Stellium In Aries Vs Planets In Libra – Social War

The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus are all in Aries right now. If you have planets in Libra, like I do, I bet you’re sick of being pushed and perhaps, provoked.

Last night, I was at a gathering. A gal was passing by. I smiled and nodded, she did the same, then decided to corral me and do what she does – complain bitterly.

She began to complain about this other woman, who I like and respect. The second she opened her mouth, I was looking for an exit. To my horror, the gal being discussed came walking right up behind the gal talking about her, by name.

Hearing part of the conversation, the second woman was unfazed.  She stopped to remark for the record. It was nothing new or interesting. These two had bickered in my presence earlier in the week. It’s what I hate about our current society. So many people have no clue how to resolve a conflict, absorb a loss, or whatever. People seem content to bicker their lives away.  I was uncomfortable and let the second woman’s comments end the conversation.

A few minutes later, the second woman came to lobby my opinion. I’m on her side, anyway and said so publically when this whole thing started. But now she was sitting next to me, with the first woman, glaring at me as if to say,  “I thought you could be trusted!”

Having already weighed in on their conflict, I did want to tell the second woman, that I was not talking about her. “I was being talked to,” I explained. “I was not talking behind your back…”

Well, she knew that. But then someone else sat down; the authority figure. Woman number two started telling him, woman number one was on the rampage and would probably be approaching him. As soon as the words left her mouth, woman number two came up behind her to start more bickering.

“I’ve got to go,” I said. I didn’t even pretend to have a reason, outside of just feeling drained by endless squabbling. It’s so boring.  Why get up and get dressed and come to a social thing, if only to bitch?

In astrology we say that Pluto / Scorpio is repulsive. But isn’t this repulsive? I guess these women may be obsessed but it seems more competitive. They want to WIN and they want the other to LOSE.  But in reality, they both lose. Because I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to hear it, over and over, day in and day out, for weeks if not months or years.

Can you settle an argument? If you can’t, this would be a worthwhile skill to try to acquire.  It’s only your life going down the tubes as you bicker and bicker and bicker and bicker. Don’t forget, Saturn in Sagittarius. Access your higher mind!

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  1. Jupiter in Libra causes desire of social privileges. It is opposing Mercury and Uranus in Aries now and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. And Venus is in Aries, Jupiter’s ruler. Your caption is right, social war.:)

  2. Gad. A strong case for boundaries and detachment. Southerners can be a bit passive agressive at times. (I can say this – I am from there)

  3. This is one of the few things I would call out publicly- in front of both say, you are doing this and you are doing that, you’re using me as a tool and no effing way. 100% using me and I would absolutely not stand for it out of embarrassment or not wanting to make waves. People like that are asking for it. You were right to leave and they will be lucky if you want anything to do with them. I have Venus in Libra in the 2nd, I can get along- but this is egregious.

  4. I have a natal stellium in Libra (mars, saturn, neptune, venus). I had a bit of a bitch with a member of a writing group I’m in who was always (not actually always, but three times in the the 3 months of our monthly meets) had failed to send me the critiques of my work as promised. I had asked her politely to remember the last time we met and, though she said yes, she failed to live up to her part and send them. I sent an email to a mutual friend about the situation, telling her this partner was rude, letting things get in the way of promises and that I was not going to let her review my work for the time being. The friend who received the email decided to try to make amends and emailed the woman I was having a problem with. Unfortunately (or fortunately as it turned out), she wrote her email to this woman as a thread on the email I had sent bitching about the same woman.

    It was upsetting. I was caught gossiping, one friend was caught being inept and seemingly not taking the situation serious, and another was caught by being outed for not living up to her commitments. None of us looked good.

    All of us apologized. We met for tea, we admitted these were weaknesses we faced every day in other situations. We maintained our critique group and friendship. Its a bit of a rub because it happened. But it was poor communication (Mercury) in a social (Libra) situation that happened suddenly (Uranus) in an area of personal relating (Venus) and ego (Sun).

    I love that we were grown-ups though.

  5. Also sounds like a boundary issue. It’s appropriate to keep squabbles and interpersonal issues to oneself or to the parties involved. They are asking others to contribute emotional and psychic energy to the situation and that ain’t cool.

  6. At least they’re open enemies instead of hidden ones. And it sounds like you’re a pawn in their little twisted game. Most likely, you’re not the first nor will be the last. ?

  7. I think people thrive on this kind of stuff. They’d have nothing if not for their petty arguments. I have Moon in Scorpio in the 7th. I can and have easily said “I don’t want to hear about it. You want to complain, complain to the woman you are talking about. I am here to have fun (or whatever you are there for) and that is ALL.” Of course, then both women have ganged up on me because I wouldn’t play the game. They called me a snob. But I don’t care, that kind of woman-on-woman stuff is just plain STUPID.

  8. This is so typical , it happens at my office a lot lately. Culminated recently. Mostly women complaining about other colleagues, ganging up and so on.. I’m sick of it. And all they do is talk behind someone’s back. No way they would try to
    solve this by being up front, and confront the person face to face. I think they feed on this mutual whining.. Like a toxic chorus…

    1. Usually i think its passive aggressive. They cant deal with or change the problem outright and feel powerless.
      My boss tends to perpetuate this by shooting down my attempts to confront her or advocate for myself

  9. I’ve got Saturn in Libra in the 11th opposing Venus in Aries in the 5th. I feel old with all of the bickering I see, and petty squabbles, and constant one-upmanship. I feel like this is old hat for me though, and I’ve worked hard on taming the Venus to be more socially palatable to more people. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on those who haven’t had the benefit of this training?

  10. I agree wholeheartedly that more people need tolearn conflict resolution skills. But I’ve also noticed during that people I creasingly have a sense of entitlement about venting or unloading their irritations on others without regard for the listeners/targets of their outbursts. Social media I think helps “train” people to do this. I’ve experienced this in many ways, inclining family members who just never let up. I’ve wondered if some of the aspects we’ve been having make it more difficult to readily resolve things, I sometimes get a feeling things are just hung up and don’t clear. I’ve been dropping these email clashes or walking away or letting relationships fade out. I may have to grumble some bad words to myself but it saves precious energy I want for my own goals and priorities. I’m surprised how much of this garbage just fades away or stays far from me when I refuse to engage with unwanted energies.

  11. Some people do not want to learn conflict resolution skills. Such people find peace boring. They will not stop. They never stop. This is real. It can be partially related to upbringing, but it can also be that they are so bored and so infected with emptiness in their lives that the only way that they feel alive is by creating drama. Unless they are creating conflict they are numb and bored. This can also be caused by nervous systems/brains that are deficient in mirror neurons. This can be sociopath, the narcissist, the borderline personality and even some people in the Autistic spectrum. Having this type of deficiency makes it difficult for people to have empathy and engage in understanding, compassionate, and peaceful behavior. I addition to this, positive and potentially compassionate and problem solving approaches will not happen.

  12. Makes me want to turn to other things, e.g. a ling warm shower, or bath. Or anything. Even when things are sticky between me and another person, I only want to find the quickest resolution possible. (But, I have Mercury in Aries, in 7th house, natally.)

  13. Despite a Libra stellium I haven’t noticed this at all. (Ahh, the powers of the 12th house and not having much of a social life.)

  14. Im all fired up and have an intense urge to fight with people so I signed up for martial arts classes. Venus and Sun in Aries are in my 6th house right now which makes sense. Tired of my Libra-ASC being too nice with back-to-back failed romantic relationships …just TIRED.

  15. I have Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Libra and I got slammed terribly by a niece who is a Scorpio with Mercury at 0 degrees and Leo Asc. The last Venus retrograde I got slammed by her mother, who is my SIL. By the way, my niece has Mercury square Mars. And yes, as a Libra, I look at all sides of the issue, but I knew before our argument that her mom was just too toxic to have a sustainable relationship with and now I’m sad to have to put boundaries around this relationship, too. There’s hardly anyone I can trust…almost every family member of mine has issues. I recently started going to some relationship classes at church and they say to have boundaries also. My 2nd Saturn return was 12/25, but it took the Venus retrograde to blow away the chaff. Ouch!

  16. Wow, that’s really awful
    I have changed nowI used to listen to this woman and many others who would call complain, constantly whinge and whine.
    Then I suddenly stopped.
    I told all of them,i m your friend not your sounding board, therapist or judge and jury.
    You have to figure it out yourself.
    Get a life,and grow up.
    I haven’t heard from them since.
    What a relief.
    (Mercury and Mars in Aries doesn’t make me soften the edges,but I am trying) I usually tell it like it is.
    But I m not winning the popular vote.

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