Weekend Love Forecast – Perfectly Imperfect People Seeking Love

fruit and vegAll weekend, the Leo Sun moves through the point of a yod from the quincunxes of retro Neptune and retro Pluto, exact on the midpoint of their sextile early Sunday. The weekend’s Moon in cardinal Libra puts focus on retro Leo Venus as well. Self esteem is the focus, an emphasis on remodulating our center and balancing a personal assessment of our own value with the fact of our effects on others.

Retro Venus re-enters a square to Jupiter in Taurus. Our personal value is tied to meaning and our desire for MORE. Our values on blast create tension within and without.

Mercury in Virgo slows in anticipation of its coming retro period this week. It trines Uranus, conjoins Mars, and heads into opposition with Neptune – though it won’t close those aspects in the short term. Mars in Virgo heads into opposition with Neptune and Pluto, aspects it WILL execute in the near term.

Keep your wits about you; this slowdown puts our senses on high alert in these circumstances. It’s a hyper-real, waking dream where the symbolism gives veiled clues to elevated action. Is this a sign, you think… YES, it likely is, whatever you’re questioning. It’s a sign to look deeper and take the necessary steps to get a view. If you’re confused, keep paying attention. Take the time to ask the right question at the right moment. Or ask the sharp, unedited question that springs to your lips. You’ll know which is right.

Friday night, the Moon finishes up in Virgo with a trine to Uranus, conjunction to Mars, opposition to Neptune, and a trine to Pluto. It’s mood noir, an aching trumpet of desire, and the ambiance reflects whatever future-fantasy road we’re holding in our mind. Does it titilate? Shock? Worry? Settle your belly and worry less about the road and more about what it’s telling you.

On Saturday, the Libra Moon creates a mood for the dance. Take charge and match energies. Libra ruler (retro) Venus square Jupiter heightens the friction of desire. Desire amplifies need. Actual action leads us further into delicious seduction, surrender, and magic.

Sunday morning, the Sun hits the midpoint of its yod. Who we are is strong, but soft enough to entertain the possibilities of a shifting reality. Fire offers rebirth but water sweetens the process.

The Libra Moon goes on to sextile Venus and oppose Chiron, both retro. We’ve heard people say “nothing is perfect” so many times that it has lost its meaning. Here the meaning is vital: Imperfection is the perfect state for self improvement. The acceptance of self and other as imperfect beings is the only path to a perfectly imperfect (real) relationship or realistic and therefore valid self esteem. Attempt to accept where you are at the moment.

Where are the Sun, Venus, and Mercury transiting your chart? Do you have any weekend plans?

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  1. Hello Satori🙏♥️ 12th house mood all over the chart, but it is making me dig deep, and I really feel.. sheltered from the sound and fury of those last throes of the Kali Yuga. Toughest days on the planet, ever, but I take them as precious historical moments to be recorded for prosperity.. Thank you for being a fountain of wisdom🙏🙏🙏🙏

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