These Things When You Realize Them ::Faints:: Who Are You NOT Attracted To?

george_clooney.jpgThis is for today’s stellium in Libra…

I was just writing a pal, I told her I did not like men who were prettier than me.Β  I have been saying this since I was a teenager.Β  Body builders and the like who like their body better than mine are just plain OUT! George Clooney? Yuck!

As I hit, ‘send” I realized I also don’t like men who are cultured and civilized beyond my level and since I am as RAW as they come, I guess there is really no choice but for me to be with a Special Forces solider who sleeps on rocks and eats bugs!

Ha ha ha! Apparently I am just hotter than hot, all fired up but I still want to be the girl, damn it!

What kind of “other person” will you take a pass on every time?

18 thoughts on “These Things When You Realize Them ::Faints:: Who Are You NOT Attracted To?”

  1. Urgh!
    . dudes who play tons and tons of video games
    . or have no interest in traveling
    . who are above buying tampons
    . mock other human’s bodies for being too X, Y, or Z
    . who can’t walk away from a fight
    . who aren’t into sex
    . or are intimidated by my Dad (he’s great, I swear!)

  2. Dull, humorless men. I have fallen for really odd looking guys (by George Clooney standards) for the simple reason, they are out there. But I gotta’ be honest, I wouldn’t mind a rendesvouz with Clooney.

  3. lol!

    hmmm, for me:
    – narrow-minded
    – bad manners
    – lacking self-control
    – lacking hygiene
    – and if he tries to tell me what to do or patronize me in any way? no way!

  4. Men who are prettier than me (and care about it more – uhm hello?), men who talk down to me, guys who leave me to fend for myself, men who aren’t nicer than I am, men without a large and forgiving perspective on people/the world, and anyone who seems really angry. Men who put the responsibility for whoever/whatever they are on other people (responsibility, not credit. ain’t nothing wrong with giving credit where it’s due), similarly take charge/responsibility for who you are and what you are and where you are. People who are mired in unhappiness and doing nothing to get unstuck.

  5. Skinny men. I would agree with you on the “pretty” factor, but my true turn off is skin-and-bones. I don’t mean to be body-type-judgmental, it’s just… I can’t do it. I need my man to be substantial.

  6. I’m like you, Elsa, although I will admit that when I saw that photo of George Clooney, I kind of went, Oohhh…

    But in real life? Yeah, not so much.

    My Gemini friend loves to flaunt her pretty boys. Not me. Not sure what the astrology is here, but I like them to be for my eyes only. πŸ™‚

  7. . race car types
    . misogonists
    .poor hygiene, definitely. (Please shower before you try to get with me. I’ve got a packed sixth house and I’m Venus ruled.)
    .men who make bad jokes and then laugh really loudly at themselves. Jeez.

  8. I like confidence, but despise arrogance..that sense of “I’m better than you, or the next person, or the next person, therefore I’m entitled to act like a jerk.” I tend to want to knock them down a few notches, which doesn’t always make for the best relationship. πŸ˜‰

    Control freaks. Let me be me, and you can be you, and we’ll see how we do, okay? πŸ™‚


    If I squint and just this way, all those things probably tie in together.

    Although I have to agree with poor hygiene as well.

  9. Turn-offs:
    -Moustaches (beards are OK)
    – brat-like, boyish behaviour over 40. (mia mamma types)And I have a gemini 7th house? I wonder.
    -lack of sense of humour.i like serious fun types.
    -Mean (with money and anything else)
    -Poor-me types
    -tiny men with big egos
    -Bores.Lack of conversation or intelligence.I think it was Woody Allen (btw, tiny guy…) who said that sex was in the brain.
    – Unattractive body smell.Definitely, my nose rules me.
    – I do like handsome guys.Problem is how handsome they think they are.
    -That plutonian gaze!
    -Good friends, generous
    -and courageous.
    That amounts to Aqua/scorpio types, i guess;)

  10. Awww…Jennifer, I’ll take those macho manly men!! hahaha…I like the “man’s man” type…confident to the very edge of arrogance…I swoon at intelligence…and he has to have an awesome (preferably offbeat) sense of humour…oh, and he has to want sex…often πŸ˜›

    Don’t like it when they smell bad (though a little sweaty is good…mmm), are idiots, thoughtless, unkind to people/animals, can’t talk or put up w/how much *I* talk, feminine-looking (hate Brad Pitt…LURVE Clooney), and no trying to control me!! um…I know there’s more, but I can’t think of anything.

    I’ve also noticed that I have a thing for men w/pale skin, dark hair & eyes, and long noses (think French, Spanish, Italian…oh, and Jewish!) πŸ˜€

  11. OMG cannot stand blond hair and blue eyes. Or even dark hair and blue eyes.
    Cold emotional-less men.
    Men who know nothing about wine and good food.
    Men who are incapable of telling me, with conviction as they gaze into my eyes, “You are beautiful. Gorgeous. I love you.”

    Any surprise all the men in my life are/have been Italian? There is πŸ˜‰

  12. I’m with you on the guys who are more pretty, and for me, more effeminate than me. Basically Brad Pitt. I could stand George Clooney (only because his ego is so huge it makes an easy target:)), but Brad Pitt. Too feminine. Too pretty. Too fragile and easy.

    I’ll also take a pass on orcs. Meaning – guys who are so slovenly in some form, I’m just revolted. (Bad breath, BO, completely scraggely in some way.)

    I think somehow these kinds of guys are on opposite ends of the same spectrum that have something (from my perspective) to do with Libra.

    And guys who are just more together than me. Too clean cut and perfectly driven. They may want me, but even if they did, I couldn’t allow myself to have them (pretty sure that’s a Venus/Rising in Virgo dynamic).

  13. kashmiri, this is almost a conundrum. Those are two tasty men!

    I can appreciate them aesthetically, I really get it. But to actually sit across from them at the breakfast table–I can’t see it. I think I find blue eyes effeminate or something, pretty. I have them myself. And maybe I associate dark eyes (the opposite of mine) with depth, strength and penetration. (hehe penetration–rawr!)

    One Italian guy was pursuing me–no lie–a copy of Antonio Banderas but with bright blue eyes. He looked like a model. I couldn’t get past the eyes! And I love Antonio Banderas BTW.

    I felt bad I didn’t feel like swooning over him like his beauty deserved. Some other woman would LOVE to stare into those eyes.

    It also didn’t help that he was a gym rat and dumb as a stump! πŸ˜‰

  14. ::snickers::
    I have never been into blonde-ness in men. Something in my DNA likes swarthy looking. My SO is actually bald but he still his his dark brows and super crazy grey eyes. They just…penetrate. Heh heh.

  15. I’m not big on the Clooney type either, that kind of anonymous, empty standard of beauty promoted by the media. I actually realized I’m not attracted to handsome men period. I find men attractive *when* I am attracted, I am NOT attracted because I find them attractive, if this makes sense.
    I will also take a pass on cold, emotionless types, those with whom I can’t seem to keep up a compelling, engaging conversation (my Libra Moon in 3rd is really kicking in these days! I tend to come up with insightful observations and deep thoughts, why do you answer me in grunts? πŸ™ ), arrogant and overconfident types (I like humble!), men who are not high-minded enough for my standards (maybe this sounded a bit arrogant too, I reckon).

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