Sun Conjunct Pluto In 7th House: People Are Repulsive

Pluto cardHi, Elsa.

I have a 7th house Sun natally and getting along with people was a major concern in my life. I did my best and all in vain. A couple of years ago I stopped trying hard and started to be what and who I am. I checked: It was the first time progressed Pluto was exact on progressed Sun (still 7th house).

As a default I found human beings interesting and beautiful in an aesthetic sense, but did not get along with them. Now, I feel repulsed by them. See their motives as I a veil has fallen down before my eyes. And now, as I don’t care, I get along with them. Is this what a progressed Sun-Pluto is all about?


Hi, Repulsed.

The slow turning you describe does sound like a Pluto-flavored process. I’m not convinced this is the only thing you’ve got going on, though. You sound disillusioned (Neptune) and maybe a bit depressed (Saturn). But you asked about Sun Pluto so that’s where I’ll focus.

A Sun Pluto exchange will expose us to the underbelly or the shadow side (Pluto) of life (Sun). I was struck by two things in your writing.

First, you’re aware of the shadow side of others, but how much time have you spent digging through your own shadow?  The conjunction is in your 7th house. This suggests you’d see disgusting things in others but not yourself.

I don’t say that to attack you. It’s just that you sound “stuck”. I suspect this would be a way to get moving.

Secondly, you state that you used to put a lot of energy into getting along with others. That’s appropriate for a 7th house Sun. You shine in partnership. That you’re not doing this now makes me wonder if it is not your light that is blocked.

Again, this is not a judgement.  I’m thinking along the lines of a happy social person who becomes withdrawn, over time.  You might want to crack the blinds?

The way you’re looking at this now – people suck, and so you do, because you don’t want to get along with them.

It’s possible to acknowledge that people are all flawed, including you….

And then get out there and contribute to that which is pleasant in the world.

To answer your specific question, yes this is what Sun Pluto is about, but you’re just scratching the surface.

What do you know about Sun conjunct Pluto in the 7th house?

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  1. I’ve read and re-read this post. Sun-Pluto aspects I relate to, not as a conjunction, but as an opposition. My Scorpio Sun-Merc and widely conjunct Chiron opposes the Pluto (in 7th) stellium along with Saturn and Mars. What I have, and do experience with the lifetime of these aspects tastes similar to Repulsed question. At different stages and ages I have forced myself to get along. With what you wrote about Pluto’s blocking potential (along with Saturn’s challenges to do right) I have blocked myself from getting along with others. The earliest years as a kid I was a closet-dweller “shy” by others’ standards; I was that, but at a deeper level I really didn’t know/want to put up with others.
    Here’s a really old example of that: when my best/oldest friend and I were maybe 4 and 6 we were playing in the sprinkler throwing a rock across and through the water. She hit me in the head … it was an accident she said. I say it as an attack! I bled over that, and that incident has been a legendary one over time. Repulsive!
    Ramble, ramble. Anyway. The thing is Pluto-Sun can cast a long shadow unless I get out from under the rock. Getting along takes effort, and I have less energy, so I have to be wiser about dispensing it and forgive myself for the habit of being human. Sound odd? Yay, being human is odd. I live in a forest, have many bird friends, the company of many trees; and a few human friends (7th House=Relationships).

    And as you said Elsa to end your reply. That’s just scratching the surface:))

  2. Pluto will conjunct my Sun in the 7th house this weekend. I am definitely repulsive. I look in the mirror and see a house of horrors version of myself- walking dead. Saturn is conjunct my natal Venus today too. Definitely Depressing. As for partnership? Been dating a guy for over a year. We got together when Saturn was conjunct his Scorpio moon and he’s not easy. We cycle every 2 or 3 weeks between best friends who spend all their free time together and his disgust over my slow transformation. My Moon/Pluto opposition gets he does this tough love drill on purpose to control since he’s emotionally attached/invested, but a little encouragement in any direction would be great. I said, “Constructive criticism I can handle, it’s the constant criticism that wears me out.” (His Gemini Sun) One of his favorite lines is, “this is not my headache”. I feel I’m trying so hard to resurrect myself properly (and f’ing survive the process) but it just isn’t happening quickly enough for either of us. Like swimming through mud. I used to cry when he told me I’m “full of shit” because I knew he was right- my life was undisciplined and off course. Point for point arguing about his flaws got me nowhere. Now when the tirade starts I just stare unblinking, it unsettles him. I’ve been repeatedly tested for loyalty and integrity, left in charge of his business and dog several times this year while he traveled overseas, the only one completely in the circle (or is it a dungeon?) yet… With Pluto on my 7th house Sun the only real power I have is the power to walk away. We’ve been so intense he doesn’t think I have it in me but probably fears it.

  3. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this share, and it isn’t a mean laugh. See my point of view: I have all of the following in the 7th house: Black Moon Lilith (for those to whom it means anything) Mars, Uranus, North Node, Pluto and Moon. Should I be a serial killer then?
    I’ve been through an awful lot in my committed relationships – the meaning of the 7th house – and have had to do mountains of work on myself so I couldn’t agree more with Elsa on this. The 7th house is that where we try to project our own stuff onto others, typically. So if a problem involving others keeps coming back in various forms, it probably means some evolution is needed in ourself.
    I had to learn the meaning of unconditionnal love, and you know what, I’ve made some progress there, but I still have plenty to do. But life did send me a clue I was in the right direction when I met the man I’m finally sharing my life with, at the young age of 53. It’s very hard work. But a lot of things that seemed to prove that nobody could be trusted, or that everyone sucks now have meaning. I understand these truths are relative and that we all have our dark and dirty side to contend with. The main thing is to be willing to always work at it, to remain on the path.
    It is useful to be able to see though one’s own games and to gently laugh at them. We are all in the same boat.

  4. Yes, I feel stuck for many years now. My light is blocked for sure. I blocked it myself for the reason of self-defense. It does no good when responses are all negative like: “That’s a stupid thing to think, to feel or do.” – when your sense of connectedness to others is in the roots (Aqua rising to my 7th house Sun). I’m thinking hard how to transform all these things to get going, for I am disillusioned and depressed as you said. And it’s no good. But truth is, I feel repulsed by the way I was treated: I got summed up all my flaws and was awaited to accept people as they are. Which I did for a long time, and that was not enough. That’s no justice. Yes, I am stubborn to forgive. But hopefully I will.

    Anyway, thank you Elsa for your words. They were insightful! 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

      This seems the sticking point:

      “That’s no justice.”

      7th house sun / fairness.

      I point this out so you might try to come to terms with the fact that life is not fair…and maybe find some meaning in it. 🙂

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    Open Portal Tarot

    The Sun is conjunct Pluto in the 7th house in my chart. As a child, I was held in captivity for a decade by my mother who had become profoundly schizophrenic and no one alerted the authorities although many knew. My father lived far away and did nothing. When the situation finally changed, my father who I imagined to be “the good parent” also turned out to be abusive and with some undiagnosed disorder. An astrologer who interpreted my natal chart 24 years ago who did not know anything about me spoke of the Sun-Pluto conjunction in the 7th by saying “As a child, you probably found the adults around you to be a bit heavy, and you may have had the feeling that you were not enjoying the relationship very much.” LOL!

    Of course I did a lot of recovery work with therapists and holistic health practitioners. However, twisted characters continue to show up instead of normal ones, and I continue to carry my own twistedness in the form of scars, although there is now wisdom that has come from reflection and inner work.

    So, to make lemonade out of lemons, I gravitate towards interaction with others where there is an activity. I dance Salsa, which is a fun partner dance, and the loud music doesn’t encourage long conversations. I walk a nature trail regularly and just fall into step with some people who have struck up conversation over the years — then I don’t see them when I’m not at that trail. I mentor youth, in which the focus of the interaction is on their educational or life management goals. Also, I am a Tarot practitioner, in which there is a direct connection to facilitating shadow work — no matter who comes, the knots and twists will be the subject of discussion with a view to finding some light.

  6. Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 7th is coming up soon in my chart. I recently lost my husband so my Saturn ruled 7th has told the husband Scorpio Sun,Venus and Mars. Now both Saturn and Pluto are in forward motion I wonder what the conjunction is about

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