Self Defense For Women… Especially Pisces / Neptune Types

I’ve been working with a Pisces who has to defend herself. If she offers a hard edge it will empower her opponent.

It’s just very hard to fight a hologram, see? It’s hard to fight something that does not have form. A “virus” comes to mind. They still can’t figure out what to do about the common cold, can they?


14 thoughts on “Self Defense For Women… Especially Pisces / Neptune Types”

  1. yeah, the side of the knee is one of the weakest spots, particularly on big guys. good spot to aim for to immobilize them for long enough to get your run on ; )

    my SD training in TKD had us try to push up and then fall down and go limp (if you can manage it when someone’s holding you) so that you really get gravity working with you. the shock effect can be nice, too, but that’s not neptune.

    i’d recommend those classes to anyone. it’s good to have practice doing it so that when you need to, it’s instinctual. harder to do it right when you have to sit there and think through techniques….

  2. I was thinking almost the same as the soldier, but then I had martial arts classes at a pretty early age.

    And I say thinkign almost the same because I’m more likely to keep pounding on perp once they’re down. lol

  3. “Once you’re down on the ground you need to start fighting.”

    Yeah; and you stay on the ground and spin around, keeping your feet between them and you, or another words, keep their feet away from your head. You don’t try and get up (to run, to escape, or just to start kicking them) until, you’ve knocked them down, preferably by going after their knees and/or testicles (if it’s a guy).

    [‘Just like wyrdling said!’]

  4. satori – yes. Did I say that in there?

    If you need help yell LOUDLY (not scream like a girl but in a low, loud voice) NINE-ONE-ONE!

    The reason is because people lose their minds when witnessing violence… can’t think what to do, so you have to tell them.

    These days everyone has a phone and if you can remember to do this you will be in very good shape comparatively.

  5. you didn’t say it here but it’s SUCH good advice. it’s so capricorn. it takes people out of the moment and reminds everyone of Authority, Consequences, and Do the Right Thing. I suppose that if the perp were not terribly committed it might also de-escalate the act itself.

  6. Not to make light, but my 50 pound spotted hound dog Cooper is a master of this tactic. If he does not want to go somewhere, he goes completely limp and falls to the ground, sometimes even rolling over on his back. There is absolutely nothing I can do at that point, because I usually don’t keep him in a collar, so his trick totally works. My only choice would be to try to grab him by two of his legs and drag, and he knows I love him too much to hurt him, which that would do. I don’t do pet astrology but my beloved little dude just so happens to have been born on March 3 ).

  7. Avatar

    Loonsounds – be careful be very very careful that sounds like one smart dog. Next you know he’ll be tricking you into looking outside while he finishes off the holiday turkey. 🙂

  8. Wow. This is such great advice, in all sorts of ways. My man has told me how effectively ‘going nuts’ on a guy whose trying to do you harm, can really throw ’em for a loop. This going limp is another great tip for me with such Neptune in the shadows energy. Makes me connect with something Satori said a while back in another post, about using a Neptune-solution in a tough time. I love how the lessons come together when I need them. It makes lots of sense, and then the ‘once you’re free – go Aries, and fight’ that’s good, too.

  9. That’s a great advice, Elsa, and I guess the strategy is good for verbal attacks too, right? First Neptune then Mars, haha, love it.

  10. You know, I have always wanted to take a self-defense class, and this has prompted me to really look into it and do it. Thanks!

  11. on the yell 911 thing, you should also target the command at a _specific_ person. helps overcome the bystander effect if there is more than one person around, the tendency of nobody in a crowd to take responsibility.

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