Solar Return Of My Wedding aka Anniversary Chart

solar return weddingThis is the solar return chart of my wedding, which will take place next month. You can click the chart to enlarge it.

If this chart belonged to a random couple, I would probably wince.  But it’s my husband and I so I feel energized.

  • Death in the family (Scorpio moon)? Yes, probably.
  • Committed relationship? (Venus Saturn & Saturn in 7th). Yes.
  • Insane luck and grace? (Jupiter Uranus in 9th) – Highly likely.

Venus is in detriment but playing well with Mars in Scorpio.  Effective help.

Love and money are prominent in this chart. I don’t know.  We both go for “blood pumping” activities. My husband sees a whirlwind on the horizon. I’d say, this is it.

Do you ever check the solar return of your wedding chart?

2 thoughts on “Solar Return Of My Wedding aka Anniversary Chart”

  1. Funny you tap into this topic!
    I did this from a slightly different angle and discovered Pluto began his long transit through my 12th House the day we “signed the paper” on marriage certificate after many years of living together.
    15 years later: whew we’re still at it, but transfigured 🥵

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