Jupiter In Virgo – Think Big Thoughts!

virgo virgin with symbol golJupiter enters Virgo tomorrow.

Think big thoughts!
Communicate the truth.ย 
Help more!
Open your mind!

To look at this a little deeper, Jupiter also represents opportunity. If you missed the boat when Saturn was in Virgo, here’s your chance to gain mental clarity.

It’s going to be an interesting time. Soon, Saturn will be in Sagittarius. Neptune is already in Pisces. Jupiter in Virgo will interact with these other bodies – check your delusion.

Do you believe a lie?
What information is misleading?

I know people show Virgo (Mercury) little regard, but this is going to be a really important transit.

Those who can think will benefit. Those who work and serve will be held up.

Selfishย morons fall out of favor at this time.

::laughs heartily::

26 thoughts on “Jupiter In Virgo – Think Big Thoughts!”

      1. I hope so. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just fed up with other people trying to get me to do stuff for them when I’m falling apart.

        1. You know Colleen, I am a Virgo, and we just seem to serve other endlessly….when approached and at random. ‘Other people’ see us as servants or as my boyfriend likes to define me as his S L A V E. I am also exhausted and falling apart. Saturn’s been in my 5th house for 2 plus years, and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. I have Neptune in Scorpio natally so I wonder if he is a swindler. That’s a whole other topic.

          So I am a people pleaser/Virgo-servant. And truly I do not mind working for nothing, as I am fortunate and do not have to work at a REAL job. That said, I have difficulty setting my own limits. I have difficulty setting personal boundaries, and I have difficulty saying “NO!” This is due to a 12th house natal Mars in Gemini. But I am working on it. I’m working on self expression, being assertive and saying ‘no’. I think I would rather just stick with being a people pleaser…..because saying no is very little fun, and I suffer more loss than gain by saying it.

          I have been at the mercy of my boyfriend for the last year. He has helped me with money. I love Jupiter transits…..because things fall in your hands, appear at your door out of nowhere. Yesterday I received a class action suit check in the mail. Maybe I did send that claim back in. It was worth a 39 dollar check….because I was BROKE. Praise Jupiter!!!!

          I look forward to Jupiter visiting my 4th house of home….and hanging with Venus for a short time, and my sun. I worry what opposing Neptune will bring to the mix.

  1. โ€ฆI hope this is right: “Those who can think will benefit. Those who work and serve will be held up. Selfish morons fall out of favor at this time. ::laughs heartily::”

    [Q: by held up, do you mean, stalled, robbed or elevated?]

    I’m a Virgo stellium, natal Jupiter in Libra, Sag Saturn and Moon, Neptune in Scorpio, and the last couple have been brutal. I work my ass off, asked to think, generate, serve, cover, and do — and I comply. Yet, since 2013. I’m left unpaid in the dust by users, lied to, or screwed over. Not just me — same for all four of my Virgo friends, and others. I feel like we are spinning gold for thugs, down in some dungeon.Left us feeling dead inside, as a colleague says.

    That said I do feel like strength is dripping back into me for a few months now. It comes in strong waves now. I am getting back on my feet with a sort of “don’t f*** with me, I’m baaaaaack, fools!” energy returning. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I too will laugh heartily if Jupiter handles the few “selfish morons” I know. Ah, if only.

    1. and this, I love:

      Think big thoughts! — doing so in preparation the last two months
      Communicate the truth. — trying!! but, to WHO? self? ok! others hate it.
      Help more! — stares bug-eyed w exhaustion from helping, but, ok!
      Open your mind! — opened doors, will keep opening windows

    2. [Q: by held up, do you mean, stalled, robbed or elevated?]

      I’m sorry. I was going to write “buoyed” (Jupiter) but I thought it would be redundant. Instead what I wrote was not clear. ๐Ÿ™

      1. Thank you for the clarification! No, it was probably clear to everyone else — my allergies are making my brain fuzzy today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. With my natal Jupiter at 0’46 Virgo, it’s my Jupiter return! Selfish morons are already falling out of favour with me. I wonder what the year ahead will bring? Certainly, I’m seeing my tolerance for being nice to idiots quickly wane and wanting much more for myself through my own choice and thinking not by ‘doing what I’ve always done’.

    Any ideas what a Jupiter return on Virgo 8th house looks like?

  3. Jupiter is so BIG and Virgo is so meticulous (nit-picky). Tricky placement dont you think? I appreciate any and all info.

    … as I too am in Jupiter Return. Last time was when I graduated with my first degree and moved to another country.

    I have Jupiter at 2 degrees Virgo conjunct Midheaven … and also conjunct Pluto (at 28 degrees Leo)

    Time to rule the world!!! Or get rich or famous or something. Ya think?

    Oops … all the above are also squared Saturn in Scorpio in 1st house. ๐Ÿ™
    Years of health challenges keeping me from actualizing on my skills, gifts, power etc. F%&*#!

    Currently at end of Saturn return. Time for something completely different! Ya think?

      1. Hmmm I like that! Thank you!

        Sure fits my life long prayer of intention set in grade one Catholic school catechism:( well, probably set in my soul before I was even born…)
        ‘To know God, to love God, to serve God!’ ?
        ( God, Source, All that is!)

  4. Well, with the beginning-of-the-Sag Mercury, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to think; I’ve always felt I do not think, I just know stuff. I’ll try to serve, I’m applying for the job in the Red Cross ATM.

    1. Still early for the update on the Red Cross job, but, I will start working with immigrants and asylum-seekers from Middle East, of whom are many here, in Serbia at this moment. Talking about servitude ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. WOOOO… this will conjunct my 12th house mars, then ascendant, Pluto and Uranus in the 1st..I am expecting big things!!

    I am so excited and feel like I’m off like a rocket. YIPPEEE

  6. Jupiter will conjunct my Sun sign in a couple weeks. I’m already planning on going back to school to find a job in the medical care field. I hope everything comes into place cause I know Saturn and Neptune probably will make things difficult. This happens all in my mutable houses. I like it, but I’m very nervous of what will come.

  7. Despite the fact that I have Mercury, Venus, Mars, IC, and South Node all in Leo, I’m happy to see Jupiter leave. I’m burned out from the party, ready to clean it up. Then, when Jupiter enters my 5th house in the later part of Virgo, I can have another, better party where everything is planned and perfectly organized and all the guests are happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. We (my husband and I) are thinking very BIG! Outside the box, or as my husband just said, “I was falling asleep in/to my life.” A huge visitation dreaming pointed out something I was missing. Literally, I was told “What are you waiting for?!” Jupiter moves into Virgo mid-way through my 8th House. The service aspect of Legacy-leaving (8th House stuff) is activated. AWAKENED!!

    How long is Jupiter’s transit through Virgo?

      1. Okay lots of time to get clear, focus attention, and serve deeply. Transiting Jupiter conjuncts my husband’s natal Saturn. Transiting Saturn will conjunct my natal Jupiter. Attention to details for both of us to the best use of our time. Sounds like slow and steady.

  9. Free your mind, and the rest will follow! Says my natal Cap Merc 0* heehee. Maybe this will help coming Saturn in Sag too?

  10. I hope you are right with the good stuff coming for Virgo. My Mercury is in Virgo and yes, thinking is very important and Jupiter will be moving into my Sun sign. I hope that it will ease the Saturn square from Sag for a while. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I wonder if this year will bring something very big for me, could you tell me what comes if my return Jupiter is on my 4th house? My natal Jรบpiter is 10 Virgo 12’30” 4th house and my natal sun is 29 saggitarius 25′ 8th house

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