3 thoughts on “Family Patterns: Your Lover’s Family May Be Predisposed Not To Like You”

  1. My MIL .. I could twist myself inside out to be what she wanted and she would still find something she didn’t like (and tell me about it too).

    I used to get really upset.. but I realised that.. sometimes you just have to accept that things are the way they are and.. move on. I find using my invisibility (neptune) skills helps.. alongside a healthy dose of avoidance… I’m also working on deflection and diversion. She is so brash and insensitive that meeting her head on just does not work.

  2. I was lucky my inlaws were pretty okay with me, My husband also doesn’t have any siblings. I have Pluto in libra it’s in my 11th house.. Capricorn is sandwhiched in my 2nd.. and nothing in capricorn. So I can’t say I’m going to die if you don’t like me, but I would prefer to be okay with you, Just No problems.

  3. Heh, this gets posted just after I go to a wedding…

    Anyhoo, my jerkwad cousin (mentioned before around here)’s mother is like this. She was not going to like any woman he married, period. And I kind of wonder if my other aunt is going to be like this about any of the mothers of the people her kids marry. This aunt loves the new son-in-law, but has been sniping and bitching about his mother for years. Finally met his mother this weekend and she was perfectly nice, not the sneaky liar my aunt claims she is. I’m inclined to think my aunt just isn’t going to like anyone else on “her” territory. She doesn’t get nasty to my mother, but it seems like any females on “her” turf such as her sister-in-law or mother-in-law get bitched about no matter what.

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