Teenager, Elizabeth Smart Owns Jerk, Nancy Grace: Sun Conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 10th House Smackdown

Now this is what I am talkin’ about. Some people are equipped to handle themselves and Elizabeth Smart is one of them. I’m sorry but mess with this girl at your own risk because it’s clear she knows a twit when she sees one.

Watch the teenager, handle condescending, feigning emotion, wishing-she she-could-better-manipulate-and exploit-the-girl, Nancy Grace (who really ought to know better).

Link to Elizabeth’s chart is below.

Click to see Elizabeth Smart’s natal chart

32 thoughts on “Teenager, Elizabeth Smart Owns Jerk, Nancy Grace: Sun Conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 10th House Smackdown”

  1. WTF??? “I thought you’d want to speak to victims?” What a bunch of effen garbage. Like adults are the only people capable of acting courageously and honourably!

  2. ha.. her reaction reminds me of me.. I hated condescending adults/people and would react like her. I have pluto on my sun as well.
    Although I admire her aries moon and jupiter held in check by her ability to have tact with her mercury in libra. Nice combo. And nice combo of the libra and scorpio energy together.

  3. I remember in Grade 10 electronics class, I picked up a strobe light without a case, not realizing it was plugged in. I remember the feeling going through me every tenth of a second, like every nerve in my body had turned into angry, stabbing hot needles.

    I still get that feeling in my auditory canals, sometimes, when I watch Nancy Grace. Or when listen to sheet metal being sawed.

  4. Ha, that is fantastic. There’s another one where this boy is being interviewed because he won some big spelling bee. The interviewer pushes a product into the interview, telling him he heard that the boy’s mom makes him a Bumblebee Tuna sandwich before every spelling bee. The kid said “no, I hate tuna” – it was so funny. Totally exposed the anchor’s douchebaggery.

  5. Elizabeth made Nancy look like an even MORE giantic dunderhead than she does on her own! Yippy-Skippy!!!

    Reminds me of myself once when at age 14 a prosecuting attorney tried to get me to trip up in a case against my Dad (who was innocent by the way!) I ended up making him look the arze-y end of the fool.

    Good for you Elizabeth – L.o.v.e. LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you stuck to your guns!! And the little disbelieving eye-roll didn’t hurt either! THAT was some good TV right there.

  6. Elizabeth just bristles at the victim mentality being applied to her…

    She makes it really clear it isn’t a situation that makes you a victim but how you deal and also whether you ‘cling’. Victims are encouraged to milk it – but in the end it hurts your selfhood.

    ‘Thought you’d want to reach out to other victims.’ The true victims in cases like this can’t be reached as they’re 6 ft under and never found. Elizabeth Smart is a survivor.

    (And THX for posting this – it was very interesting and some of us rarely watch tv.)

  7. Oh my God – is this a news report or a damned hearty-hearty show? I want to slap that reporter, what a disgrace!

    I love the look Elizabeth gives to the side: duh πŸ˜‰

  8. Nancy Grace is not a reporter. She’s tabloid sleaze. She does not belong on cable news. She belongs on the Jerry Springer show.

    1. watching this, nancy grace just wasnt thinking about Elizabeth Smart, she just wants more talk, meaning more information out of her, to get more ratings, maybe. More info, more ratings i guess. Which is kind of heartless when you think about it, due to the fact Elizabeth smart went through a traumatic experience. It’s not gonna go away even 50 years from now, the wounds will always be there.
      and it’s weird because Ms. Smart told her she doesn’t want to be interviewed about that. nancy grace’s way of “controlling” the situation to favour in her way didnt work. I can recognize that too in me with other situations with people. Although not ever in where someone had gone through something traumatic. i want to know very much, but i will keep a very respectful distance/privacy. i too have to keep in check about control, and controlling the environment or around me. (i recognize this as me being cardinal) I sometimes have it when i adapt (mutable) into the environment but, after time. Maybe that is the fixed in Nancy Grace’s chart; she has a scorpio stellium cardinal dominant. nancy grace has that cancer moon opposite saturn capricorn too. very good topic for the cardinal full moon. πŸ™‚

  9. In case you didn’t realize, Nancy Grace is also a Scorpio, so by default, she’s got Pluto ruling her Sun, wouldn’t you say? So aren’t you kind of contradicting yourself…?

    I’ve also noticed the Sun-pluto conjunction isn’t that rare amongst Scorpios born in the years ’84-’87. Almost all of them have it, including me.

    I also don’t have much sympathy for this girl. She had so many chances to run away and she didn’t. If Scorpio’s are supposed to be strong in times of crises, why didn’t she try her hardest to escape? Wasn’t there a little 6-year-old girl who was kidnapped and kept in a basement and DID try and DID escape? And I’m sure she didn’t have the Sun-pluto-conjunction mumbo-jumbo.

    So stop trying to glorify her.

  10. “I also don’t have much sympathy for this girl. She had so many chances to run away and didn’t.”

    I guess I agree with that on some level… but at the same time, who knows what happened to her there (and what kind of threats were made to get her to stay)… I know she could have just left anyway, but still…

    Also Nancy Grace really did come across as extremely condescending (“little girl,” very forced sounding empathy, etc.), to the point where it was embarrassing to watch.

  11. nancy grace being a scorpio doesn’t surprise me, bitchy power tripper, right? plus that hairdo–yikes! eeewwww and that phony sugary sweet voice, double eeeccchhhh. and then this guy “I also don’t have much sympathy for this girl. She had so many chances to run away and she didn’t.” highly typical response of a person who doesn’t have empathy, not just for this situation, but no empathy as a personality trait. I don’t think that empathy can be taught or learned after a certain point. I do glorify Elizabeth Smart, smart by name and nature. Elizabeth didn’t let ms. weird-do push her around.

  12. It probably would have been more accurate for me to have said “I guess I understand what you mean on some level” rather than “I guess I agree with that on some level”… if that’s not quite the same thing. Anyway it doesn’t matter how it’s interpreted as I’m not even completely sure which I meant (or mean) myself, so whatever.

    One of the things I love most about Scorpios (even when I strongly disagree and/or it hurts) is that they have a tendency to say things without beating around the bush. Jess is a perfect example… blunt and to the point… you don’t have to wonder where they stand.

  13. Here, I’ll try again.

    Nancy tried to GUILT Elizabeth. Did. Not. Work.

    Nancy thought SOMETHING needed to be said to other children (but not really), because if she actually believed that she would use her platform to say it herself. She was attempting to slap Elizabeth’s wrist (guilt, guilt, guilt) for coming on her show and not performing the dog and pony act she had laid out in her mind would get her the best ratings.

    Jess, we just don’t know what kinds of threats were made against her or her family. I myself am not aware of what exactly she did try to do to get away, if any, as I didn’t keep up with the events.

  14. I’m sure like any true scorpionic she bided her time, playing off the situation until she could get away. When under other people’s control scorpio goes sly – it’s not an aries. As well I don’t think that she was asking for sympathy/empathy – as seen in the video – because i’m sure in her mind at the time she did have some control and was using their weaknesses to plan an escape. I’m surprised Jess wouldn’t be able to relate to that.

    As well just because Nancy is a scorpio doesn’t make her a good scorpio who can admire power in others. In fact for her she looked threatened by it because her power is actually most probably in virgo energy where she needs the other to be the victim in order to be the savior. And maybe that moment for her was part of a pluto square to her pluto from pluto in sagittarius demanding her to not do the victim/savior dynamic in favour of true journalism. It would have gone a lot better then.

  15. Elizabeth was tied to a tree with a wire cable and raped for 2 months straight.She was obviously too traumatized to try anything against her psychotic kidnappers after that.Those of you who criticize her need to look at her ordeal through the eyes of a kid not the eyes of an adult.

  16. “Those of you who criticize her need to look at her ordeal through the eyes of a kid not the eyes of an adult.”

    And for God’s sake, most ADULTS would not be in a sane frame of mind after what Smart went through.

    Judging a rape/kidnap victim for her own victimization is beyond reprehensible.

  17. I get so tired of people treating her as though she’s some sort of superhero. She’s not that great. And she is just a kid, so she really should watch her mouth and respect her elders (Grace!). You must all be children for the way you talk about ‘condescending adults.’ Please. Adults are smarter than kids.

    Also, yes, I feel sorry she was raped because no one can help that. However, she did have chances to run away so I can’t feel sorry for her in that regard.

    And who really cares about this girl anyway? Why does she get so much coverage? If she was a minority child from a poor background, no one would care.

  18. I think Elizabeth handled the interview in a very poised and intelligent manner.

    I find it strange that some people posting on the blog are polarized negatively on this young girl. I am wondering if it is because Elizabeth is so contained and focused, that she is threatening to some people?

    I would not presume to know what her experiences were and judge her actions in how she dealt with the situation on a daily basis, unless I went through the same experience. Even then, I am a different person and a different age. I am just damned happy that she survived and is focused on bettering her life and others.

    I am amazed at the ratings of a show that professes to be a news program. This woman is supposedly a lawyer with a tragic loss of a fiance that she manipulated into a career. I also wonder now she is a mother, how she would handle a case if one of them experienced the same situation as Elizabeth. I guess it would be a huge scoop between a mother and child delving into the salacious details for the audience that keeps this show’s ratings high enough to be on the air.

    I found it mind boggling that there was a big deal on her show about dolls of victims being sold for profit using tragic victims images. The hypocrisy is that that is exactly what her show does daily in my opinion. Both parties, I don’t know the name of the doll maker, and Nancy Grace are revolting to the same degree.

    I would equate her show as news reporting with a lawyer’s perspective to the same level as Jerry Springer is to talk shows. Seriously, what does it say about the American psyche that these kinds of shows remain on tv with the ratings they apparently have?

  19. Anna –
    ”feel sorry she was raped because no one can help that.” ”And who really cares about this girl anyway? ”

    my answer:
    Yes.. I agree… You are a Kind Compasionate Person

    ” Adults are smarter than kids.” . ”However, she did have chances to run away so I can’t feel sorry for her in that regard”

    My answer:
    Then how can you believe that it was easy for her to run away?

  20. Elizabeth Smart testified today:


    “Prosecutors used Smart’s testimony to underscore their central point: Mitchell, they insist, is faking mental illness so he won’t have to go trial. For 100 minutes, Smart described Mitchell as a sex-crazed hypocrite who used religion to get sex, food, drugs and alcohol. She maintained her composure when describing her first rape shortly after her abduction. She said Mitchell raped her three to four times a day during her nine months as his captive.”

  21. Nancy Grace is the greatest. She was trying to help that little girl, but she decided to go into some kind of a mental breakdown on TV. If the girl didn’t want to talk about it, than she doesn’t have to. And Nancy Grace respected her for not wanting to talk it because she dropped the conversion like that. Am I missing something? I don’t see anything evil about Nancy Grace on video.

  22. Scorpioandproud

    Since she is back in the news and has a book coming out instead of opening a new post about her I thought I would go back and look at what might already be here. I am shocked and horrified by some of the remarks on this thread. I try to remember what I was like as a girl of 14. In no way ready for any kind of sexual experience I find it hard to imagine what I would have done if I had to live it. I can imagine what kind of work it did on her mind. Trying to survive assault after assault with a gross and filthy man who certainly had the balls to walk into her home in the middle of the night. If he told me he would go back and kill my family I would have believed him. I am certain it is something I would never get over but I can assure you no matter what has happened in my life I never like to be portrayed as a victim. I can’t play the victim even though I have been through some things myself that would lend someone to think perhaps I have been. I will talk about my past, but don’t dare feel sorry for me. My past horrors have allowed me to have a backbone made of iron!!

    I could see the expression on Elizabeth’s face and the look in her eyes when she stated more than once she was not there to speak of her experience. Look at her eyes. I recognize my own when I am watching her.

    I feel disgust for those who feel no empathy for a sheltered 14 year old who was chained to a tree and forced to have sex with a filthy haggard old piece of shit while a woman no better than he watched. It was two against one…..against a child. Thank god she was a Scorpio. It’s probably what saved her, and had made her able to stand up and talk about it today. You can see the Scorpio in her eyes and dripping our her pores…. However this changed her I admire her ability to show cool strength even though I am sure there are always going to be monsters under her bed. No one could fully recover from that without residual in the closet, Scorpio or not. She was able to go on but we don’t know what it took for her to do that. Someone propped her back up. And, she has to stand before the world while everyone knows who and what took her innocence. That is strength. That is steel.

    Why is it when someone is able to live through something horrific we have less sympathy for them? If she had died then would there have been sympathy? Is it because she was able to stay alive and live to tell the story we think she could have escaped sooner…….so we don’t feel her worthy of compassion?

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