Your Ascendant Ruler’s Return – More Tools for your Toolbox

For those of you with rising signs ruled by the Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars, do you pull up a return for when the ruling planet returns to its natal position?

My chart has Aries rising, so every 2.5 years (roughly) Mars returns to its natal position.  I do a Mars return and this gives me good information in addition to my yearly Solar return.

Obviously, if you’re Cancer rising, you’re going to have a return every month, and while everyone has a lunar return each month, you in particular can gain great additional information.

If you haven’t been doing this, pull up your rising sign ruler returns for the past few years and compare them with your solar returns.

This is just one of the tools I use when I am asked for a consultation, along with your solar return, progressions and solar arcs.  You get a whole lot of information in>an hour consult

5 thoughts on “Your Ascendant Ruler’s Return – More Tools for your Toolbox”

  1. Yes, I definitely would! And if Pluto happens to be in aspect to Mars for that return, it’s especially potent.

  2. I’m an Aries rising and Mars relatively recently crossed my natal Mars so I’ll go check what the return chart looks like.
    The Solar return chart isn’t that nice and easy so hopefully this will be better.

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