How do solar returns work?

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The People You Meet With Mars In The 7th House In Your Solar Or Lunar Return

Mars turns retrograde every two years.  It spent seven months in Leo a number of years ago. This kept transiting my 7th house for an extended period. The effect was profound. Prior to this experience, I didn’t realize the the impact of 7th house transits on my consulting business.  In hindsight, it’s obvious, but what […]

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Which Charts Or Techniques Should Be Used To Address Different Issues?

Hi, Elsa. I wonder about the many astrological tools or approaches that are available: transits, midpoints, solar arc, progressed charts, natal + progressed, etc. What are your thoughts on which tools or approaches are best for what particular issues? If someone asks for your guidance do you just routinely look at natal & transits, do

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Solar Return Houses Opposite Natal Chart

Hi Elsa, I recently bought myself a solar return report from you (which was excellent, btw!), & going over this, I noticed a theme- a substantial emphasis on 7th house related issues. For example, all my natal house cusps are switched in solar return. And then, a sun-mercury conjunction to return descendant, & return mars

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What’s The Difference Between Transits, Progressions & Solar Returns?

Dear Elsa, I recently had a solar return done. I would be very interested, if you could comment on the difference in use of: the progressive horoscope, transits and a solar return? Curious Hi, Curious. Great question! Your natal chart is a map of your personality. No one understands themselves, fully. We all have parts of

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