Mars Conjunct Neptune: Will The Real Perpetrator Please Stand Up!

Mars in PiscesThe Mars Neptune conjunction is hard to read. A person might be inspired to lead… or they may avoid conflict.

Imagining taking action and taking action are not the same thing.  You may have to act (Mars) on faith (Neptune).

Mars with Neptune can also describe – Deception With Malice.

Gaslighting in some form is not only possible, it’s likely. I’m engaged in this myself at this time and could be considered the perp of all things.

To understand, think of the hidden (Neptune) attacks (Mars) on websites that occur every day, around the clock. There are “brute force” attacks but many challenges to breech or undermine my website are sneaky and insidious.  I’m talking about being “groomed” in the worst sense of that word.

Then when I catch on and toss the person overboard and they cry victim! I get to be the abuser!

What do you know about Mars conjunct Neptune?

11 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Neptune: Will The Real Perpetrator Please Stand Up!”

  1. My Mars is squared my Neptune so that would explain why I always feel like a voice crying out in the flippin’ wilderness all. the. time!Of course, I’ve been known to use this power to bring down a villain or two, but in general I have stopped trying to justify my existence or expose the truth to people in my life that absolutely don’t want to hear it. But at least I can help others spot a gaslighter pretty quick.

    1. Mercury has been Rx squaring this conjunction. It’s been super-confusing. Sometimes, you just don’t know.

      Also, a person’s motives might not be what they seem.

      I backed out of a commitment, recently. It was due to a technological failing – this is on Start Engine.

      It made it appear that I am a fake and flaky person; which I am not.

      Someone might be angry with me over this… they may also have no idea anything occurred.

      How jacked is that?

      And further, do I bring it up…. or not bother to bring it up. As the cut has been made and it’s permanent.

      1. I agree.
        The sag/Neptune stuff was what I got so sick of recently I cut off/amputated a friend through 15 years in November. And when I had reached my limit for her gaslighting, narcissism, egocentrical trips – yes, she cried victim. I was so done.

        This is such a PITA energy. And on top of that, Merc issues just won’t go away, they just won’t. Where can I go to scream my heart out?! Arrgh!

        1. Here – you can scream your heart out here! And yes, Elsa, I have learned a couple of times lately that I jumped the gun and judged too quick, so I am trying my best to extend grace, to others and myself, without taking bait. Where’s the girl on the tightrope picture again?

  2. Mars/Neptune are transiting my 6th house and currently conjuncting my Sun. I’m being forced to fake life at the moment. It’s the holidays, my three young adult kids are here in my home and my husband and I have been talking divorce. Well, I have. Though I’ve seen a lawyer and am ready to file, he denies it will happen. My kids know what is happening, but they have their own lives. They’re supportive of their parents but smart to keep their hands clean. I can’t wait until Mars is out of Pisces. It will conjunct my 7th house moon and oppose my Ascendent first, but then I’m breaking free.

  3. We had a fake bomb threat called into my work place today. Talk about deception with malice and Mars energy. Just glad it was not real, although it was a PITA.

  4. Once again I have a mutable cross involving Sun, moon, Saturn and this Neptune, Mars thing. Too much being asked of me by the haughty types, primarily donnas. My sun in Virgo between Juno and Ceres in the sixth. I love to serve but all the darlings come out of nowhere to use this. Ultimately I see the moon in Gemini combined with with sun in Virgo as the culprits or perpetrator as you say. Too dismissive of how I feel in the name/cause of service. Saturn sag cusp ing the ninth brings a touch of philosophy/religion to it. Rather than getting resentful lately I have been appreciating their creative minds of everything I could do for them and politely saying no, I can not, it’s impossible in my circumstance. So far so good.

  5. I have Jupiter in Pisces square Uranus in Sagittarius. It’s a confused truth that comes out suddenly. Neptune will eventually conjunct my Jupiter.

  6. There was an attack on Thursday by someone else right on time with the moon. Glad we spoke earlier in the week. I took this to my boss and his boss – they will handle it. At this late stage in the game I will not allow myself to be bullied by anyone. This person was part of a different group, and new to the organization. She is not a team member of the prime. We’ll see how this week goes – people are going to learn they don’t put personal attacks in email. Meanwhile, I create paper trails to deal with the later fall out.

  7. My childhood, with potent Mars 6*/Moon 6*/Mercury 8*/Neptune 10* stellium in Scorpio, in my 3rd house, was characterized by me being gaslit by my 4 older sisters. I remember being convinced to get out of our canoe on an island at a local park we were visisting, so they could take off without me. One photo shows my sister luring me into the deepest part of the river and then running off and leaving me there alone. Once the police stopped my sister and her best friends on their bikes on the way to the 7-11, because I was running after them crying and they were going as fast as they could to abandon me. The police made her put me on the bike because my mom said they could only go if they took me.

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