorpios and I have family members who are Scorpios.They are the biggest serial cheaters manipulator and serial liars of all zodiacs! They lie gossip back stab and do whatever they want to the nicest most kindest people but don’t dare to confront them and speak against them! For SCORPIOS,they always claim: it’s always other people’s fault, it’s never their fault! They always play victim and blame others for their own evil intentions! They play victim in all their games! I never saw a Scorpio saying, yes it’s my fault, I did it and I apologize for what I did and I correct myself, never!!! They always have to blame everybody else but themselves! I know their games and their lies too well!!!

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      Hildegard's Noviciate

      wow I’m very sorry your experience has been so bloody awful.
      Sounds to me like more like a group of dysfunctional people rather than one zodiac sign which populates in the millions.
      Unfortunately, there are dark places in all kinds of people who have different sun signs.
      My dad was a narcissitic emotional manipulator who never took responsibility for his behavior and who is a Gemini with no sign of Scorpio in his chart.
      Yes, I admit I do see proclivities in one sign and another. But sometimes nature and nurture are not always finely blended.
      We are not our sun signs. Our sun signs are part of who we are I think.
      The sting of a spiritually immature or injured Scorpio can be a horror. But how many people in the world are manipulative and dont take ownership for their actions?

      I can only say that I have met some wonderful Scorpios and continue to do so.
      I hope you’ll get to experience more of these types of people who happened to be Scorpios.

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