Real Change In Relationship (Saturn Opposite Uranus)

This is in response to Dr. Z – The Zodiac Master on Love and Rot:

I remember the day the soldier’s son realized I loved his father as-is. I’d been writing him for months and months and months and finally said something that indicated acceptance of the more difficult or challenging aspects of his nature.

In his son’s mind, his father cannot be moved at all and I mean one inch so if you’re thinking you’re going to do this, barking up the wrong tree.

Though I have no desire to change the soldier, I’d point out this is not really true. It is true for the son because he is the son but between the soldier and I?

Well let’s just say that when someone says, “Don’t give me any bullshit, I’ve known you since you were 17,” it does stop you dead in your tracks. So the change occurs but it’s organic not forced.

For example he changed me, a notorious commitment-phobic into a committed person. I changed him into someone who likes paintings of lovers and the song, Senor Don Gato, again.

We did this by being ourselves and by loving (Venus) the individual (Uranus) and by being lovable individuals. (We both have those planets mashed as well)

7 thoughts on “Real Change In Relationship (Saturn Opposite Uranus)”

  1. Elsa, change can be unorganic? Are you saying when someone tries to ‘force’ you for their own ego instead of changing you because they love you for the better?

  2. “We did this by being ourselves and by loving (Venus) the individual (Uranus) and by being lovable individuals”

    Elsa, can you elaborate a bit more on this interplay between Venus (Love) and Uranus (Individual)?

  3. Thank you!

    So the individual must learn how to first get comfortable with their own individuality (Uranus) in order to be comfortable in a relationship (Venus)?


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