If All Your Secrets Came Out Would It Be Liberating?

I brought up that old post about Airing Dirty Laundry and got to thinking it would be okay if all my secrets came out provided it was ALL of them. I could see how this would be liberating.

My husband tells the story of man someone tried to blackmail. They had film of him in bed with another woman, cheating on his wife.

“Can you make me 10 copies for my friends,” the man said, glibly.

This attitude is readily accessible to me. I’d chock it up to Jupiter and Uranus tied to the 8th house. I also have Mars in the 9th house and every time I am stabbed there (ironically) a benefit.

Can anyone else relate?

7 thoughts on “If All Your Secrets Came Out Would It Be Liberating?”

  1. I guess some secrets weigh a ton, and having them come out is liberating..the only secrets I have are either other people’s which won’t ever come out from me, and some about things I’ve done to help folk when maybe other folk might think I was being indulgent and that I shouldn’t. The rest of me, all the messy bits, I’ve never hidden. Including the Mars in Scorpio in the 9th trine Pisces and Cancer stuff..if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime..

  2. “…if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime..”

    The theme from Baretta and now he is jail for murder. Oh, the irony.

  3. I totally relate.

    I’m fond of saying that I prefer to expose myself before anyone else gets the chance. That’s why I publish my diary on my website (and it’s real, trust me) – chalk it up to a Moon-Neptune-North Node conjunction in Sagittarius in the 8th house.

    I keep other people’s secrets till death (Taurus Sun) but I have no trouble exposing my own.

    Rock on Elsa!

  4. Just like Maria, I expose myself. I just don’t consider secret what some other people do. But sometimes you have to keep a secret because it’s false or twisted and you are not in a position to justify yourself. If this secret is unveiled and you’re still unable to explain, then it is painful, not liberating.

    Rock on Elsa and everybody else in her blog!

  5. airing your laundry is a way to liberate ones self from the emotional ties that bind. but and a big but, the internet cold be a forever thing and your laundry is out for all to see wether 2010 or 2075, people will always know your business. Best to keep a journay but set it to private.


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