Scorpio: Using Other People’s Energy…

Say I am in the gym and I get some kind of heat off the person on the machine next to me. I am not necessarily talking about an attraction. It could just as well be disgust I feel or amusement like the time this gal came in there drowning in perfume, dripping with jewelry and fully made up.

I watched as she draped the jacket of her workout ensemble (which was also dripping in jewelry painted on the fabric) on the machine alongside the one she planned to mount, very much like a Queen might drape her royal robe. “Leo” I thought quickly to stave off the snort that almost escaped. “That is a Leo cartoon right there…”

Seeing this little show and better yet, being in close proximity I felt invigorated. My entire workout was infused with this gal’s energy, I was just full of this joy which I channeled and focused towards intensifying my workout.

Now that is what I call using someone’s energy and I think it is perfectly legal!! My client had been doing something similar and was chastised for it. I asked my husband what he thought, reminding him that he used memories of our motorcycle rides in the hot desert sun to raise his body temperature a degree when on patrol in 40 degrees below zero weather. He had to admit, a person’s fantasies are their own business.

I do think if you routinely hitchhike on someone you probably owe them something. Not really but really you do because this is the unreal world we are talking about isn’t it?

Do you consciously use other people’s energy? What are your feelings about this?

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    Strawberry Fields

    Yes I do.

    Not only ~consciously~, but *continuously* too.

    It keeps me alive, and it keeps me going.

    But I don’t do this in a leech kind of way. I don’t latch on like a parasite to one host. I avail myself of multiple “feeds”.

    These change all the time. Some last a brief moment, others longer, but none ever forever.

    I am a big fan of feeding off the energy available out there. I honestly don’t know how I would be alive without this principle.

    That being said, I know I *give off* much energy for ~others~ to feed on too. This is part of my conscious daily ‘practice’ too.

  2. No I don’t really feed off others’ energy, but I feel that others feed off mine. I am a scorpio and lately I noticed that consciously surround myself with low energy people and enjoy how my energy invigorates them. I don’t feel all that drained either. *shrug*

    1. Being a Leo with a Scorpio sister it’s exhausting. I go round once a week for catch up and even if I’ve gone to bed early the previous night and had a great sleep and a lie in, you can guarantee I’m stifling yawns accompanied with glazed staring droopy eyes like I haven’t seen sleep in a week. My sister on the other hand seems to go into hyper mode and talks non stop, not sure if she even catches breath.. so get yourself beside a Leo to recharge.. it feels very destructive being this drained though

  3. Sometimes for my own pleasure, I will say or do something ridiculous to my Virgo Sun/Sag Moon or Sag Sun/Scorpio friends just to see what they will come back at me with.

    They are awesome! They have never ever failed to deliver with something extremely cleaver and funny. I love them!

  4. I like the sound of this. In recent times my life has been physically isolated … so the feeding has been cybernetic … coming here being a prime example. The energy here is hitch-hiker heaven and yah, there’s an obligation to give it back and forward.

    Today I had a chance to be in the company of others … two long-time friends who I haven’t seen in decades. Masked against stuff I need to mask against, I totally fed on the energy of a beautiful nearly 90 yr old earth mother … and she was glowing from the feasting. Her grandson, a young man my son’s age leaned up against the railing groovin’ to a sight only he can understand.

    Scorpio is attracted to and exudes ENERGY, so it was a good time. Conscious of the exchange and then I came here. Thanks!

  5. Elsa, generally I find that I blend my energy (Scorpio) with this other person and experience something very similar to what you experienced with the variation that it’s a hybrid energy.

    I note this in yoga class a lot in which I’m incredibly intense and I’ve uplifted others, which ricochets around and comes back to push me even further. It’s quite a rush. I get these curious stares as if the person is trying to figure out what they’re experiencing.

    To Silbi’s point, I’ve noted that people in need of a boost will seek me out however the only ones that I attract are people that I like and want to help. As she noted it never drains me, but rather invigorates me. I’m a frequent blood donor and I experience the same feeling.

    Curiously, the others (energy leeches) never approach me for a ‘hitch hike’. I’d eviserate them, figuratively speaking, if they tried.

  6. I don’t, (not much scorpio in my chart)
    but I’ve been told more than once that I’m very high energy, and need to protect myself, I seem to attract the negative types that steal mine and leave me feeling tired and crabby.
    It’s okay when it’s give and take but that happens rarely to me.

  7. well, yeah, i do. i’m here, ain’t i? 🙂 i see nothing wrong whatsoever with this as long as you respect boundaries.

    others hitch off me, too. if it’s the right kind of rider, it amps me up at the same time much as julian described. in fact, i consciously broadcast it often in my interactions with people in the wild.

    if i am already low or someone won’t detach or try to shift their responsibilities onto me or manipulate or something, then i feel drained. but it’s definitely the exception.

  8. I absorb it/soak it in. Maybe that’s the Cancerian version of this. And I definitely feed off crowd energy, for example I love classes of all kinds– but again, to absorb — not really to talk.

  9. I understand that energy itself is formless, so this is about in-forming and directing our own energy or the energy of others, that’s what the DNA does, which is ruled by Scorpio and the 8th house, right? So, I think what we are using is not other peoples energy but other peoples in-formation on our own energy. That’s the way inspirational thoughts, mantras and alike work too.

  10. From my experience…people feed off of my energy more than I feed from others…this I find in everyday life and I think, like Goddess, the reason I love this site is I get a chance to feed or get energy here that is very good and positive and fills me somehow. I don’t like crowds or big parties or where there are alot of people because I come away feeling very drained and tired and need time to recup or refill myself, but here it is the reverse. It is definitely a more balanced atmosphere of give and take. and thank you for that!

  11. I have programed one of my happy Gem friends’ energy to be available to me many times while I’m getting my dental work done – I initially ‘charged’ rubbing my thumbs & pointer fingers together (think Om, but ramped) and bingo, I think of them and my energy goes uppppppppppp, heart-rate goes down and happy, peaceful feelings come over me, and I get an Elsa type grin on my face. I’m telling you happy endorphins kick in. The person doesn’t even have to be physically present. Who cares what dental doings are going on then? Certainly not me.

  12. I’m with mokihana on the “cybernetic” energy bit. I definitely feed here and a couple of other forums/blogs. I don’t know if I’m capable of giving back the amount of energy that I seem to get but I try! So thank you.

    IRL, however, I feel drained by others, my equilibrium always gets tipped, and I have to be alone for a while. I tend to attract vampires myself. The people that I can equally receive energy from and give energy to tend to be other Pluto-ruled people. I don’t think it’s unethical to feed off of someone’s energy if you’re not adversely affecting them or if you’re using it as a building block for more energy (which then gets sent out and someone else may take hold of that, build upon it and send it out, etc.) One way that I might use someone as a source of energy is if I have them in my mind when I begin to write something, and through my thoughts of them I write a story out of thin air. I don’t see a problem with this, and I think it’s a fairly common way to kick-start creativity. If it’s not vampirism I think it’s a-okay.

  13. the way i see it, if they put it out there, it’s shared. if it feels good, why not?
    if it’s manipulative (acting in a way to provoke someone to feed off of them) or shoved on someone, then it’s a problem.
    i put stuff out there… often enough. in a way, it’s a form of service. (assuming lack of negativity.) giving to the energy of the collective. it certaily needs all the good energy people are willing to give.

    the other problem might be when it becomes addictive and attached to a specific person. that’s a ripe situation for weird projective fantasies and obsessions which is more of the “shoving energy onto someone” sort of interaction.

  14. Nothing wrong with being infused with a Leo’s joy! I can also love Conny’s angle when she says “what we are using is not other peoples energy but other peoples in-formation on our own energy.” If I recognize something positive about my self in your unique specific light then its awesome, and vice versa = ricochet!

    I’m fascinated that the 2 Scorpios do not feel drained but invigorated. I assume the point of power here is their awareness of what’s going on, so it’s a (generous) choice rather then being “fed on”.

    Using people’s energy does not necessarily equal feeding off them! The difference can be huge. Being “infused by” is not “leeching”, which is either unconscious or dark and not about being inspired.

    I’ not a Scorpio but my 8th house Sun Merc and Venus get this. On the other hand, sometimes, especially after being in a crowd or leaving a crowd my energy can drop or… long stories. Plus my Sat/Neptune square to the 8th: I am continuously honing my awareness of boundaries amongst other.

  15. Elsa, I thought this was such an interesting post, because I can’t seem to feed off others (positive) energy, and I’ve always wondered how people managed to do it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with others consciously doing it either.

    I’ve always been the one with the energy for others to enjoy, and much like denamaria, I hate big crowds of people because it just leaves me drained.

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