May-December Dating, Love And Marriage

venus symbolI had a Capricorn gal ask about a relationship she’s in, with a younger man.  I look at these situations, favorably because I’ve seen so many that are successful.

There are markers in charts that show a propensity to form these types of relationship In short – it works for them!

In fact, If the two people do overcome whatever resistance they face and form a relationship in spite of age difference, the bond is usually strong and long-lasting.

I covered this at length in my Venus-Saturn Workshop. If you have questions, it’s worth checking out.

I just don’t go for “blocking” (Saturn) love (Venus), or anything else that is good in life!

What do you know about relationships where there was a large gap in age?

13 thoughts on “May-December Dating, Love And Marriage”

  1. I’m proof that they last. I ran from it for years because I swore the odds were against us but he was smart and he waited. I am still in the best and longest relationship I have ever been in and it shows in our charts.

    I am older than he is and my family warned against it. They said it wouldn’t matter in the beginning but as we got older he would go through a midlife crisis and he may stray or he would never be able to understand the things I had to experience first.

    As it turns out I have twice the energy he does. I keep him going, its certainly not the other way around. And, he keeps me grounded. He is the anchor to our ship.

    I can remember saying look junior, this just isn’t going to happen. (26 years ago) but he knew something that I just didn’t know. Real love knows no age, race, distance or gender. You can run from it but it never really goes away.

    For the most part we have lived peacefully together for over 17 years. What if I had listened to my family?

    I read somewhere here on the boards that in synastry you need planets in their 8th house. He has an 8th house in Scorpio and my stellium is in it. ?? I still have more to learn regarding synastry but whatever the case we work and we have since we met. I also don’t believe I met him by accident. This was no accident. I have always felt like I have known him much longer than I actually have.

  2. I’ve married three older men and finally got it “right” the third time with someone who is more than twenty years older than I am.

  3. I’ve almost always been with younger men from just a year to my current flame who is nine years younger. I’m 66, he’s 57. He says he doesn’t even think of age where I’m concerned. And after waaaaay to many years of abstinence (voluntary), sex with him is the best I’ve ever had. At my age it’s more the quality since I realize we will not have longevity. I feel that once you are an adult, you can choose who you prefer regardless of age. I also appreciate that he loves me in spite of my imperfections. I consider it my job to make him the happiest man on earth. Nobody can predict how a couple will be in their relationship for certain, but I don’t have many more chances at love due to my age – I went for it. Even if it doesn’t last forever, it is worth the happiness it brings me,

  4. I have Venus in Taurus square Saturn and was always blocking relationships. I seemed to want to suffer, or had to as to learn the lesson of self-love. I preferred fantasy to reality (my Neptune-Pisces). Now, at age 53, I am comfortable with myself (NN in 1st) and while I am no social butterfly (even though I have Leo rising and Sun in Gemini) I have had many relationships and am very content with my own company. Still very particular with who I associate with however. I don’t need people just to have them around (SN Pisces in 7th). I was always trying to fit in as a kid but it never worked out. Astrology has helped me immensely to figure out, and be OK with, that I need to put myself first (in a good way, i.e. self-nurture and respect.

  5. soup, your post was very helpful.
    I really believe love knows no age, but at the same time I’m too cautions about these kind of things in my own life. For example, this guy much younger then me likes me quite a bit, but I’m not sure if I should go with it. Aquarius Venus opposite Saturn of course.

  6. I personally believe that a persons age, race, or sex is not an issue in matters of true Love, if it doesn’t matter to the two involved in the relationship then it is no body else’s business. I have been involved with men older than I but my current husband of 18 years and still going strong has worked from the very beginning. We just click it was like a Key in a lock. No other key will open the lock only the key that is designed for that specific lock will open it.

  7. I’ve lived with two men who were older than me, one by 12 years and the other by 14. They both wanted to stay at home with me, never wanted to go out and socialise, which was one of the main problems. I like older people but in relationship I need a partner in crime, someone who wants to do the same things as me, have some adventures together, and for that I think I need someone nearer my age, with the same points of reference. I’m not really into living with someone and having a separate life.

    1. @opal, one my ex’s mother was dating someone 30 plus years YOUNGER than her. She was in her 50s, and she just met him at her local bar, (he turned 21) and last i heard, several years ago from some relatives and friends who lived near them that they are still together. He was a true HOMEBODY! when we met him back then, he just loved staying home with his older woman and she cooked and cleaned for him and basically took care of him. It was a harmonious relationship. I know that sounds like a mother/son relationship, but at their core, it works. when me and my ex had dinner with them and conversed with him, he’s so slow-moving and laid-back, he never wanted to go out, and loved to be at home with his woman.

      1. my ex’s mother is a Pisces sun, but don’t remember his sun sign at the time. *shrug* I bet she has capricorn somewhere/ or even aquarius (both saturn ruled)

          1. 😀 I believe it works for them, because they aren’t in the “spotlight” and have to deal with outsiders butting into their business either, and only close people, like family and close friends (their local bar is local indeed — only close, known friends who accept and understand) Otherwise, lots of prejudice/biased people out there will tear them down.

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