Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: His Mother

The soldier’s mother has been part of my Pluto Moon transit, big time. She surfaced with the pictures she had kept of me in that box of “things that made her son a man” when Pluto was station on my Moon the first time.  The release of those pictures after 28 years triggered all kinds of events that has led up here.

So yesterday, it occurred to me I ought to replace Dora’s dog tag and boy you wouldn’t believe my shock when I squatted down to read a current address on the tag. Uh huh.

The soldier’s mother has had Dora for the last several months and took the care and time and trouble to get her a new tag before putting her on a plane. I don’t know about you but I think this is extraordinary and thought I ought to say so. I mean, who does this kind of thing? No one I know.

I emailed her to say thanks and I thanked her for her her oldest son while I was at it. He is such a good man and it felt good to be in this position, that is to feel gratitude and have her there to let her know.

The poor soldier doesn’t know what to do with a crying, P but whatever.

9 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: His Mother”

  1. new to your blog, its a cool, easy read

    He’s known you for 28 years, and he should know what Pluto-Moon means by now, my guess is he knows what to do, and is doing it pretty well.

  2. I’ve go this to look forward to when Pluto does his number on 12 cap.(gods spare me from weepy though)

    The mother of the soldier is a gem, glad you took the time to thank her.

  3. Boy, that sure tugs at my heart. The soldier’s mother is thoughtful beyond words. Pluto/moon… words.

  4. Iowa Lily – Yeah. Thanks for getting that. She was in the middle of moving home and just out of the hospital too… The woman is incredible.

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