Venus In Leo Square Saturn In Scorpio – What You Do For Others…

leo lion planterI was talking a friend yesterday, about bringing value to others you interact with. I don’t think this is all that popular, but people who take and take and never give back are pretty sickening after a time.  Why shovel your resources into what amounts to a black hole?

Venus in Leo is squaring Saturn in Scorpio at this time. The aspect will be exact on July 14th at 27 degrees. If you missed, Outgrowing The Role Of The Ingenue, it offers a good example of how this energy can be experienced. One example of many!

Remember, Scorpio rules other people’s energy. Saturn is associated with limits, but also with support. If you’re enjoying support from others in any form, you might want to evaluate what it is you give back, if anything.

This is also a time people are likely to experiences some restriction on Venus-ruled things. I’m talking, love, money and vanity.

I have Venus in Leo. I’ve come to understand how little I’m worth in the grand scheme.  I’m like a speck, clinging to this earth like so many others. And not for long!

Leo is associated with your life energy…with your heart. Do you give love and money, when and where you should?  Or are you mostly concerned with what others are doing (or not doing) for you?

It’s common to judge people on that last point, never noticing how little you, yourself, offer.

This is a great time to evaluate your investments on every level. If you need to tweak something, do it!

24 thoughts on “Venus In Leo Square Saturn In Scorpio – What You Do For Others…”

  1. Excellent advice, Elsa. Tomorrow we open our new ‘school’- gathering place for Hawaiian Practices. Getting the resources from long distances (literally and spiritually) the effort is grand … hard(Saturn) but worth it unless I view it as burden. Lots of investment, and even at this stage of life tweaking is required. In last night’s dream I’m ‘landing that plane’ you always refer to, using my hand because the cockpit is jam packed with my ‘resources’. The cackling? That’s me! Wish us luck.

  2. I have been thinking about this lately. I wrote a post about realizing that my energy is positive and how I’m not as afraid to give anymore. I’m getting a lot of support right now from my mom and stepdad. I think my mom just needs someone to talk to so I’m trying to be there for her in that way. I don’t know what my stepdad needs. I know he likes my cooking:) I have no money to give to anyone.

  3. It’s all give and take here. sometimes I take more but it evens out the nxt month or so when I have more to give. Right now I must be feeling the square because venus is sitting right on my pluto and jupiter is sitting on natal jupiter and whatever I get, just goes right back out(money).

  4. Personally, Saturn in Scorpio has made me very aware of my energy limits on every level. There are some people and some things, I don’t want to invest so much as a dime.

    This is not because I want to keep the dime. I just want to choose where it goes.

    This is why I’m not a socialist, lol.

  5. I have lots of Leo/Scorpio planets and hate myself sometimes because I give too much to the wrong people. I’m extremely gullible and have no sense of judgment/discrimination against others who are out to take, take, take and TAKE!!!! Even when people read my palms, I have all these lines coming down my fingers. I’m a giver in every way. If I only have $40 and friend needs $35, then I give that friend $35 and tell myself I’ll manage with the $5 I have left. Even when people don’t pay me back, I still give because I easily forgive others and know they are not perfect. If I see a loner and feel that they need attention and love like everyone else, then I spend lots of time and effort to get them cheered up and feel valued as a person. Most of the time, I get great friendship in return. However, there are some people that are crazy TAKERS and just suck up all my kindness and not return a damn thing which is beyond sickening. Uggh, I have no boundaries what so ever. Scorpio Saturn tore me away from people that really didn’t value me as a friend at all and I am most grateful. All the time and effort I’d given to the wrong people, this Scorpio Saturn transit is now directed towards all the transiting Venus/Jupiter Leo on my natal Sun/Mars/Mercury and I’m just having a great time with a million other people whisking me away to fun events, social outings and many many opportunities to eat good good with good people. I can give like I naturally do right now without worrying about being taken advantage of. I am with people that are happy to give back. 🙂

  6. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Good luck, Mokihana!

    This is all dancing over my Part of Fortune at 29.20 Leo on cusp of 8th house (or in 8th with equal system). My POF makes only two aspects — trine 1 Cap Mars in 12th, and quincunx 28 Cap Chiron in 1st house. All anarectic/critical degrees. I’ve tended to be giving of my time and care, and would like to do more, but frugal materially. My “good deeds” tend to backfire on me. I just read this:

    “The POF represents the search of a lifetime’s work. …When the Part of Fortune is found in the upper hemisphere, the person is destined to receive some form of blessing or assistance from others. This individual has earned his or her rewards from lifetimes of prior obligation, and will receive in turn the fruits of their work.”

    Anyone have any experiences/insight with this?

  7. I’ve been generous all my life without expecting much or getting much in return. But with Saturn in Scorpio transiting through my 4th house, I’ve been a hermit and a half. So I haven’t given much to others. At all. I’ve been in a blackhole that takes every ounce of strength within to overcome daily. But I’ve become very aware of this lack of giving this past year. How much I need and how little I’m giving back. Even within my own family. I’ve been “me, me, me” where I haven’t been all my life. Plus, I’ve experienced much death in my family and circles. I’ve lost friends who moved away or grown apart. So I am afraid to give. I don’t even want to talk with my neighbors who have been here a year already. But I have been keenly aware of what those blocks are. So I’m working on it. Little by little. Hoping for improvement when Saturn goes into Sagittarius. Maybe I’ll be my happy-go-lucky Gemini Moon in 10th self again. I already experienced the opposition to my moon earlier this year and it was better than this. I had energy and I was outgoing. When Saturn went retro, all stalled. We’ll see. I’ll do better though. Thanks for this reminder.

  8. Been listening to peoples troubles all my life..One friend once told me that people have nothing to give..I feel sorry for humans.

  9. This is a gem! This post and the linked post. I’ve got this natally, so, it’s important to take a long and hard look at it. A chord has been struck for sure!

    I think I could give more and I think I could mature more…

    Venus is in my 1st house and Saturn is in my 4th, so the balance needs to be struck between what I give myself and what I give my family. Yes, definitely. I can see the 2nd house and the 5th house playing out too.

    This is a really good good thing to be conscious of… thanks!!!

  10. Elsa did you write anything on post Saturn retrograde in Scorpio? We are in the thick of this macabre swampland now, I know. But I would love to read your thoughts on the post mortem in August.

  11. Wow…I clicked on the linked article from a couple of years ago and I was reading one of the comments that really resonated with me and it turns out I wrote it! Guess I really am not an ingenue anymore…especially in the memory dept. LOL

  12. I saw this earlier but I was at work and so busy ….I couldn’t comment. First, thank you so much for this.

    I needed to see this today exactly at the very moment I saw it.

  13. I have zero energy to give right now. I am receiving support, though, and am taking stock of everything everyone is doing for me, so I can repay someday when I get my energy back.

  14. Thats some really good advice. It immediately made me think of a dude I know who constantly shoots himself in the foot in some really tragic/comical ways.

    2 weeks ago on a Friday afternoon he was going to buy a new mattress that weekend because his back had been killing him and his mattress was really old. The following week I saw him and asked if he’d bought a new mattress. He said no because he was on the hook for purchasing a new mattress for a local hotel. Apparently he’d brought a homeless guy to the hotel that weekend because he felt sorry for him. This homeless guy was on dialysis and had a record of messing up his bedding. He’d also been kicked out of multiple shelters for not following their rules.

    My friend admits he often falls into helping people who are “unhelpable” but it never seems to stop him.

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    I too have Venus in Leo (square Jupiter in Scorpio). Too much giving, and I don’t really mind helping, but Saturn has put the kibosh on that. Saturn offers support if you’re in alignment with Saturn’s law. If not, learn the hard way.

  16. I do nice things for people close to me because I like to, follow your intuition , I expect nothing in return

    Most people are cold takers or manipulative givers ( with a price)

    We are human, but these days ,most are not.

  17. haha, Virgo stellium + Catholic + I just always feel maybe too much for people and animals + mark me down as an over-giver who has attracted a lot of very ruthless takers along the way.

    I am trying to wise up about this. I was raised to feel uneasy about taking anything, even a birthday present — by a kind “giver” father married to a champion “taker” mother. Head trip! Lol. But I would still rather be a giver, esp when you know you’ve helped someone when they needed it.

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