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searchThere is a lot of content on this site.  Google has deindexed most of it, which is their prerogative.  That aside, they allow a person like me to create a site-specific search engine, for people who want to find content on this blog, including the forum.

Unfortunately, the custom search service is now excluding most of the content on this site.  This has made it impossible to find my own work!

To address this, I’ve provided a new site search.  You can access it on the via the menu bar.  If you can’t see it, click or tap “Explore“. That will take you to page with a variety of options to assist you in finding what you’re looking for.

All the posts on the blog are tagged.  The new theme does not feature tags on individual posts.  No easy fix for that.  But the Explore link will allow you to access all tags, the new site search and the custom google site search as well.  I’m including it because it indexes at least part of the forum, where the new search is focused on the blog.

The forum has it’s own search. Yes, I know this is horrific and I apologize, but I can’t stop google from breaking it’s own product!

Last, I have added a dropdown list of “categories”, like the old days. Again, this is meant to help the user. If anyone knows a better way, please share!

5 thoughts on “Search For Content”

  1. OMG Elsa it’s so much work! Thank you for doing all of this. I’ve learned so much from you over the last 5 years.

  2. Elsa! Speaking of content… I know it’s too soon, but the Neptune/Saturn conjunction is upon us. Do you think you can publish something related to solar returns? Like you did with the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction and where it would fall on the solar returns. Many thanks!

    1. I intend to write about the conjunction by house… I was thinking natal. If I did that, you could read for your solar return as well. Anyway, I have a note to do this and was looking at if today. 🙂

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