Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 10 Years Old: The Lie

My son, Vidroid is a year ahead in school. He was once rejected for being 7 so took to lying about his age when he was 8. He lied for two years.

While I don’t approve, I do understand and our family was in such crisis at the time I knew he was just trying to deal with his problems. My son has phenomenal character so I supported his lie when necessary. For example, I called his teacher on this birthday to make sure when they sang to him in class, the sang the wrong age. This year he switched schools.

He actually went back to his original school and he went back to his original age at the same the time. He was scared to do this, the kid has Saturn on his Sun but he did it and he pulled it off. He’s had no age related problems this year but…

My son is now 10. His best friend, Quirky Aquarian has been here all day, from 9 this morning until 7 at night, these boys are in separable. QA is from his old school, they’ve known each other 3 years.

So Vid walked him home tonight then came home looking very sober. “I told him,” he said. “I told him my true age and he is still going to be my friend.”

He looked like a million pounds had been lifted. “Of course he’s going to be your friend. You mean he didn’t know?”

“No, he didn’t know. I have been trying to tell him. He said, is that all? Why would that ruin our friendship?” Vid looked moved nearly to tears.

“I am really happy he said that. I know he loves you, that was very brave to tell him.”

He looked at me gratefully. “Well I am glad I got that off my chest…”

“So you’re done lying?”

“I’m done lying.”

Do you have a clear conscience?

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    Sherry Hanson

    I am the single mother of a wonderful Cancer son who is about to turn 14. I have always encouraged his father to have some sort of relationship with him, today I realized the futility and decided to leave a message for him to not bother with it anymore. I told the sperm donor that my son does not deserve scraps of crap and I do not wish to allow the loser to hurt my son’s feelings any longer. My conscience tells me that nothing has been acomplished and to him I will always be a mad screamer who he only wishes to avoid and my efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

  2. Sherry that is tough to see your son’s feeling hurt over the doner. I think that is a good call, I did the same with my doner when my daughter was a baby.

    Elsa I have to say that pic is sooo damn cute!!! What adorable kids.

  3. I have Sun conj Saturn and I can very much relate.

    I have a very good friend from high school (meaning from almost 30 years ago) and I was interested in astrology back then. But of course no “serious” material was available in the early 80s so we were reading horoscopes and whatever available.

    Then she went to a University studying biology which is of course a “scientific” subject and she declared that she would not take that astrology crap anymore.

    Fast forward many years, I am still regularly in touch with her and I see her once or twice a year.

    A huge part of my life is revolving around astrology and I have many astrologer friends from all over the world but I haven’t managed to tell my friend. But I suppose that there is a time in life where I have to be who I am so I have made up my mind that I will tell her next time I’ll see her and see how it goes.

    I hope she will agree to disagree on this subject but if she chooses to drop me as a friend because of this, there is not much I can do.

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    Ella Diephenson

    The whole thing of feeling ashamed for being seven and not eight baffles me… could you explain?

    Plus – did you really call your son ‘Vidroid’?


  5. Ella – he calls himself, Vidroid. It is a screen name he chose, not a real name. As for the age, he is a year younger than everyone in his class and was teased when he was 7. He started lying to avoid the pain.

    Specific to his best friend, went they met there was a boy around who did not like my son and apparently he made a remark about how he didn’t like “young people”. This would have been an 8 year old talking, this is boy stuff.

  6. Oh my that pic is cuuute!!! Thanks for sharing this…so glad for Vid he really is a gem. I have saturn-pluto conjunct the sun and its hardwork but Vid he pulls his saturn-sun off admirably.

  7. Your son is awesome and so is his friend.

    Thinking about the lying… I probably don’t tell the truth as often as one would expect. I may not lie outright, but I certainly don’t offer the information someone wants.

    Of course then there are times when I tell the truth and it’s completely the wrong time.

  8. I’ve found i hide so many things i don’t need to. 8th house, maybe. sharing and not having people freak out has been really liberating.
    i’m just careful with that trust…

    kudos to him for getting the guts to own up to it.
    and, of course, his friend for caring about what really matters.

  9. Very cute pic of those two….I see Elsa in Vid in this photo (more than others)….in the smile, & maybe the shape of the chin…

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