Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn: We’re Nearing The End Of This Ordeal!

Jupiter planetBack in May of 2020 I wrote about the retrograde planets in Capricorn. Jupiter, specifically, which rules the truth!  We were all frustrated with lockdown and delays.

I let the horse stuck in the hole, represent the truth. I felt it had to be rescued and released.  Clearly, not the easiest thing to manage.  Here’s the original post:


We’re nearing the end of this ordeal.  The truth is being puked up all over the place. There’s no doubt this the for the best.

Anyone who has ever been to therapy (and had success and healing) can tell you it’s like the story of the Hydra. You can’t let these things fester. You hold these things up to the light so they can be resolve.  Its like lancing a boil. It’s got to be done.

We’ll deal with the aftermath of this in 2021.  For now, I’m just glad the truth is being released and spreading around the world (Jupiter).

Can you relate?

18 thoughts on “Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn: We’re Nearing The End Of This Ordeal!”

  1. Hopefully what comes out will be ACTUAL truth. I see an awful lot of people peddling what they claim is the truth but which is decidedly NOT the truth and which is quickly and easily revealed as gaslighting when questioned in even the most superficial of ways. Too few seem to bother doing that, however, and a society built on “dueling truths” is doomed to collapse.

  2. Hell yeah,deep breath,take that walk
    I don’t think anyone will ever be the
    Same;relax, relate,release,whew
    It was starting to stink.time for a walk

  3. Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Will they be gone with pluto still in cap? The aftermath. What is the fate of a threatened democracy, a broken health care system, and the denigration of law enforcement? Such willy nilly destruction without a thought of the consequences. And for what? All of that bleeding into the future. But you are right, it will all need to be dealt with. I don’t know if a freeforall works. Then again, it would not be the first time civilization fell.

  4. This has been a long, hard transit for everyone. The truth is starting to leak out and what a truth it is! We’ve watched all of our trusted institutions crumble thanks to Pluto, but now we’re at the beginning of a new day with truth leading the way. It won’t be easy, but it will be the fruition of something that has been coming for a long time.

  5. It was a very long time coming, but I welcome it. I never in a million years thought that some of these horrible edifices might actually fall apart, or that some of these horrible people might lose power, but they are. And they need to.

    1. Note: I welcome this change, but let it be known that this entire year has been horrendous for me… not only has Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Cap. been sitting right on top of my (conjunct, late degree) Jupiter/Saturn in Cap. for ages, not only is my late-degree Libra Sun been squaring much of it, but 2020 just happened to coincide with my second Saturn Return. Jupiter return now too. Good times, good times…

  6. The jupiter saturn conjunction at millenial turn, was a dramatic shift. Thinking about that, if this one follows suit, it will be a whole new ball game. And as far as the ordeal, on that level, I experienced this building in the world around me since the time of the last conjunction. In an up close and personal way. It took me until today to get it. What the ordeal is. I get it now. Where it comes from. What drives it. What makes it tick. Pluto can really bring out the worst in some people.

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    How do we know what is truth? Do we know everything? I think it’s time to step back that we don’t. No matter how much we read about this or that. We don’t know everything.

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      Semi-related but I appreciate that your bringing back that mysticism is important, Elsa. And in a sense, maybe mysticism is a feeling that we know only a fraction of what’s out there? I don’t know. Just listening to the people on the ground.

      The fact that things are still debated in my home is uncomfortable gahhh. Going to have faith though. Dig deep folks, it’s gonna be a ride — yay discomfort zone….. Who wants bad news, unless it makes us feel better about our world view? 🙁 Are we filtering things that we don’t want true? *pokes at own worldview* Thanks for the slice and the news of possible breakthrough…

  8. One thing we’ve learned about is Capricorn style civil disobedience, the Sisyphean task of speaking truth to power and fighting power imbalances. I’ve realized Zack De la Rocha’s music is more relevant than ever, more than when I was little. He has a stellium in Capricorn. Some demonstrations against authority are futile, but perhaps Capricorn understands the pain of it. And the polarity at stake. Also the injustices of machinations of power that claim to be democratic. I think that these summers of injustice, propaganda, and police brutality as well as the mobilization of extreme conservative hatred have shown that a Capricorn atmosphere isn’t about the hierophant conservatism only, but also about the beautiful, sorrowful, and somewhat futile fight against power, only to be overturned by other power. Maybe that’s the meaning of my 12th house. I can’t be sure. I do know I always feel like someone is pulling strings but don’t know who. Maybe Aquarius doesn’t care about playing with or pushing against power, but we’re about to see the difference between earth and fire unrest and air. I’m too dumb to comment, but I guess these Capricorn seasons have proven that pressure isn’t boring. Or that could also be because of the country’s Pluto return

  9. Thruth. Aren’t we more than ever confronted with the lack of thruth? Lies have been excavated (pluto) but how long will it take to sort it all out? What is true and what is not?

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