Sleep With Her Husband At Your Own Risk Redux

leonard cohen energy of slavesAlison writes on Sleep With Her Husband At Your Own Risk:

In the sixties we did see new ways of being; the pill gave sexual liberation, revolutionary art, poetry, music and fashion. However, having observed my fellow peers with Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo there is a deep conservatism in this bunch. Like the Virgo is private and this group can keep their radicalness private and not on display. Some friends (of this group) have very mainstream, suburban, straight lives on the surface – but dig a little deeper and there will be an (one ?) aspect of their lives that is very naughty, risque and/or potentially criminal, experimental, creative. Many choose safe lives on the surface whilst being underground mavericks. Would love to hear more from Elsa with her knowledge an experiences with this curious lot.

Alison, I agree with your take on this and here’s an example. This is the same friend here. Satori, who is a Pisces with her sun opposite the Pluto Uranus conjunction.

“Listen to this,” I said, reading from Leonard Cohen’s book, “Energy Of Slaves”:

I left a woman waiting
I met her sometime later
She said, Your eyes are dead
What happened to you, lover

And since she spoke the truth to me
I tried to answer truly
Whatever happened to my eyes
Happened to your beauty

O go to sleep my faithful wife
I told her rather cruelly
Whatever happened to my eyes
Happened to your beauty

“See that! Don’t tell Leonard Cohen his eyes or dead or he’ll write a poem about you! Gah. How would you like to be that gal?”

“No, thank you,” she said.

“Well I think I’d die! Don’t mess with a writer! You should read this book because you write like this.”

“I do?”

“Yeah. Fact is you’re not that nice,” I said. “I know you’re supposed to be. I know your mother said you are but you are actually deadly… when you write.”


Pisces, see. She has no idea what she’s doing. “Yes, when you write. For example… well remember when that woman slept with your husband?” (“A Tale of Two Pisces”)


“Okay, well you cut her throat all over your blog. Do you remember doing this?”

She laughed. “Of course! That was fun. I called her a Grackel,” she said with a snort. “That’s a big ugly bird,” she added, proudly. We both roared.

“Yeah you did. And you did a lot more than that.”

“Yeah, I was pretty bad.”

“Whatever. I didn’t think it was bad. I thought it was… well just like, Cohen. I am going to watch what I say about his body parts and you? Well I am not going to sleep with your husband for sure!”

She laughed.

“You know how to fight… and win. It’s in you. You have this energy. It’s yours if you can just get it loose reading some of this stuff. Get the movies from the 60’s, I’ll tell you which ones and watch them. Because you hardly ever write on your blog, but we still read it.”

“No I don’t. And when I do, I never say anything.”

“Well, not very often. But we all still read and this is why. We think you might get pissed off and slaughter someone else and if you do, we’ll want to see it. So as you can see this is not very country-club. It’s not what your mother wants you to be, however it is what you are and if you can find a way to own this and hone it, I think you will have a whole new life.”

Satori wrote about the woman who slept with her husband:

(an excerpt)

Beneath all that Spackle
She looks like a grackle
At least my true nature
Won’t cause one to faint…

“She wore this thick pancake makeup,” she explained.

I laughed. “You also talked about her ass,” I said. “You wrote on your blog that your husband said her ass was nothing special. You said that he said she had a not-so-special ass, for a woman her age,” I said.

“Yep, I wrote that,” she said. We were on the phone but I just knew she was smiling.

“Gah. Can you imagine how she felt when she read that? Sleep with a man and this is what comes back to you?” I shook my head. “I can’t even imagine. Veneer aside. Sacrificing Pisces aside, you are a freakishly endowed with very potent energy and I think you ought to use it. And it’s a Uranus transit to your Sun, so this is your creative energy. I would like to see some more shockingly (Uranus) potent (Pluto) poems out of you myself because I know they’re in there.”

Do you have a talent no one knows you have? And if you’re a Pisces, do you have a talent maybe you don’t even know you have? Tell us!

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15 thoughts on “Sleep With Her Husband At Your Own Risk Redux”

  1. I’ve a Pisces ascendant and can cut people to shreds with my words (myself included). Not really a gift, per se. I try to harness it, but I have mercury conjunct mars and mars conjunct moon.

  2. Photography and cooking are my gifts. My sisters and mother are all incredible artists and I used to feel really down that I didn’t get that kind of creative energy, but I’ve finally found my own. The only really rotten thing I can think of on me is if you really, truly go overboard and damage me somehow, I can turn into a T-Rex, shrieking and all while I tear you up. But that’s about a once-every-five-years occurrence.

    Being born in the 60’s, these antecdotes are interesting to read. Besides, I love Leonard Cohen and even more so after reading some of your observations on him. 😉

  3. I have a Pisces ascendat, Sun, and Jupiter. Most times I’m pretty easygoing. Some people even might think of me as real “nice”. But, when crossed I have a mean streak. A childhood example of this is when one of my classmates had a pack of gum. She doled out pieces to all the girls except me even though whenever I had gum I gave her a piece. At the park the next day I saw an ant filled peppermint on the grouond. I dusted off the ants, tighted the wrapper and gave my classmate the candy. Watching her suck on the candy was sweet revenge. I also can cut someone with words.

  4. Turns out I have a talent for writing….in a particular way. Just one person knows it.

    All the rest of the people probably just think I’m, “La, la, la…” ditzy. nice. cute. But I am a Scorpio, after all (and Venus in Scorpio). (I don’t know if anyone ever asks me what my sign is) Also, I have an iron will. Just tell me I can’t do something. You might as well wave the red flag in front of the bull. Because if you tell me I can’t do something, I bloody well will.

  5. As one of the generation of Pluto/Uranus in Virgo, I can guaran-damn-tee you that while I look like every other soccer mom in this tiny town, I damned well am not. Surprises people, and I get a kick out of it.

    {{{Satori}}} I remember when all that happened. Crazy shit, but some kick ass poetry flew forth and I was impressed as hell you held your head high and took no prisoners! Inspiring, to say the least.

  6. I’m born in the Uranus/Pluto generation as well. I write and have been posting my stuff online for a few years. Online I have a small following, but there is only one person in my real life who has ever read any of my writing.

    The other thing about my generation, at least among people I know, we’ve always had two careers going on (or at least two jobs). It may just be the profession I happen to be in and the fact that I live in NYC. We’re singers, musicians, actors, artists but we also take temp work or even take on a full-time job to make ends meet. NYC is an exorbitantly expensive place to live – even when I finally established myself with good, steady gigs there were some months that were slower and I needed to fill in with temp work. And the fact that I have something else I can do gives me a backup plan when the economy (and the business I’m in) takes a downturn, like now. I think that’s the practical Virgo part, which is a signature in the charts of my generation.

  7. Yes. Maybe I wouldn’t surprise you folks because I talk to you about all kinds of things–but many people in my day to day life would be shocked if they knew my magic-making abilities;)

  8. Amy – I have often responded to the “what do you do” question by saying I am a Jill Of All Trades. Right now, I support my household by waitressing, doing some secret shopping within 100 miles of home, and merchandising when I can pick it up.

    Good trait to have, for sure!

  9. LOL, Kris, it is definitely a good trait to have (especially if you’re supporting a family) and I do see the quality in a lot of people of our generation.

    I also happen to have Gemini on my Midheaven (falls in the 9th house using Equal system) which probably just exaggerates even more the “Jill of All Trades” tendency in me.

  10. Love this story. Hey my daughter is a pisces with a leo rising, maybe she is secretly deadly too. I am also a pisces sun, no known talents hahaha, they must be deeply hidden.

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