Love, Courting, The Limits Of Synastry

Pluto caligula

I watched this video a few times today. I am memorized by it because I can remember what I was feeling as I was making it. I was in the middle of my Pluto Moon transit and I’d been crying for days.

Crying was usual but you have to just keep moving through so I made this video. It is a continuation on my series on synastry and the limitations of astrology but I took a different tack as you’ll see. I think the it came out rich, emotional and earthy but I am not sure this is apparent.

I may see it because I am the person sitting there in what is essentially a bombed out house, my family, hopes, wishes and dreams burned to the ground but by God, it is still my family.

It is my family, it is my blood, these are my roots and my instincts and if was crying 5 minutes prior, what’s that got to do with anything? This is life. It’s real.

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6 thoughts on “Love, Courting, The Limits Of Synastry”

  1. Same here, Elsa! Even though I don’t date Italians . . . I go for dark/dark hair, dark eyes, cultured, family oriented.

    It’s so weird that you bring this up about the soldier all those years back.

    I met a guy recently and felt like I just wanted him to hang out with my family. My friends were like, huh? Don’t do that. Not yet, but it’s just my instinct. Yep, it’s “in the blood.” 🙂

  2. Brilliant video Elsa! I love men in general but I have to say men with long hair (shoulder length) always turn my head. I just cant help myself.

  3. I watched this video a little while ago (a few months maybe, around the time I was obsessed with your vids cause it was a good way for me to hear some astrology and tune out while doing data entry bullshit at work).
    This second time I’m seeing it, the emotion is so blaring. I mean, maybe the first time I just listened and this time I actually watched. But I could SEE it in your eyes this time, so it’s not just you who can feel the emotion, I guess is what I’m saying.

  4. Good thing you’re doing to explain the limitations of astrology. I think astrologers can be afraid sometimes to do that.

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