Synastry vs Composite Charts, Mars Square Mars, Grand Cross – Part 4

It was a conversation with another astrologer that prompted these blogs. He wanted to know which method I preferred and I like both.  But there are some things that can’t be accounted for via traditional synastry or looking at a composite. Like for example, what’s up with me and all these Aquarians?

This is my sister on this subject, about 13 years ago. We’re on the phone chatting up the charts of my soon-to-be inlaws:

“Now her husband is an Aquarian, right? Well you know how to get along with Aquarius. They usually like you, I don’t know why. Maybe because your lipstick is on crooked and they think you’re cool.”

We laughed.

“But you’re not cool. That’s the last thing you are, but they don’t know that for some reason and they do like you. Some of them, I mean. You always seem to have at least one of them around, anyway.”

“I do?” I asked, almost constantly oblivious.

“Hell yes!” She ticked off names of my Aquarian friends throughout history.

“Oh.” I stopped to let the information register. “Well, yeah I see what you mean…”

I meet Aquarians and Aquarius rising, but I partner with Aquarius Moon over and over and over and over.

My first boyfriend, in high school had an Aquarius Moon, as does my current. I married that guy, Shack Man (who lived in a Shack) and where do you think his Moon was, hmm? Aquarius.

Scott has an Aquarius Moon and I ran with him for 17 years, and have known him for nearly 30. So there you go. I have spent my entire life with Aquarius Moons, but have no Aquarius in my chart. There is really no reason to explain this constant attraction via traditional methods, however I have an explanation and this is it:

Maybe you notice I am psych-minded and what my parents are? They’re Aquarians.

Actually, they’re Aquarians on steroids. My mother is a double Aquarius. My father has his Sun, three other planets and his north node in Aquarius. So tell me. How am I going to root around in my psyche with no Aquarian in the house, hmm? Well it would be hardship.

So you see what I mean. The charts and the methods are great. They’re grand but you have to look outside them if you want the whole story.

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Who do you gravitate too and better yet, why?

28 thoughts on “Synastry vs Composite Charts, Mars Square Mars, Grand Cross – Part 4”

  1. Sagittarius (boyfriends) Pisces for friends. Have most of my planets in Sadge, and Pisces rising. Not sure about my family though, I’d love to get (all 7) of their charts.

  2. Capricorn men…I think it is because I have no earth signs and because Cap fills in my cardinal T square…Plus I have Cap on 7th house…Hmmm..
    I like Gemini’s for friends…either male or female…very fun people. I have my venus there, maybe they understand me? Ha ha.

  3. Elsa…

    Teach me how to get along better with Aquarians! I need help! hehe…


    p.s. this is doubly dumb since I have Venus in Aquarius

  4. Oh…and who I gravitate to:

    hmm…it used to always be air signs: Libras and Gemini mostly (since I have lots of fire), but also, more recently, some earth signs (since I have as many water signs as fire). I also have very little earth in my chart so the Capricorns and Taureans are also important, especially recently (no idea why). Virgos I am still unsure of. I don’t know a lot of them except my mother in-law who I am um…working on. Hehee.

    At the same time, despite being fiery, the Piscean part attracts not only earth signs but occasionally other Pisceans or other water signs (my mom is a Scorp and my husband has Scorp, for instance), but I’ve noticed that once my Aries/Sag temper comes out to play it scares them away unless they have other signs to balance the water out (say air or fire.

    I hope any of that made sense. It’s all balance. It’s amazing how unique each chart is! I’ve always felt rather unbalanced on the artsy side. That’s true of my entire family. I find it interesting to see clusters of signs in a family, as Elsa pointed out.

    My family has tons of Aries (not just my immediate family, but extended as well), and my immediate family has lots of fire, specifically Aries and Sag. I have both in my chart, so the dynamic in my family is a bit explosive and creative.


  5. Ohh also!

    I had a stint where I dated 3 Cancerians in a row (it didn’t work out for the reason I stated below about water signs with my fire), but they were attractive anyway.

    I also had a few Piscean friends in a row, and one friend, like me, who had a pisces moon. However, these all fell apart, except the current one, and I hope that one doesn’t. She has Earth and fire, though, so maybe it won’t…


    p.s. sorry for all the comments

  6. I tend to like aquarians and pisces men and capricorn and sagitarian women. I’m inspired by sag women, and find cappricorn women fun and well adapted to life, unlike me. Aquarius men are hot and totally incompatible with me, and pisces men are perfect and we tend to have more of a brotherly bond.

    which makes sense since i have a pisces sun, aquarius mars. and then cappy venus and sag moon. so there’s no mistery there.

    Also scorpio moons of both sexes tend to like me, and cancer women seem to like me instantly,
    while i don’t feel any special first sight connection with either.

  7. My mother, myself and oldest daughter all have Aquarius moons; I adore my oldest child, have a lifetime of trouble with my mother. Go figure.

  8. Aquarians. HAHAHA, I love Aquarians. Just this quirkiness or cleverness from them that make me think, laugh, and fantasize a lot (out of this world theories, whoa!). My moon is in Aquarius, and every instant attraction was to them.

    Sadges are my playmates. My energy increases instantly JUST by having them around. They are so easy-going also and gives me plenty of space, for they are independant.

    Anyway, I attract a lot of confusing pisces. My Asc is Pisces and I hate it? Pisces gets a bad rep sometime as being weak or feminine, and I just want to say Hey I’m just like everyone else? I’m Human. Why Isolate me? But I hate scorpio moons. I’m always being controlled by them somehow as if I am being held hostage. AH.

  9. I like that feeling of underground intensity that the scorpio moon gives my husband. He’s a generally kind and easygoing guy (double libra-sun and asc), but that added lvl of intensity is nice.

    I am also glad to have that bit of pisces (moon, mars and south node) to soften the aries and sag.

    However, my mom is a scorp and I know what you mean by the controlling thing. She is very intense and possessive and doesn’t seem to forgive easily, but man is she nice to have in your corner. It works both ways….:)

  10. For relationships? Scorpios. Lots of Scorpios. Or at least people with substantial Scorp in their chart. I blame my brother for that one. We’re quite close, and he’s a double Scorp, so I guess I just know how to get along with them, at least on a surface level. My relationships with every one of them exept him have all eventually blown up in ugly ways though, so I don’t know. Oh, and I tend to fall for Leos, but they never notice. My friends are all over the map, which is good, I think. Variety is a wonderful thing (yes, I am a Gemini Sun. Imagine that.)


  11. I seem to collect Saggios. Even when I was a little, little kid. I like their practical, can-do attitude and the way they don’t even register snarky remarks or direct criticism. Also their amazing ability to stop conversations: ‘What? Your Dad’s not around? Is that because he’s dead? Oooooh, he just walked away with another family. Gotcha.’ LOL! My 15 month old niece is a sadge and she’s already cracking me up constantly. There was one Saggio I worked with that everyone hated, including me. But then there’s no sign just for dickheads, right?

  12. *cracks up at Toni’s comment* a sign just for dickheads would be WAY too convenient!! Guess we’ll just have to filter them the old-fashioned way.


  13. I attract a lot of fire. Mostly Sagittarius.. and I’m a Cancer/Scorpio Moon/Cancer Merc AND Venus. Maybe it’s my Leo Ascendant or Mars in Leo? The rest of my outer planets are in fire signs too but I’ve always figured the personal ones were more important. I’ve never really had a close Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces friend. I suppose my Leo scares them away hahaha. Anyway, my mother is a Sagittarius and my dad has an Aries Moon so I’m guessing that contributes too 🙂

  14. I have always had scorp friends. I have had 3 ‘best friends’ in my life and they’re all scorp. Since I was 8 or so until now. I feel I have a power to ‘heal’ scorp through love. And they give me the mystery and depth I crave.

  15. Being an Aquarian Moon, I totally agree with Lise^. I also think you’re majorly cool, as well, so you can add me to your sister’s stat block.
    This is great, because I noticed a while back when the questions from other Aquarian Moons were bursting out of the woodwork that they all seemed to have a… hrm… je ne se quois in the way they were addressed to you. It must be that weird energy you got goin’ on.

    Honestly, I don’t think there’s a lean one way or the other towards whom I’m around. I do tend to get along better with the air signs, though, especially Libra (where I have three planets) and Gemini. There’s a Pisces I can think of whom I clash with on a regular basis, and sometimes Capricorns are a challenge to me. Other than that, I pretty much attract ’em all!

  16. Hahahaha, I guess I’m another commentator that’s going to be contributing to the Sagittarian popularity contest.

    Over and over and over again I fall in love with Sagittarian Moons. Astrologically I’ve got Neptune in Sag so it’s likely the synastry is involved but I can also point out what I love about Saggi Moons – the sense of humour. The ones I met and loved all had the same energy and bounce and all were very very funny (except the one with a Pisces Sun; He wasn’t particularly humorous just hopelessly romantic and idealistic – but he wrote me beautiful love songs so I overlooked the lack of funny).

    I love Leos, and tend to be surrounded by them because I’m naturally good at making people feel loved so Leos and I exist in a happy symbiosis.

    But yes, Saggis. Over and over again. The first astrologer who ever looked at my chart was almost enough to put me off astrology for good because she kept saying things like:
    “I don’t understand why you’re drawn towards all these Saggi Moons. It will be one of the signs you get along with least” and all the time I was thinking – well that just shows what you know lady for they and I get along be-aut-ifully even if it’s not astrologically obvious.
    (Though as far as I’m concerned the astrology is there too, if people just think a little wider –
    I have Jupiter in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant, I have Neptune-Venus opposition falling across the Sag-Gemini axis) so Saggis and I tend to have shared interests in things like travel and expansion of knowledge/beliefs. Although I have a Scorpio Moon and a Watery Sun, I don’t do well with Water Signs. They don’t tend to be what I need because I already have enough water and emotionality, thanks. On the other hand, Saggis have good humour and are cheerful and don’t let my moods throw them.

    On the other hand I have a lot of air in my chart – sun and moon are in air houses, uranus aspects sun moon and chart ruler – so I enjoy my space and enjoy giving other people their space and that too is a vibe that Saggis are just fine with.

    This erratic comment was brought to you by my caffeneited state.

  17. Gemini/double Scorpio here. I get along fine with most everyone. Love other Scorpios, when they’re the good kind. Usually can appreciate other air signs as friends. For partners, I am invariably attracted to Aries men. No Aries in my chart and no one in my family that I know of. It does fall in my 5th house though, so I guess my Gemini side loves the fun and passion of it, and my many mutable influences likes someone who will MOVE so I can tag along. BUT eventually the Scorpio side gets fed up with being bossed around. *laughs* I gotta get a new obsession!

  18. p.s. I love the posts that inspire lots of comments! You’ve got smart and interesting people hanging out around here. 🙂

  19. Capricorn, moon in Aquarius here.

    I feel more comfortable opening up to my Aquarian friends than to anyone else, because I know they’ll be rational, and I know they won’t let my problems drag them down.

    Four of my friends have moon in Pisces. They perplex me. Wonderful people, but clingy and emotionally mixed up. I’m uncomfortable revealing personal feelings and problems to them.

  20. That’s like me. I’m a Double Aquarian with a Scorp moon. I have no signs in Libra but I’m drawn to them more than any other sign. The moon, sun, or ascendant is always in libra. But I attract alot of earthy signs like capricorn, but my interest in earth signs is limited. I suppose that’s because I have a ton of capricorn in my natal chart like my Venus, Mars and almost all of my outer planets.

  21. Steph M,

    I am a Pisces Moon and I totally agree with you. I am very needy and emotionally intense, but I consider myself a good an compassionate person. I think it’s the “tiptoe around the emotionally sensitive” thing. My mom says she always felt like she was walking around eggshells with me. But what I would also say is that Pisces moons are stronger than you think. Don’t be put off by the emotional stuff. It’s good for us to get experience with it.

    ehhe 🙂


  22. Virgo/Cappy moon.

    I adore other earth signs for the most part. I tend to regard people without enough earth as charming but lightweight puffballs.

  23. Avatar

    i love this post because i share the same mystery! no aquarius in my chart but i attract ’em like crazy. and both of my parents are aquariuses.

    the roster: my future husband has venus in aquarius. my high school and college sweetheart has his moon in aquarius. two of my closest friends are aquariuses (they don’t know each other though). and two of my bosses have been aquariuses. it’s crazy.

    i also attract people with taurus placements but that’s a little more understandable with all my virgo stuff!

  24. No Gemini or Sagittarius in my chart, but I attract both sides in the 18-24 degree range like crazy. Dad, first love, second love, ex-husband, last boyfriend, current boyfriend and pretty much everyone on who ever wrote me. Uncanny. 8 Sag is supposedly my midheaven but I’m wondering if my birth certificate is off by a few minutes.

  25. Aries Sun/Cappy Moon here. I always have at least 4-5 female Piceans around me (venus in pisces) and I just adore them to bits. I get along very well w/Aquarians, especially the guys but I think it’s due to Aqua being my 7th house cusp. Don’t get along w/Virgo women at all. The guy I am currently interested in has the same sun/moon as my mom- not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.:)

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