Relationships Where Both People Have The Same Sun Sign

zodiac elkes signsIt’s always been said that certain astrological signs tend to get along better in relationships. What I’m wondering is… do two Aquarius born tend to get along? What if both are Aries or both Capricorn’s, etc. I understand that their are many variables in the charts, but just generally speaking.

– Unknown person from unknown place

It’s true some signs fare better in relationships than others. This may be a factor to consider when evaluating matches where both partners have the same sun sign. But it’s not the method I would use.

Instead, I’d consider what I know about the sun signs. Aquarians?  I know they can get along because my parents were both Aquarius and they were married for twenty-three years. That said, I don’t think is usual.

I say that because in my experience, Aquarians really do like to surprise people.  They are inventive and eccentric and they like themselves in this role. I think this is true, even when they don’t like themselves. This happens when circumstances arise where they’d like to fit in.  So it may piss people off but I don’t think Aquarians like competition, at least not when it comes to being at home.

You mentioned, Aries. Aries is a leader. Two Aries can get along so long as they each have their own deal to lead, in their own way.  If either partner expects the other to follow or be led – then forget it.

Capricorn. This can also work, you just don’t see it very often because it’s dry. As much as Capricorn tend to respect Capricorn, they prefer to have a laugh when it comes to love.

With your questions out of the way, the most common same-sign couple I see, is two Scorpios.  When this happens, it’s because they trust each other and know how to deal.

I have never seen two Pisces in relationship. If so, I’m not sure they find each other!

Geminis also tend to irrigate each other.  It’s funny when you have two of them because each wants the other to STFU!

Sagittarius couples can also work but I have never seen these partnerships last because one or the other spies another horizon and they’re gone.

Two Taurus may work. If it ever happened, they’d stick it out.  But Taurus’ taste is refined and they do love. I’m not sure their taste would see them choosing another bull.

Cancer? I have seen Cancerian couples and it’s exactly what you’d think.  Focus on the home and often homeschooling. There tends to be multiple generation living in the home.  They tend to be happy.

Two Leo can share a stage, like a King and a Queen, but ultimately – this is a Micheal Lutin line – the bathroom mirror is not quite big enough. One star per household – thanks!

Two Virgos can partner and I see this now and then. There lives are usually focused on service to their family or just helping, in general.  This may sound G-rated. I don’t know. The question is can it work. Answer is, yes.

I rarely see two Libras together.  There is codependence with Libra and like Aquarius, or Leo, one per family, please!  Also, Libra needs help with decisions. The last thing they want is someone wishy-washy which would in fact double their trouble.

What have you seen out there?

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  1. My husband and I are proof that two Virgo’s can co-exist and we have been married for a very long time. Not a perfect situation as Virgo would like but manageable.
    It would depend on what the rest of the charts hold as to whether it is G-rated, but definitely NOT G-rated in our case.

  2. Ben & Jen – two Leos, lol.

    I’ve seen lots of same-sign couples but yea, not for long. I definitely agree about two Scorpios. That’s the most common I’ve seen, also Cancer… but Scorpios seem to fare the best.

    I’m a Taurus Sun DESC, and I don’t attract Taurus men. Scorpio is my favorite jam.

  3. I feel like that for me, this is more true for moon signs than sun signs. Virgo suns I can handle, but Capricorn moons just. Don’t. Work.

  4. two aquarians, ellen degeneres and portia de rossi are famous couple that lasted long time and still together. i noticed they both have fire moons and fire mars. i know only of two cancer suns that stood the test of time till the end. (my aunt and uncle) and i know of two scorpio suns but before she was single for a long time and he was with a pisces sun but pisces wanted children and he wasn’t interested in having children. both scorpio suns are happy together with no kids and living a good life it seems. he loves maintaining homes and building them. I do know of two capricorn suns through aquaintances, she has alot of fire and air and and she’s 15 years older than him. seems to work.

  5. Lol on Gemini’s together – not married, but I work for a company that has a store where the male manager is Gemini and another male Gemini was hired by his boss to work under him. They’re both good businessmen, both witty and charming in their own ways but I can just sense they frequently grate on each other’s nerves!

  6. Although, I’m surprised to see Libra not make the cut from your experience. Isn’t that the sign of relationships…I’d think that that would hold something.

    1. I think it might be because they need to balance with something, so are prob attracted to ‘difference’ to ensure there’s energy to work on/with.

  7. My cousin and his wife are both Taurus, they actually share a birthday. They work very well together and run a business together too. He’s Scorpio moon and she is libra moon. They have 6 kids three of which are also Taurus. And they bought my friend’s old house years ago and she is also Taurus! I call it the bull house lol. I’m

  8. My brother is a Taurus, married to a Taurus, they share a birthday. My neighbours are both Cancer, typically they have a big family of multiple generations who are frequently visiting and staying over.

  9. I know of a couple of cancer sun marriages. Lots of kids. Homebodies.

    I know of one very long running pisces pisces marriage. Couple of kids, very religious household.

    Have known a few virgo/virgo couples. Not married, not together long long term but they were they garden together, cook together kind of households. Always wonderful places to visit.

    Dated a few men with same sun as myself. Never took off as relationships. I seem to do really well with other taurus suns as female friends, not male lovers.

  10. I agree! Taurus here who VERY BRIEFLY dated 2 different taurus men and although they were handsome they were boring (and cheap). They definitely take care of home but both ghosted me due to them not disclosing they were already in relationships. I think I was more disappointed because I assumed they’d be honesty and faithful like me. Aside from dating all of my BFF’s are taurus males and females. My dad was a taurus and my favorite brother! Very artistic and/or have excellent taste in acquiring blue chip art such as Basquiat.

  11. This is why you MUST KNOW WHERE ALL THE PLANETS IN YOUR CHART ARE LOCATED! For instance, right now the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus can and are having a tumultuous influence also upon any other planets you may have in Leo or Scorpio! For me it’s the sign of Leo with Pluto-Saturn-Mars!
    Now, same sign birth charts . . . you might think that 2 Tauruses would get along, but let me share this. My ex-wife was also a Taurus. We were like two bulls constantly battling with each other for dominance! Wore me out! Elsa mentions how Taurus and love go hand in hand, but I never saw it. My ex was one of the most unromantic women I’ve ever met. Practical, yes, and with her Saturn in Scorpio very financially controlling, but romantic – nope, no interest there.
    I’ll never forget her divorce court statement. She told the (female)judge that our relationship had been one of “convenience, not romance.” Gee, I wish she would have told me that a lot sooner!!!

  12. I know a Taurus couple who are earning big bucks together but keeping scores of who earned what and fight about it, And the most acrimonious divorce I ever witnessed was of a Libra couple who hated each other with a passion surpassing all the love they ever had. She wanted to be free and gaslighted him into thinking he’s a nut case, had him admitted for psych and once out, he rather totalled his business than give her anything. Wild West Style. The Sag and Aquarius couples I know give each other space to breathe and stayed friends even after divorce or breakup.
    I know an Aquarian who maintains friendships with his aquarius ex, her new husband and their for years.
    So yes, their basic sun sign features are amplified in relationships, for better or worse.

      1. Disagree. Aquarius sun here, I dont know anyone who has as many friends who are ex’s as me 🙂 maybe bc of my Libra ascendant?

    1. Jaja, I know it all depends on more than just sun sign…those libras though..they’d accumulated 30 years of avoiding conflict, appearing to others as picture book couple.
      BTW, I can’t imagine marrying another Sagittarius (my sun) they’re great friends but …. 🙃😁

  13. That typo was funny, us gemini suns we surely irrigate eachother! There was someone born a day after my birthday so a gemini sun aquarius moon, not capricorn. She was so irritating. And it wasn’t her moon doing it because aqua moons are all right to me. Her being overly nosy about me. Nosy and pushy isn’t a good deal, don’t know her rising tho. But there was a gemini sun, gemini moon friend and we got along sweetly. Maybe too sweetly as others thought we were a couple. 😄 So I think it’s a matter of chance with this sun combination. Gemini sun men do not interest me romantically. I see them just as friends, if that, bam. Don’t think I ever saw two scorpios together. Scorpio and cancer and scorpio and capricorn many times. The second combo even more often and more enduring than the first. And how can anyone expect two pisces to find eachother when they can’t even find the darn door in their home where they lived their entire life. Lol, sorry pisces. But really, you could use some fish oil sometimes. 🐠

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