Cheating / Adultery from many angles…

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Is Married Scorpio Man Using Me For Sex?

Hi. Five years ago I met up with an old Scorpio flame. He’s married with kids and I’m married no kids. We hit it off straight away even though I ended our affair thirty-odd years ago we still have that omg feeling for each other. We have met up 2-3 times a year as he

Bad Love Karma (Comes Home)

I routinely meet people who treat their partners poorly in an endless variety of ways. What kills me is they don’t seem to think it will catch up to them.  They believe they can leave a trail of bodies behind them and meet no consequence for their behavior down the road. I was talking to

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Can You Respect A Man You’ve Cheated On?

This is for women who have cheated on their husband, or their ex-husband or their boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, etc.  If you don’t want to answer under your usual screen name, please feel free to use a fake one. Never mind why you cheated.  Let’s say you cheated and now you want to repair and/or restore your

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