Sleep With Her Husband At Your Own Risk – Instant Karma?

satori and I, still talking, circa 2007..

“Thing is, she could not have expected that,” I said. “She slept with married men, habitually. It was a habit, conscious or otherwise. She was a serial… this was her thing. By and large they position themselves as the hot one. They’re the Lolita and the wife is the dowdy wife. Even if they’re 40, they think this. They are the hot thing and the wife is the oppressive mother figure in an apron and they’re going to do this man right.”

“That’s right.”

“Yeah. So it never occurs to them, the guy they’re nabbing is going to have sex with them and go home thinking that wasn’t all that good.”

We laughed.

“No matter what he says as he’s getting out of bed… he may be escaping. They think they’re saucy but maybe they’re not. Maybe they’re going to be criticized. Their performance or their body. And they sure as hell don’t expect the wife to be able to rise up and take them out… cleanly.”

“They expect to win,” she said. ‘When you sleep with someone’s husband, it’s supposed to mean you won.”

“Yeah. You conquered the woman and the man. But there are people out there in nature… people like you. People like the soldier and if you run into one of them while you’re pulling your crap, you’re going to be enormously sorry.”

“Uh huh.”

“Like you. You see a woman getting raped and go over and pull the bastard off her. You’ve done that.”

“That’s right,” she said. “That’s not going to happen. Not on my watch.”

“Well my watch is not so stout,” I said. “So I’m  glad there are people like you sprinkled around. It seems very important to me. Like that guy I told you about. He’s 70 years old, on a tour bus in Costa Rica with all these other retireds and these bandits / robbers get on the bus to rob all of them. They were holding a gun to this woman’s head and this guy… he was ex-military, a passenger in the group. He got up and next thing you know, one of the bandits was dead. He killed the guy with his bare hands and after that I guess the other two backed down. Whoops! They weren’t expecting this. They were expecting to dominate and handily. But apparently they messed with the wrong tour bus on the wrong day because this guy was on it.”


“Or like the serial rapist who winds up on top a woman with some self defense training who reached down and pops his nut. Whoops! Now he better get off her and get to a hospital or he is going to die. And this stuff is all incredibly violent, but if there were no people out there like this, then what? It seems to me that some people are due to meet their instant karma and other people are here to deliver it.”

“I wrote about the woman who slept with my husband; I may not be that hot, but I’m hotter than you.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I don’t think that was the feedback she was expecting.”

What do you think about these situations?

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18 thoughts on “Sleep With Her Husband At Your Own Risk – Instant Karma?”

  1. I think we need more men and women like this in the world that will stand up and take whatever is coming. Sadly so many of us, myself too somedays, will allow this stuff to happen. Partly because we are shocked and are in disbelief, partly because it’s so scarey to confront someone who is doing wrong.

    But we also need to say thank you to those who do stand up and do right instead of analyzing them to death (especially on tv – well, now, why did you….?) Back in the “old days” society had a standard and if someone enforced it it was “well because that’s what’s right” A damned good answer!

    It can happen from little things like a conflict with a roommate that brings over that slimy guy that tries to touch you (you need to stand up to the roommate) or to the rapist that satori came across.


  2. I do think more people need to stand up and be willing to face what happens. And I agree that some people are so shocked by what they see they can’t.
    I’ve intervened before and gotten beaten. Beaten as in kicked in the head! But I have also intervened and had good results. I think this comes instinctually for some people. I have Mars in Aries (3rd) opposed Pluto in Libra (9th) and squared my Capricorn
    Moon (1st). I’m not always good at knowking which way it’s going to go.
    As for the husband-sleeping situation, I can’t say that I would handle it in that way. But I’d be furious. Oh, I’d be angry! There’s actually no telling what I’d do and so I really can’t decide what I make of Satori’s response to the other woman.

  3. I’ve been working on this for a year or two, trying to stand up to situations that emotionally comparable (although not equivalent) — deliver some instant karma as it were, or just not take a crap off someone! I sure hope if I was ever attacked, I could pop a rapist’s nut… I’m squirming now but I think I could work up the bloodlust if attacked. It’s fight or flight!

    And it’s always been easier for me to stick up for someone else than to defend myself (Moon/Mars in Libra), but when I started thinking of myself as a friend to protect it got easier. Kudos to that 70 year-old guy!

  4. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    I firmly believe in karma, what goes around comes around. There are people in the world that can act on karma’s behalf, and are placed to deliver consequences. Those people are necessary in this world. I am not one of those people, and I’m okay with that. I’m not going to stand in the way of one of those people either. Now that’s in extreme situations. In minor situations, day to day injustices, I am capable, and do speak up for what’s right.

    It was one of those women that prefers attached men that provided the catalyst for the end of my marriage. What did I do? I let her keep him! That was punishment enough for that audacity. 😉 Funny thing is, though, he didn’t want to keep her too long. It seems to me that as much as a married man wants to fool around (those married men that do such things, I know it’s not all of ’em, by a stretch), he doesn’t want to give up the stability of his marriage. So almost always, the mistress ends up being the loser. There’s no “winning” when you play a dishonorable game.

  5. my ‘rose among thorns’ moment.
    As I handed the 30 day notice to the former friend and client who was canoodling and colluding with my husband…It just came to me with a frosty, regal disdain and I turned and said,
    “You should know, Dear. Ken doesn’t come with accessories. [gesturing across my beautiful home and stables] All of this?…belongs to Barbie, you silly little bitch. [turned at the exit to add] Oh and, Dear? Ken doesn’t come with any balls, either.”
    I made it back to the house before puking my guts bloody, too. FTW! (*raises shaky fist in victory*)

  6. reminds me of the story in the news recently about the greek woman who set a guys balls on fire after he drunkenly molested her (waving his junk in her face, grabbing her etc). I say in circumstances like that they’ve bloody well got it coming! I’m tired of society saying we’re supposed to lie down and take it and then rely on the police and the law to fix things, which it seems they rarely do.

  7. @korellyn What a crazy story! Setting a drunk guy’s balls on fire, thats f’n hilarious. Bet he didn’t see it coming. One should not run over their spouse like that one lady in the news with her child in the car but one should def. stick up for oneself and not put up with bullshit. At least do it so the air is clean if at all possible. Cause karma may exist. The innocents are always cleaner in the end at least of heart.

  8. CP Griffin – you are a ROCK STAR. Bloody puke or not. I’m in awe of you for pulling that one down!

  9. omg you all have great guts!
    A friend’s mother, in her 60’s was assailed in an elevator by a 6 ft.+ men with a knife. Somehow she grabbed him so that he ended up being stabbed pretty badly. And then he sued her! She almost lost because the guy had a good lawyer, no priors and what 5.2 ft pint-size women could defend herself against some one that much taller and heavier then her? She had to have the aggressor’s advantage to begin with. Whaaat?!! In the end she did win. 🙂 He messed with the wrong person… twice!

    PS. Cant remember if she had any self defense training, only that she was a seasoned biker, e.g as in this tiny woman knew how to use her weight balance to swing her heavy cruiser back upright if it had dropped.

  10. It’s like the woman who had an affair with Trump and was on TV “apologizing” to Melania. Mistresses get delusional that they have the upper hand, some status. Lady, Melania has tons of millions and social status and what did you get? Attention as a mistress? He tried to give you a few bucks from his wallet, he didn’t offer to put your name on a property deed.
    But somehow she was significant and not a blip. Ok, lol. (This could be any man, btw, it’s not about Trump).

  11. the mistresses always get the bad end of the deal i’ve seen.

    unless they get with a man who will accept “Open relationship” and then she shares the bounty with the trio. but what i’ve seen, mistresses get nothing much. The mistress ends up lonely and alone and less of everything in life compared to the wife. Because the wife is number 1 and the husband usually will stay with #1

    the mistress also gets dowdy and old too, so …well everyone gets old.

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