little match girl

The Stellium In Capricorn… Personally Speaking: The Little Match Girl

Kingsley wrote: “I think you mentioned the twelfth house previously Elsa. Things come from out of the blue in the twelfth. Its hard to say what might be “going on” in that hidden house. All will be revealed when one planet after the other crosses the ascendant. I guess you will have to trust your […]

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His Scorpio Moon And My 8th House: Back In The Bathtub… The Princess And The Pea

“That got me a gun in my mouth,” I said. “Gun in your mouth?” “Yeah,” I said putting my finger in my mouth, up against the roof. “Like this. You know. Gun in your mouth?” I said with a smirk. “What? Like you don’t know what a gun in the mouth is?” He stared. “What

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One Of The Things That Makes Me Tick… More Than One For The Keen

Kingsley wrote on, “Just What Makes You Tick, Panizzon?“…. “The soldier seems to have an air of authority in the bath tub Elsa. It does sound like one of those six week – workshop kind of questions “what makes you tick”. Maybe its best if he doesn’t know and leaves that piece of work up

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The Ex-Boyfriend’s Club And The Little Match Girl – Are You Confused Yet?

“There is no way I will ever be in that club,” the soldier said regarding the club my ex-boyfriends have and they do have one. “I don’t care what happens between me and you, I will not join that club.” I stared. “I know that.” “I may go to one meeting,” he said, shocking me.

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