How A Scorpio Woman Attracts

scorpio girlPlutoRising asks on Playing To Your Strengths To Attract A Man:

this is so interesting… maybe because i have such a scorpion influence….

if one can pull in anything they want…. you’re saying simply by being who you are… but what if the other end does not want who you are?

That is not what I said.  Here’s what I said in regards to the Scorpio woman, Venus in Scorpio, etc.:

“She can pull in anything she wants (yin). But instead she puts on galoshes goes out hunting a man which as far as I am concerned is akin to putting your make-up on the back of your head instead of your face.  This is just not how it’s done!”

I do think this is true but when you pull someone to you, it doesn’t mean they are going to like you or love you or do your bidding.  My point was that Scorpio is a (super) yin sign, powerful and magnetic.  To play to this strength, it makes no sense to use masculine tactics.  This would be like having your hair be your best feature and then you shave your head. If success is the goal (which is not always the case), why would you do that?

Bottom line, Scorpio can attract but the old adage, “be careful what you wish for”, applies. Therefore it’s key that you strive to be conscious of what you’re doing. Many don’t bother with this and you can see the results.

Do you want what is good for you or do you want what you want?

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  1. Just a technical question: does Pluto square Sun count as “scorpio energy?” I have this placement as well as Mars in Scorpio and ‘am often mistaken as a sun scorpio so just wandering if it’s kinda the same thing . . .

  2. So then pluto in aspect to venus (and everything in my chart except saturn & uranus) applies as well? I want what I want and I’m trying to study my chart to find out why. But my stupid 12th house sun doesn’t make that an easy task. Wanting what’s good for me, sounds hauntingly like my Mom from my youth. It’s got all my rebellious tendencies kicking in high gear, MMhhhmmm, why is that????

  3. scorp moon conjunct jupiter — i always get what i want, and more often than not, it ends up being good for me. unless i’m looking for trouble, which i’ve done in the past and have gotten what i wanted, but it wasn’t good for me. all in all i think the raw magnetism is something i don’t understand about myself yet, like i’m afraid to use it to the fullest to, indeed, get what i wished for…

  4. “Do you want what is good for you or do you want what you want?”

    Beautiful question! And one that’s tripped up my Mars in Aries a number of times. But I’m getting better! 🙂

  5. blue_rose, Usher has Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra I think. I think he may have, but I would have to check his degrees in his Sun and Pluto.

    For those of you know don’t know, Usher is a r and b singer popular in the US I think.

  6. this topic is timely for me. i was just researching two aspects in my natal chart: pluto square ascendant and pluto in the 4th opposite mars in the 10th. would these play out in a similar fashion? i feel i attract very powerful types who would like to control me.

  7. I want what I want. If it’s bad for me, I will learn the lesson later. If it’s REALLY bad for me, I never get stuck too long at least until it’s too late. But I am seeing transformations coming with this in regards to, Pluto transiting my second house, which houses my Venus.

  8. Wow Im loving these post Elsa I would really love more posts on this topic. Im extremely plutonic, Scorp sun, Venus conjunct Pluto in the 8th and feel I dont always play this to my advantage. I think I give my power away sometimes or project it on to the man Im considering courting. Sometimes am at a loss how to use this strength to get what I want that is good for me. Im aware I attract and I try to use this but I think I sabotage myself

  9. It’s weird, the more I learn, the more I realize how much Scorpio energy I have. Heavily aspected Scorp moon conj Uranus, Pluto square Cancer Sun, busy 8th house (Merc/Jupiter conj) trine Pluto conj MC .. I could keep going. So YEAH, lots of that going on.

    I’m trying to think of a way to explain how I’ve seen this “magnetism” work for me. It feels like an energy that works somewhere between the conscious and unconscious levels. I’m in control of it as much as I have that bolt of attraction, or pull of desire. If I let it go and don’t fester on it, the intention goes internal and the machine gets to work behind the scenes. If I actively TRY to attract a guy it usually doesn’t work for me — it just looks pathetic. Well, I feel pathetic doing it — which hasn’t always stopped me. Sometimes I want what I want, but the ones I’ve attracted and kept are the ones that have had deeper meaning to my life (good and bad).

  10. My Scorpio side has been learning to pull in selectively. Before I honed this skill, I was pulling in all sorts of bad people, unaware of why or how. Now I am more conscious, and can control it. And I think about it before I do it: “Is this gonna be worth it?” And if it’s not, for instance if I am truthful with myself and admit that I just want to pull this person to flatter myself, then I try to stop it. If I think starting something might be a worthwhile investment, then I direct my invisible laserbeam.
    I want what is good for me.

  11. I would love to know more about this topic. I’ve discovered I have a lot of scorpio energy (rising, mars, sun-opp-pluto, uranus conj pluto)… I want to use it wisely! Most of my life I’ve been unaware of it and it’s led me into trouble. Now that I’m older, I’d like to learn to play up the potentials and avoid the pitfalls! 🙂

  12. Yes, Usher is a popular R & B artist in the U.S. I threw the question out there about him for anyone to answer because he has several planets in Scorpio, and Pluto 4 degrees from his sun.

    I saw him on YouTube performing for one of the morning shows (Good Morning America?) and he has a seductive charm about him. He knows how to tap into it, too. He just has a way with women that comes naturally to him.

  13. By the way, I have Pluto 6 degrees from my sun. Does anyone know if this counts as being a virtual Scorpio or is the orb too big? Just curious.

  14. blue_rose, Sun Pluto within 6 degrees is definitely a conjunction but I would not call you a “virtual Scorpio” as you still live YOUR sun.

    Other astrologers would call you a virtual Scorpio though so I am not sure this helps much. 🙂

  15. Elsa, these are great posts!
    I might be the flawed one then, or have been missing the target badly. Scorpio rules my 10th house and I’ve Venus and Sun there (Mars and Pluto in Libra though)
    I don’t attract people really.

  16. i wonder, Elsa, what you think about sun parallel pluto?, I have scorpio moon too but am often mistaken for scorpio sun? I’m wondering it is like i’ve read, kinda like a conjunction???

  17. Natal Venus and Mars square Pluto makes me Scorpionic. Now that I think back on my three intense relationships (with a Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio), I was the “Puller” with the Pisces who became my ex-fiance. I made a choice not to do that again, but sadly the Scorpio ended up badly for me too. Elsa, Saturn in Libra in my 7th House is teaching me exactly what you pointed out – to now be conscious of what’s GOOD for me.

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