Saturn Return In Pisces Coming In Hot!

pisces laurie gates plateSaturn will ingress into Pisces in March of 2023. I usually get an early indication how these transits ate going to go. I haven’t talked to many people who will have their second Saturn return but those born in 1994-1995 with Saturn in Pisces seem to be headed for difficult time.

Now there will be exceptions but I’m not seeing them yet. Either way, if you’re in this group, here is some candid advice that will see you come through this in good shape.

  • You must work to mature.
  • You must do the right thing.
  • You must take responsibility for your life.


  • Don’t wait for someone to save you because it won’t happen.
  • Do not try to avoid plodding through something. If you do, I can pretty much guarantee you, you’re going to be sitting at the bottom of the mountain, alone, until you stand up and climb.

You need boundaries. The faster you can get working on this, the better. The idea is to work to not be dependent.

Here’s some good (and true) news – if you push in this direction, forces will come in to help. Maybe not a lot but enough so you’ll know you’re being supported (to do the right thing).  You will feel this.

Look for Capricorn or Saturn-types (old men, elders in general or people with a lot of experience) for instruction and support, provided you’re trying. If you’re not trying, they’re not going to help.  This is more a situation where you stand on your own, ask for tips or instructions and receive them.  If you act on these things, and push through your fears, success will be yours.

The time of your Saturn return is crucial to the overall success of your life.  Don’t be afraid, just it done. Slowly and methodically sort through your life, ditching the baby stuff and grabbing on to the things that will allow you to feel good and solid when you turn thirty.

Are you heading into your Saturn return. How’s it look? Do you have a plan?

26 thoughts on “Saturn Return In Pisces Coming In Hot!”

  1. I like Saturn transits. I would think that a Saturn return in Pisces is the time to get clear, to choose and focus on building the reality of your life. Being a Pisces, I know we fish have some difficulty with focus, choosing and sometimes – reality.

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    Gabriella L Garlock

    1° Pisces will be my SECOND Saturn return. So, what happened first time around?

    Well, I left grad school, took an 8 to 5 in the Real World because I needed health insurance fast, moved into my first all-by-myself apartment, and promptly stopped dating ever since.

    It wasn’t exactly planned; I just knew I needed to play catch-up on life’s material responsibilities. Leaps of faith had always been on my side, but sadly I squashed all that and GOT SERIOUS. Took Tae Kwon Do. Saved for a condo, then a house. Had a magical Siamese who supplied the wonder I now lacked.

    So: I went overboard. Now I’m a crone in a spiritual rebirth who suddenly longs for (Neptune trine Mars/Venus conjunction, Pluto opposite it) someone special to putter into old age with!

    So, turns out learning healthy boundaries IS something I need (6th and 7th Houses both in Pisces), and–

    OHMYGOD DID YOU SAY 2023?! That’s almost here! 🤦

    1. Elsa, Is the pressure equal for those of us in our second Saturn returns? Could you write more about this or any ways the experience may be different?

  3. Ahhhhhh transiting saturn will square my natal sun and saturn mid next year (i have natal sun opp saturn in my chart).
    My father has been pretty non existent in my life (emotionally, financially and physically absent) and that took a great hit on me (daddy issues). Recently i have recongized this issue and i m trying to get over it.
    With this upcoming transit, I m not too sure of my progress 🙁

  4. I was born in may of 1993 and my Saturn is zero degrees in Pisces. Trying to keep all of this in mind as I have done a lot of growing up the past two years already and I feel like I finally know who I am after all of these years. I feel like I’ve had to learn all the hard lessons all at once, or realize the consequences of those lessons and choices I have made.

    1. Good for you! Once you’re on top of this all you have to do is hold the line.
      0 is a hot degree in that Saturn will station there October into November, 2023.

  5. My sun progressed into pisces march 21 and I’m slowly getting used to it. Looking back, I see the significance of my progressed sun changing signs, into Cap and then AQ and now Pisc.

    My natal sun is 7degrees further into Sag than my natal Saturn, I’ve got no big issues with Saturn transits, it often felt like someone older and wiser watching me from a distance, ready to kick my butt or give advice if look behind me. IF I TURN AND LOOK!

    I struggled with Pisces Sun people, to be honest, never knowing what comes next and serious communication issues. Might Grandfather Saturn on my P Sun help me to relate better to them and to my own (perceived) wishy washy – maybe – waiting it out until the opportunity is gone – frustration – flurry of action that are not thought through- tendencies?

    I know and value the core principle of Pisces. It’s just not easy to live it in the world as it is.

  6. I’d love to see a breakdown by house, or maybe even aspects. I’m awaiting my first return in 7H, not just (exactly) opposite my ascendant, but my moon, venus and chiron all in Virgo as well. Things have been dragging so I am perhaps more excited than nervous at this point. Currently trying to really understand saturn and what it means and how it applies to my life as it creeps nearer.

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    On my 1st Saturn🪐 Return in 1994 my business company started to go bad but what really ended it was the subsequent Progressed 🌔Moon in ☠️Capricorn🐐. Well, guess what, the second time around they’re happening at basically the same time.

    Do you see this Saturn🪐 Return and Progressed 🌔Moon synchronicity happening often, Elsa? I know both have ~28 years cycle… but it feels weird that in both Saturn🪐 Returns the Progressed 🌔Moon in ☠️Capricorn🐐 shows up to destroy the little that was left after the Return…

  8. As someone who’s fairly new to astrology, I must say I feel like the more I read everyone’s comments, the more anxiety I get feeling I literally have no control or awareness lol. Can anyone recommend a good source to learn more about astrology, with accuracy. I’ve read Virgo moons tempt to be anxious “Control freaks” and here I am writing this comment, expecting my first Saturn Return in Pisces, a brand new topic for me btw – and well… Sirius take the wheel?

    1. This is a good place to learn, real and practical astrology that can assist a person in their life. Tens of thousands of people, maybe more, have learned astrology on this site over the last 23 years.

      Hit the search tab and use the TAGS to find answers.
      Also, post your questions in the forum.
      People will help.

          1. Super excited! thank you both for the quick reply. I’ve already found a few interesting things on this site. To read I go…

  9. OH boy. 1995 born. I have Saturn in pisces in the third house on birth chart with major aspects: mars opp. Saturn + Saturn sextile Neptune + saturn opp. CHIRON + saturn square ascendant, sun trine saturn. Themes lately? Positives: a break through that turned work into a career – building team, new to leadership, marketing rebrand, moved in with boyf, anxiously ready for financial stability and starting a family. Negatives: Lacking balance in personal life, seeing a need to make room for therapy so I can work through my past to keep growing. (Any words of caution or should I just buckle up?) LOL

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    Happy Saturn Return

    Born 1994 here. Just remembered I’m supposed to be transiting an awful time but life has never been easier or happier for me. 🙂 I also have currently an exact square of TPLuto my natal 12th house Moon.

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