Interpreting Aspects In The Natal vs Synastry vs Transits

zodiac cookbook vintageElsa, I had a question about why aspects may mean one thing in a natal chart, but in either a synastry or composite chart, they can mean something else. OR, with transits, too. For example, some aspects that I would typically associate as being negative are considered positive when looked at as part of a transit or any type of relationship report.

Why is the interpretation of the energy so different, depending on what type of chart you are reading? Is there an easy way to figure this out?

Befuddled in Lancaster

Hi, Befuddled.

It’s hard to answer a question like this because I don’t know what you have been reading, where you’ve been reading it, etc.  But I can make some guesses and give you some framework.

For example, some aspects that I would typically associate as being negative are considered positive when looked at as part of a transit or any type of relationship report.

This might be explained if you are reading different astrologers. Some tend to spin things UP. Others see doom ’round every corner. It’s also common that an astrologer has bias for or against some combination of planets. If they had sex they liked with a person who has X+Y in their chart, that’s that! It’s a sexy combination.

In their experience, that might be true. But how broad is the range of their experience?

Some people write in a way that seems authoritative…when what they’re saying is flat out ridiculous. My first advice is that you consider the source! You’ll fare best if you take the time to find exceptional sources and stick with them. It’s like diagnosing yourself on the internet.  There is definitely good info out there, but there is also a sea of crap.

To resolve this, I would pay attention to the writer’s voice.  Do they seem balanced? Are they overly dramatic? Is their ego stamped on everything they say? Where are they coming from?

If you ask questions like these and you like the answers, you’ll know how to weigh what you read.  If you have to discount the writer, I wouldn’t read it at all. This is because un-reading something is hard to do.

If I’ve not been clear, I don’t think a particular aspect changes it’s tone, depending on the scenario. I’ll give you an example of all this…

I have Lupus. Depending on who I read on the internet, I don’t have Lupus, it can be cured by putting a flower behind my ear, I was a bad, terrible dude in my previous life…you get the idea.

Be discerning about what and who you read. You’ll be surprised how quickly the fog clears!

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6 thoughts on “Interpreting Aspects In The Natal vs Synastry vs Transits”

  1. Elsa, what you wrote is SO TRUE! I love this post, and the way that your reply concisely cuts through and says what so many won’t admit about some astrologers.

    Examole; For fun, at work, we used to read a few astrologers online, just those daily popcorn scopes as I call them. I began to notice that one of the dailies for my sign were invariably negative from one astrologer, and made it seem like my sign are 100% lazy, duplicitous, uncaring, cold, spendthrift ham beasts with no interest in others’ welfare. We all started keeping track for fu, they were so bad. This went on for about two years (when we stopped following).

    Two other astrology dailies/weeklies we read were far more balanced and informative. The Balanced Ones: “good career day, focus on goals, apply your detailed attention while Jupiter…” etc.” The Bad One: “good career day except you never work do you and you probably are stealing ice cream ight now and cheating on your partner and not feeding the cat” basically. LOL Thank goodness I found this site!

  2. So it seems like you always need to consider the source…it’s a shame there is such an abundance of individuals out there trying to ‘share’ their knowledge. I mean, it’s great in a way, because of all the options and choices etc, but…you’re right, it is like diagnosing yourself over the Internet.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think this is restricted to just astrology. We are used to thinking that if it is black and white, it is real. That we have this illusion is being exploited!

      I read it on blah, blah, blah..

      I’ll never forget what this Scorpio astrologer told me one…he’s a bit older than I am.

      I mentioned a very popular Pluto book…which we both liked.

      I asked him what he thought of the second book, which I hated.

      “I wouldn’t wipe my ass with that book.”


      Sorry! But I am seeing this more and more. People read horrible stuff, not just about themselves, but about their children. It’s destructive as hell.

      It’s just like therapy. Not every therapist is equipped to help a person. Buyer beware!

      But this is true all around, isn’t it?

      Take website building. Everyone can do it, but FEW can do it well! 🙂

      1. You’re right…maybe I need to learn and understand that there is not necessarily one universal right answer for anything…and my quests of searching for these universal answers are exercises in futility.

        Believe it or not this is very challenging for me to wrap my head around.

  3. Hi Elsa:a couple has each Individual chart just Ok in marriage(many -ve’s vs +ve’s). But synastry V.Good.
    Can +ve Synastry Reduce/ offset marita-problems bad/adverse transits which trigger Only -ve’s in each??

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